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  1. I have been rping for 10 going on 11 years.. I'm interested in finding some partners (preferably male) but I can deal with female partners too, to help me brush up on my rping skills seeing as i am recently back from a hiatus on rping.. I'm interested in anything from Fantasy to Modern, only thing I don't do is Fandom. Throw some ideas at me I'll be more than happy to discuss and start rps. Here are some parings I'd be interested in just as a reference feel free to message me. Please note that these are not the only parings I would be interested in.
    I do only MXF parings primarily playing the female role.

    Original Pairings

    Fallen angel/ Demon

    Angel/Fallen angel

    Dark elf (drow)/ Human


    Dark elf (drow)/ Demon

    Human/ Vampire

    Vampire/ Vampire

    Lady/ Knight

    Princess/ Prince

    Peasant/ Prince

    Princess/ Peasant

    Servant/ Prince

    Princess/ Servant


    Demon/ Fallen angel

    Light Elf/ Dark Elf (Drow)

    Fallen angel/Vampire




    Noble/ Royalty


    Pirate/ Royalty


    Pirate/ Captive

    Noble/ Noble


    Wizard/ Witch

    Light Elf/ Human

    Demon/ Light Elf

    Witch/ Summoned Demo

    Vampire/ Hunter

    Soldier/ Wife

    Soldier/ Girlfriend

    Soldier/ Pen Pal

    Military Officer/ Lower enlisted

    Married Woman/Married Man

    Married Woman/ Single Man

    Married Man/ Single Woman

    College Professor/ Student

    Model/ Photographer

    Roommate/ Roommate's Boyfriend

    Roommate/ Roommate

    Sister/ Sister's boyfriend

    Brother/ Brother's Girlfriend

    Boss/ Female Employee

    Good Girl/Bad Boy

    Arranged Marriage

    German Soldier/SS Commander's Daughter

    President's Daughter/Secret Service

    Wounded German Soldier/American Female

    Nazi/Jewish Captive ( Female)

    Nazi/American Female


    Pirate/Governor's Daughter

    The Few Fandoms I will do

    Elsa / OC
    Anna / Hans

    True Blood
    Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman
    Sookie Stackhouse/Bill Compton

    Sookie Stackhouse/ OC
    OC/ Jason Stackhouse
    Jessica Hamby/ Hoyt Fortenberry

    Jessica Hamby/ Jason Stackhouse
    Sookie Stackhouse/ Alcide Herveaux

    Walking Dead
    OC/ Glen
    Maggie/ Glen
    OC/ Rick

    OC/ Daryl
    Beth/ Daryl

    Once Upon A Time
    Belle/ Rumple( Mr Gold)
    Snow White/ Prince Charming
    Emma Swan/ Captain Hook
    Emma Swan/ Sheriff Graham
    Emma Swan/ OC
    Snow White/ OC
    Emma Swan/ Neil (Baelfire)

    Alice In Wonderland
    Alice/ MadHatter
    Alice/ White Rabbit ( Possible Anthro)
    Alice/ Door Mouse ( Possible Anthro)
    OC/ MadHatter
    OC/White Rabbit
    OC/Door Mouse

    ** Currently craving some kind of twisted Fairy Tale**

    Anything you can come up with I might try
    Note: anything in italics is my preferred role.

    RP DON'Ts
    No One Liners

    No absolutely no god modeing!


    RP DOs
    1-5 Paragraphs or More
    ( I personally stay between 1-3 paragraphs unless I am just really inspired)

    Enjoy the RP

    Message me if you are un-happy with RP or want to change anything I am flexible and will work with you however I can to improve or change!

    I am looking for partners that I can have long term role plays with


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  2. I'd be interested in knight /lady or vampire/human. Im female but I like playing male.
  3. That works too lol :P I'll message you to sort out details.
  4. I'd love to try the werewolf/human or the werewolf/vampire. Those sound like fun!
  5. I am still looking for partners!
  6. I am still actively looking for partners
  7. I don't know which to pick! -Flips a table.-
  8. I am willing to do anything thats on my list take your pick.. though it may not be easy and that I apologize I just like to get people a wide range to pick from.
  9. Human/ Vampire, Light Elf/ Human, Roommate/ Roommate's Boyfriend (or just the roomates thing), Married Woman/ Single Man....Although that last one is rather interesting...
  10. I am up for any of those.. though I would have to agree with you on the last one.
  11. I know right? I never did any plot like that at all.
  12. Neither have I just thought it was an interesting pairing.
  13. Hmm.....Wanna give it a try?
  14. Sure shoot me a pm and we can discuss it further.
  15. Still looking for partners
  16. Are u still looking for a partner because I'd like to try one of your Rp ideas
  17. I am still looking
  18. i was wondering if you would like to do and RP. these are the ones i picked from your list Sister/ Sister's boyfriend, Roommate/ Roommate's Boyfriend or one of the fantasy based ones like vampire/human
  19. any of them will be fine. Is there any particular one that you just really want to do?
  20. probably the roommate/roommate's boyfriend
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