Calling all prestige roleplayers.

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  1. Prestige writers ONLY.

    I'm fairly new to this site but not to roleplaying. My age nor my name or background should concern you--the only thing you need know is that I am seeking roleplays of a purely professional nature. There will be no spelling errors, you should proofread your post before you create it, and you should progress the plot with me instead of allowing me to pull rank. This is a cooperative story and I want it to be taken seriously.

    Here are the things I require in a partner.
    1. Prestige rating ONLY. Do not be cocky enough to say you're at a "douche" rating. I don't want to write with people like that.​
    2. 18+. Sorry kiddos.​
    3. Romance is required, though must not be the center of attention.​
    4. Novella replies are preferred.​
    5. One reply every five days at least.​
    6. Proper grammar and punctuation is necessary. Too many mistakes and I will abandon the story.​
    7. Communication OOC. Alert me if you will need to abstain from responding for any reason.​
    8. Friendliness is preferred. :) I'm not a total rock.
    Here are the plots I am currently craving.
    1. Beauty and the Beast trope.​
    2. Fairy tale.​
    3. Steampunk.​
    4. God/Goddess.​
    5. Survival horror.
    6. Anything else you'd like to write?
    Thank you for your time.
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  2. I added an extra category, for those who were still curious.
  3. I don't mind RPing with you.~

    Just message me whichever one you prefer. o:
Thread Status:
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