Calling all Writers and Artists!

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Our Writers & Artists Corner is severely neglected. Though Iwaku is all about the roleplaying, having this section is a bonus for people to share extra creative content. But this section cannot exist without member participation..

If you would like us to KEEP this forum, please take the time to visit and participate on a regular basis. :D

People say "I always post my stuff but no one ever comments."
Are YOU commenting on other people's showcases and reviews? If you aren't ALSO commenting in other threads, you can't expect other people to do it. Take some time to give other people your thoughts. You're much more likely to get people coming and reviewing your stuff too.

People say "I read and view the stuff in there, but I just don't know what to say!"
All you have to do is say whether or not you liked it. :D People know we're not all knowledgeable reviewers. All they want is to know people are reading/viewing.

We would LOVE to start posting challenges and contests, but we can't do it if there's no one participating in there. So go on over and share!


Hey! See the stuff linked in my signature under my RPs? That's stuff you can DO in the writing and art section! In fact, I've been wishing someone would DO them for awhile now!


I'll do my best to make comments now after I read peoples stuff.