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Which Genre do you most want to play for this idea? (Read the full post first, please.)

  1. Fantasy

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  2. Sci-fi

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  3. Post-Apoc

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  4. Modern

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  5. Other

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  1. POLL: FANTASY WON! If you want to join the Evil League of Awesome (or whatever I'm calling it), fill out THIS APPLICATION And PM it to me, MURA. ((Feel free to read the post to understand why you have to fill out an application or what this Evil League thingy is.))

    Alright, here is the thing - I like playing the Villain, the bad guy, the creepy bastard who seems nice but, since he has no moral compass, has no problem killing people if they get in his way. I’m not talking about the crazy serial killer who likes to murder because its “fun!” or the megalomaniac boss villain who kills minions and followers for failing or not being as awesome as he thinks they should be. I’m talking the chess master, the magnificent bastard, the nice guy who can turn vicious when crossed, the ambitious, but patient and methodical bad guy who wins the fight before the “good guys” realize its happening.

    Problem is, its hard to play that kind of character in a roleplay. Most RPs are about heroes. They are about the morally upright characters, who may fight and kill the obvious cruel and wicked villains, but its alright, they are the good guys. Sure, there are a few anti-heroes in a good RP, but its not quite the same thing.

    So I came up with idea. Instead of making an RP with a villain and a few heroes, or with a single villain and a single hero…I want to make an RP with just villains. Alright, obviously villains need someone to take out, but that won’t be a problem. Just read my idea and you will see.

    IDEA - I create a private group. In order to access the group, you have to create a character and full out this application and blah blah blah. I’ll be strict, so you’ll have to work hard. The villains, or bad guys, or evil little whatevers will join the group. There we shall plot our evil ways and associate with each other. (This will not be one of those evil organizations where everyone hates each other, doesn’t trust each other and/or double crosses each other without compunction. That’s boring.) There will be some RPing done in here, all behind the scenes and secret, just like a proper secret villain hideout.

    Then I will create a public RP thread, where other roleplayers can create good guy characters (they will all agree ahead of time that there character is likely to die, and they are alright with that). The Villains, will then create public character profiles for their bad guys, who will interact with the “good guys” without anyone but the other villains knowing who they are. Because all the evil plotting is done in the Private Group, metagaming mistakes, like where the hero fails to trust the seemingly trustworthy character (because the player knows that character is a bad guy) won’t happen. Or…won’t happen a lot.

    There is currently no set Genre, Plot or Setting for the RP. I could do fantasy, sci-fi, post-apoc, modern, whatever. What I am more interested in is how many people on this site want to play villains who are not are not slated to lose? Who don’t have to be horrible stereotypical representatives of evil? Who wants to join an RP where the bad guys will most likely win, but where the good guys might surprise you? (MAYBE).

    I would like to run either RP a co-mod, someone to sort of run the Heroes (good guys/whatever we decide to call them). This person could choose to make a second private group for private hero rping, or could just sort of guide the heroes on the path to their inevitable downfall. Or my co-mod could be a villain who just pretends to help the heroes and the foolish good guys trust said person and lets said person lead them and then BAM, heroes are all defeated and the bad guys win!

    Anyway, I just want to know who might be interested in an RP designed like Way 1 or with the underlying premise of Way 2 or whatever… If I get enough positive replies, I will start designing a setting/plot around the genre which gets the post votes on the poll above.

    About the poll - I understand that just listing the genre is not enough,that there is no way to tell what sort of RP might be placed into said genre. As such, I have listed a basic …limitation to what kind of RP I would create without any given genre. If you vote “OTHER” please make a post that starts with the all-capital phrase “I VOTED OTHER” and then tell me what other you think would be fun. Who knows, you might have an awesome idea!

    Fantasy - Other world only, not placed on earth. I am willing to make it steam punk or gear punk, or at least a little bit punkish. Likely to include magic and a dark mage ((who has a bad habit of falling in love with the good guys)), but unlikely to include other races. This means no dwarves, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, elves or whatever. I might allow other races, but right since I've had some bad experiences with RPs where people played other races, ...I'm saying probably not, but maybe. MAYBE.

    Possible Opener/Teaser (open)
    “Do you have any idea what you have done?” The Lady High Magus screeched as she looked down on the shattered stone. “This…this was the primary seal on the demon Arkoth’s prison!”

    “Well,” Tatari drawled, “That’s unfortunate.” Primary seal meant there had to be a secondary, and perhaps tertiary seal as well.

    “Unfortunate? If the other seal breaks,” Ah, so there was only one more seal, “Arkoth will be free to wreck havoc upon the world again! The plagues and wars will tear this earth apart!” Well, that was part of the plan, although Tatari was confident that Arkoth could be reasoned with, if not controlled. Demons were like any other spirit, bound by rules and contracts in a way no human could be.

    “Is the other seal likely to break?” Tatari asked, sounding mildly concerned. They still trusted him, although he wasn’t sure why. He certainly hadn’t made any friends among the Council.

    “No, it is safe. No one would think to look inside a child…” As if realizing what she had said, the Lady High Magus cut off her sentence. “Perhaps this could be repaired, the seal restored.” She knelt to finger the dark green fragments.

    Behind her, Tatari smirked, and pulled out a single silk red ribbon, which gleamed like recently spilled blood, dark and vital. The ribbon, once it was straight, hardened to a steel like sharpness, reminiscent of a sword. It entered the woman’s back easily, and worked its dark magic before she could scream. The broken seal, little more than flawed pieces of crystal now, suddenly began to shiver and pulse. The larger pieces broke, and the smaller pieces shattered into tiny slivers. The pieces attacked the Lady High Magus, piercing her body and draining her life force. Tatari removed his ribbon, a conduit for his curse.

    When they found her body, they would assume the Lady High Magus had been a victim of Arkoth, trying to free himself, or perhaps had been in league with the demon and paid the price for her ambition. By the time they suspected Tatari, it would be far to late to stop him.

    It was a pity, though, about the second seal.

    Sci-fi - almost guaranteed to involve a space station of some kind. Probably more than one. What can I say, I like space stations! Could possibly include aliens, but the races would be created by me and I would insist you play them reasonably. But probably no aliens. (See fantasy for why not). Villains likely to be subversives/spies/rebels against a legitimate government, or else a galaxy wide crime syndicate trying to extend their reach/defeat the competition. Potential double villain premise, where there are no good guys, just a ton of evil bastards competing to be most evil.

    Teaser Post/Possible Opener (open)
    If you don’t fight back, you will never win the war. [Nikolas]

    Callisto Station was quiet during the Distal shift. All the filled colony vessels had departed, taking their thousands of specialists with them. New shifts were under construction and wouldn’t be completed for several more weeks, giving the staff of the station a small break from overcrowding.

    Of course, there were still a few visitors on the station, men and woman who were often members of the government, traveling for work. One of these visitors, a young man of no particular ambition, was waiting along on one of the viewing decks. He fidgeted slightly with nerves, and constantly glanced over his shoulder toward the only door. Where was he?

    “Do you what I asked for?” A voice asked from in front of him as he was looking backwards. Nikolas jumped and spun, glancing in shock at the man who had somehow entered the room without using the door.

    “Master, I,” He panted, “You scared me.”

    “Do you have it?” Master asked. His voice was not truly masculine, but seemed a little too deep to be female; a white custom mask covered his entire face, and a deep hooded long jacket concealed enough of his form that his true identity was concealed.

    “Yes.” Nikolas pulled out a slim data console and handed it over. “No one is going to get hurt, are they? That information…” He shook his head. He didn’t know why he was betraying his government like this, but he felt like he had to do something.

    “This is war, Nikolas. People always get hurt.” Master said. “Would you rather we lost?”

    “No, Master, of course not!” The only way to win the war, after all, was to fight it. “Its just…”

    “You do not wish for innocent people to suffer for the crimes of others. I understand.”

    “Thank you Master.”

    There were several minutes of tense silence between the two. Nikolas seemed unsure of what to say, and Master seemed willing to wait forever, saying nothing.

    “Goodbye, Nikolas.”

    “Goodbye Master.” Nikolas left the viewing room first, because he knew that if he didn’t Master would not be able to leave. Nikolas always had to arrive first and leave first, so that there could be no chance for him to observe the direction from which Master approached, nor to follow Master after the meeting. The man, if he truly was a man, was very careful about his privacy.

    It was not until much later that evening that Nikolas realized that Master had not promised him that no one would be hurt. He understood, true, that Nikolas cared for innocent people, but did he, the Master, care? Was his war more important than the lives of others? Nikolas hoped not.

    Post-Apoc (apocalyptic is too hard to write all the time) - Something wipes out a large amount of the population. Something else makes the surface a bad place to life, except in a few places. Most people life underground, in giant hive like cities (hive like in design, not social construct...yeah, ahem). Will include my recovering cannibal, some interesting cults and gangs, and...what have you.

    Teaser Post (open)
    From the corner of the small cavern, moans were smothered by an over eager mother. The little boy had broken his leg when the roof of the tunnel had collapsed upon the caravan making its way between one hive city and another. They were several hundred feet below the surface, and trapped in a room of dirk and rock. A small connection to the main travel way provided them with clean, breathable air, as distant filters worked remove the taint as air was funneled down from above.

    Food, and water, however, were harder to come by. If the group couldn’t break out soon, they might die. Travelers only moved from city to city once every three months, and always in large convoys for safety. There would be no rescue, just a simple clean up operation.

    “We just kill the little fucker, save us all some peace.” One of the men grumbled. Quickly enough things degenerated into yet another heated argument, the growls and shouts echoing almost painfully off the walls.

    In a corner, perched on a large rock and leaning back against the wall, Zetsumei watched the scene unfold, quietly and contently staying as far away from everyone else as she could. She’d only joined the caravan in desperation, for the guides were the only ones who knew which turns to take, for there were many which branched off, some of which went in circles, while others led to dead ends.

    “You want a dead body smelling up the place?” One old man asked.

    “We could always eat him.” The first man said. “Foods only gonna last a few more days as is.”

    Zetsumei’s attention was suddenly riveted on two men.

    *^*^*^*^*^*Ten years ago*^*^*^*^*^*​

    “Please, please don’t do this-“ The young woman screamed as they dragged her from her cell. “Please, I’ll do anything, but don’t make me…” She stopped speaking as the brought her before the alter. White shards of bone stood out sharply against the soft reds of the shattered body.

    Panting with fear, Lien tried to pull away from her guards. Anything to get away from the alter, the priest, and the body of her baby brother.

    “Eat of the flesh of man! For in so doing you take into the strength of man, and give honor and meaning to his life. Eat of the flesh or be broken upon the fires of perdition!” Suddenly a whip lashed out from behind her, and dug into her naked back, for new initiates where not allowed clothing. Clothing was for humans, and the cult only acknowledged those who ate of the flesh to be human.

    “Eat of the flesh.” The priest said as he held out a piece of meat recently cooked in the fire behind him. Lien knew it was from the body on the alter.

    “Please,” She begged, “Please.” The whip struck again, and she knew she had no choice. It was death…or survival by any means.

    She was the only member of her family to pass the test and earn a new name, a human name, a name of death.


    “You don’t have any thing to cook him with, and he wouldn’t taste very good raw.” Zetsumei said in taunt from the shadows. The old man turned to glare at her, and suddenly seemed to notice her pants, made of a strange leather like material.

    He glared at them suspiciously for some time before turning away. Zetsumei grinned and went back to watching the group, unconcerned by the fact that the old man may have figured out her secret. After all, her pants were the color and texture of human skin.

    Modern - Gangs. Politics. Cities in chaos! (I like mobs/criminal based rps, but...I'm not picky). Probably will take place in a single city, and deal with a lot of powerful people and what not. Would be mature to allow for murder and sex.

    Teaser/Possible Opener (open)
    The room was well lit and cozy, the faux oak table gleaming at the center, surrounded by high backed office chairs. The conference room took up an entire floor, the top floor, of a modest tower just off center of the city center. Servants in dark gray shirts and dark navy pants stood quietly by the north wall, where one set of silver doors led to the private elevator. The east and west walls were windows, although currently soft felt covered metal plating covered them to offer privacy. Tables were now laid out along those two walls, covered with food and drink; one table had a stack of folders. A cinema sized computer screen covered a large part of the south wall.

    As the invited guests entered the conference room, the servants began to circulate. Two servants handed out folders from the center table on the east wall, while several others poured drinks and handed out snacks. One servant slowly worked their way around the table, greeting each guest as he or she found their chair, and took their order for dinner. Slowly, the table filled.

    While some of the guests knew each other, and were on good enough terms to engage in small talk, most were strangers. There was an air of suspicion, of doubt and ambition, in every whisper and glance. The appointed time of the meeting drew nigh, and then passed without the host appearing. The whispers grew tense, and then angry.

    The elevator dinged. All heads turned to watch as the host, or hostess for it was woman, passed the silver doors and began to walk the full length of the room. Her dark copper brown hair was tied up in an elegantly braided bun. Her modest pearl gray pant suit was tailed to her lithe, taller than average frame. She took her seat like a queen ascending her throne, swiveling to stare down the table at her guests.

    “You think you control this city,” She said. Her voice was soft but carried, and her words were spoken with a melodious accent. “That you own it, like you think you own its criminals, its blue and white collars, its desperate masses seeking to survive.” Her guests were crime bosses, district attorneys and defense lawyers, business owners and local celebrities.

    “You are wrong.” A single gracefully raised hand forestalled the angry rejoiners. “I can give you real control. Complete control.” She allowed a small smile to lift the corners of her lips. “All I require in return is your cooperation.” At least, that was all she wanted now.

    OTHER - So, while those are my favorite genres and most likely plots, I do like to try new things. I do not want to see fully developed plot/setting ideas, though. Just give me a basic genre/rough sketch idea. I can play with that, expand on it, build and twist and shape until it is amusing to me. I am also willing to combine a few ideas, although not sure how I would do that…

    ANYWAY. Anyone interested? Anyone want to join?
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  2. Omg you had me seriously excited... then I read... "no werewolves"... /cry

    I can completely understand why a rule like that would be in place. But still makes a sad Zizi. :C Since I sadly have no villain HUMAN characters I wish you the best of luck on this awesome idea.
  3. I am willing to be flexible, if you can play a fun and interesting werewolf. Maybe...I've just never seen anyone play that race in any way that wasn't inconsistent, overpowered, fertilization. Its always about the angst or the strength or the virility of the inner wolf.
  4. There is a moment in every Role-Player's life when they find a thread that they agree with, a thread from which they can hang off every word said and back the idea fully. A thread that the Role-Player has been searching for, but had never found up until that single moment, that moment where the Role-Player realizes true potential.

    Take everything I own. Please, just let me be a part of this.
  5. I'm in. I like idea 1 best, but 2 is good as well :)
  6. Fontaine - no promises, but I am glad you are so enthusiastic!

    Falcon - awesomeeeeee. I am favoring Way one myself, which is why I may have already created the private group we are going to use for it.

    I am working on writing up opening posts which will hint at the setting/plot (although I might change either later). I will post them up tonight before bed, in place of the crappy ideas list I have up right now.
  7. *points to profile picture* she would like to join, I sort of like the idea of posting your villains in a way that others may want to have them in their r.p and no one knows your villain best than you.
  8. Can you rephrase that last part, imma confused a bit.

    Also, Post-Apoc is UP and wicked.
  9. you mentioned posting villain characters, so in theory other who looks at these characters may at some point say "I want that character in my r.p, and because it is your character you will get to r.p it.
  10. Oooooh. Yes, now I see. I suppose that is a possibility, if we get a lot of people in the private group, other players of bad guys might like your villain for the RP they want to be good guys in or something, sure. That is possible.

    Not the purpose of the group, but it might happen. Certainly possible.

    What did you think of the teasers? have you voted in the poll?
  11. I am showing keen interest in this. I have voted for Modern as well but with Post-Apoc as a close second. ..
  12. Why is everyone voting for modern??? I HAVE NO PLOT!
    I could write up a setting/plot for Sci-Fi and Fantasy in about...3 hours.
    For Post Apoc, it might only take me 2 for the setting, not sure on the plot yet...

    for modern? I have no idea what is happening in that scene. NONE.

    But I will figure something out if it remains popular. I will.

  13. I loved the teasers, and oooh, a sp-p-p-ider. I am terrified of spiders.

    I WANNA BE A BAD GUY! So where's this here form I've been hearin' about? Oh, and is this roleplay the kind of "what would happen if the bad guys won" kind of thing? I love being the bad guy, but it's kind of hard to when all of the players keep on beating you so that you kind of turn into evil scrooge. "Bah, Humbug, I've been defeated again!" I would love it if I could join a good villain-oriented roleplay.
  14. YES! THis is a WHAT IF THE VILLAINS WON? RP. I love playing the bad guy, but somewhere about page 3 or 4 you realize you have to lose to THOSE annoying heroes and its just....ahh, so demoralizing. GAHH.

    ...err...There actually isn't a form yet. Should I make a form? Just for like, joining the private group? hmm... I'm going to hold off on that for now, because I know I would be like, totally strict and turn people off if I actually made the form. *very picky*
  15. Yes! Let us crush those heroes and heroines! :)
  16. indeed. MWAHAHAHAHA.

    So my friend, the awesome RPer RyuRedwings, has a suggestion that might make this a bit better. Instead of making the private group RP, waiting for people to join, building relationships, then making the public RPing, waiting longer for people to join, and working from there, she thinks I should multitask a bit. So we are going to multitask a bit.

    What I am going to do is this. First, I will pick a genre. Since Modern and Fantasy are getting so many votes, I will probably pick between those two. I am going to finish up the Private Group, including making the admission form/application thing. I will also start on the world set/up, although I not going to go into a huge amount of detail, because I want my fellow villains to provide a bit of feedback there.

    Once we have a few villains (I'm thinking like 4 or 5 people other than me) I will begin setting up the public thread. Meanwhile, the villains will begin interacting in a private RP in the private group, because yay. I will post the public RP, and start recruiting for it, while the villains continue their dastardly planning and what not. Then we shall open the public RP, and while the evil bastards will still hang out in the private group, and we shall still recruit for that group, most of the RPing will take place in the public RP. Does that sound reasonable for people?

    Because I can have the private group ready to start taking applications tonight, and have a rough draft of the RP setting up no later than tomorrow.
  17. >.> I would love to be a part of this~ Like, you have no idea how much I've been wanting to play a villain again~ I voted fantasy, but I'd be all okay with a realistic setting as well. Maybe a mix of the two?
  18. I am currently working on a setting that is mostly fantasy, includes non-human races (ehhhh) and takes place in a modernish like era. Would that work for people?
  19. That would work splendidly for myself :3 I'll also do my best not to dissapoint and push you further from non-human races.
  20. Good. Because if people play a member of the non-human races and they mess it up...I am going to;aksjdfl;kasjdf.

    Anyway, made up the race list. I am going to work on the application, and I am going to PM it to everyone who has shown interest in the idea, yeah. Good idea. I will also post it on my blog maybe include an advertisement in my siggy, so other people can maybe join too. We shall see.