Calling all females!

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  1. Calling all females!
    Ello lovelies~ I want to role-play!
    -Obviously Futa..-
    Any who, I have some plots and ONE x ONE's I would like to do! But don't be afraid to have your own ideas! And tell me!
    ONE x ONE
    Brother x Sister- Twins or older sibling
    Teacher x Student- I will be teacher
    Seme x Uke- BxB
    Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy
    Jeff x Lui- BxB- Creepypasta
    Killer x Victim
    Killer x Killer

    (I got none at the moment but the ones i just listed for ONE x ONE those all have plots but if you would not like to plot then lets just wing it!)

    Oh and before you think -teens- that I will do a sexual scene.. I really wont.. our characters can make out and stuff but no.. touchy touchy cause I am honestly horrible at it.
  2. I am interested~ I like a couple of those but I would honestly like to try out the bad boy and good girl~
  3. Teacher x Student? Thats always interested me~
  4. um, i'm interested in killer x killer and killer x victim.
  5. Interested in the killerxvictim.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.