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  1. Hello!

    ((Read towards the stars if you aren't interested in my pointless rant about myself))

    Before I jump into what my search is exactly, I think I should probably *warn* you about myself as well as tell you. My name is Soffrire, but I prefer to be called Soff. I'm 19 years old and live in Seattle Washington. I'm *usually* on at least three times a day. I guess you could say I'm just a little bit addicted.

    I answer as quickly as possible, and tend to get a bit passionate about random things here and there. I like to build a strong connection with my partners as well as my characters with my partners characters as well.


    Now! About my request.

    If you're still reading this big mess of blaugh, I must say that I'm already impressed. I'm searching for homestuck fans desperately~ As you may know, 4/13 *is* coming up and while I await in anticipation and anxiety I was hoping to roleplay isn't the meantime. I currently have a roleplay going with my lovely partner YunaBerry which seems to be on hold, but I am always open for more! I already have an OC I'm dying to use more frequently but will also play a canon if you wish as well.

    ((If you're not interested in Homestuck the next paragraph might tickle your fancy a bit more!))

    For you non-Homestuck peeps, I'm also searching for a roleplay with you as well- plot doesn't matter!

    Pm or comment if interested please, thanks for taking the time to read my mindless rant!
  2. Ah! You caught my interest, but is this a 1x1, or a group thing? ^^ either way I could give it a go.
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  3. I'm searching for a 1x1 due to my lack of confidence in groups.. I'm sorry /.\
  4. Oh, it's fine! Message me! ^^
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  5. I really love Homestuck!! This will be perfect for me!!!
  6. :oD no *freaking* way!! I'll pm you !
  7. Ok!!!
  8. Hello! Just thought I'd let you know that I believe you may have misplaced this thread. Assuming this is a one on one request, I believe this thread would go here. You can contact a mod to get it moved, if needed.

    Good luck on your partner hunt, and have a nice day! =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.