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(This is a role play where you can be any hero of any video game, book or television show! Just make sure no one is the same! If you want you can make up your own character as long as they apply to the rules of their world!)

In the world of Telepia, the greatest of any type of hero is welcomed with open arms! Including Minerva's Spell, a bar for any type of creature!

(If you want to role play then just give the following information before you start)

What they look like (picture only):

Real character or made up?:
Story, Movie, Book, World they are from:

What they look like:

Name: Orsa

Age: Unknown

Species: Half human and half alien
Real character or made up?: Made up
Ability/Power(s): Transform into anything, fuse with any creature (as long as they dance and they are senchronized), Pull out their weapon of choice from her Gem, Keep anything in her Gem, Heal with her tears

Personality: Fun, sweet, strange, positive

Story, Movie, Book, World they are from: Steven Universe

Minerva's bar was just outside of Oni Hot Springs, where all the famous toons in the world get to cool off, after these heroes would relax in the springs of course!
It has been just three days and Orsa, a Crystal Gem/half human from a different planet had yet to explore this particular bar and wanted to know what the fuss was about.
With a ding, the door to the quiet and yet luxurious Hawaiian themed bar was clamoring with different heroes throughout the world of imagination.
Tails the Fox was behind the counter, cleaning a glass cup with a smile. The bar practically had begged him to become a bartender to attract more customers, since he was a classic hero and he couldnt say no to anyone so desperate.
"Welcome to Minerva's--" the cute little fox said without looking up, "how may I--" he began quickly glancing up and did a double take instantly with his mouth gaped open.
The young half alien woman (who looked human) walked up to him dripping wet.

Perfect tan skin with auburn brown haired that curled into long perfect ringlets, her curves were absolutely to die for...

"How may I--how may I--I" Tails slowly said with a blush as she was inches away, but mostly because she was at the front counter.
Gracefully, the creature flipped her hair to the side before ringing out the remainder water in her hair...her first stop before she came here was the springs.
"A chocolate cherry flan...and a soda..." She said in a soft silky voice, making Tails spine shiver.
Without taking her eyes off of her and with his mouth gaped open he grabbed a packaged flan and filled a soda...and since he wasnt paying attention he spilled some all over his hands.

Orsa tried not to giggle as he refilled it and gave it to her.
"What do i owe you?"
Again with that soft voice and Tails pushed the food towards her before looking away with the same cute blush, "its on the house...I insist!"

The woman smiled, "thanks!" She said before walking away with the tray.
The poor girl didnt know anybody so she sat by herself and started to open the package.

(In this role play everyone starts off as single no matter what! There is going to be shipping in here! No matter how wierd!"

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Name david or solid snake
Age 28
Species super soldier
Real or made up character real
Ability master of cqc and stealth
Personality cold, emotionless
Story,book,world their from metal gear

Snake was sitting at the bar with a cigerrete in on hand and a mug in the other. He watched a girl walk in soaking wet. She was quite hot with a beauty that the rivaled the beauty and the beast squad. He laughed a little bit as he watched tails stumble over his words. "Smooth miles." He joked around,


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Lara Croft was having a humerous chat with Nathan Drake who was obviously trying to flirt with her, after their conversation Drake said a bold and corny flirtatious line that made the explorer splash her drink on his face before leaving with a huff!
Zero Suit Samus and Princess Peach tried their best not to laugh, but couldnt help snickering as they turned away.
Not understanding the human-like behavior of their worlds, Orsa watched with curiosity with her head cocked to the side leaving some of her shiny curls to slide a little lower from the other layers.
Sackboy walked in first before Sonic and Knuckles who were pretty much beaten to a pulp, the three must of had a friendly brawl to test out each others strength and help themselves to become stronger.

The three ordered a drink before Tails started talking to his friends while working.

"What happened to you guys?" Tails asked with worry in his tone.

"Nothing," Knuckles grumbled with his arms crossed, looking down.

"We fought Sackboy, I dont know what terrible things are in his world but they must be pretty tough, hes a good fighter..." Sonic began before he noticed that his buddy wasnt paying attention to him, instead he was making goo goo eyes at what seemed like to be an attractive girl.

"Uhh, are you okay Tails?" Sonic began making Knuckles turn his attention to her.

"Shes a looker Tails, I dont blame you for being shy..." Knuckles said, already knowing what Tails was feeling by the dreamy look on the foxes face.
Orsa walked over to the group by Snake and listened to a conversation that Princess Zelda was having, trying to make new friends before she turned to Tails momentarily and waved.
Sonic couldnt help but blush and sheepishly wave back with an intoxicated look as though he was a schoolgirl having a crush on a boy.

Tails was doing the same thing as his buddy at the same time, making the half-human giggle adorably before turning away.
Miles shot Sonic a glare, "Sonic! I saw her first!"

"I cant help it!" Sonic began "shes just..." He then sighed resting his head on his hand, "something else..."
As the two friends argued about who was going to talk to her first, Sackboy walked up to Orsa and opened his popit (his main menu of cute things he carries around) and opened a flower, which he grabbed from the menu and held it out to the creature.
Orsa just gasped and kneeled down, taking the flower and hugging the thing before kissing him on the cheek.
The three heroes stood with their mouth gaped open as the hero walked out with a goofy smile.

"I hate that guy," Sonic finally said, watching Orsa place the flower in her hair swiftly.

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Snake laughed as he heard the group talk, before taking a drink of his beer. "Maybe I should introduce you guys to the beauty and the beast squad." He joked knowing full well they wouldnt last 5 minutes. Snake looked at the girl. "Would like to tell me your name and what world your from."


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"My name is Orsa and I was born on Earth...but was sent to my grandmothers homeworld to learn how to use my powers when I was a child..." The beautiful half-breed said trying to keep it simple.
The alien simply smiled sweetly, something that could simply make any man shiver in delight as Nathan started cracking jokes.


Name: Shiro Nanase
World: Earth (Feudal Japan Era)
Age: 102 (Looks 16)
Species: Kitsune
Real or Made Up: Made up
Powers: Umbrakinesis (Think of telekinesis but with shadows)
Personality: Shy, timid and never speaks (He's a mute)
Show: Inuyasha
Look: He has silver eyes and black hair.


Shiro stumbled upon two people talking and he looked at them, one claimed to be from Earth but that was not reliable because he was from earth and nobody he's ever met has had a crystal within their body. He approached the woman and asked, "Why do you lie in the presence of a man? That is a sin where I come from." He spoke and pulled out a traditional japanese fan but his was bladed on the ends and he opened it calmly.
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"Im not lying! I was born on Earth! My mother is human and my father is half human!" Orsa began with irritation in her voice.
"Just because I am half alien dosent mean my own mother cannot give birth to me on Earth! Besides I dont lie in the presence of a man OR woman!"
The young creature wasnt scared of him or his weapon, in fact she knew how to fight pretty well.
"Besides mister, my story is way more complicated than that!"


Shiro looked at the female and sighed, "In all my time on earth I've never seen something like you before. I've seen humans and demons but nothing of your species... what are you ma'am?" He asked calmly as he felt a cold chill and he began to realize that they probably didn't even know where they are, "On a different occasion, where are we?" he asked gently as he thought about why he was so far from his people.


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"Telepia...its where all the heroes relax," Miles spoke placing a glass cup on the shelf.

"A Gem..." Orsa said..."the protector of Earth...I can do many things.."


Shiro nodded and sat down, "This seems like a rather confusing place, after all, I'm not a protagonist nor am I an antognist..." He said calmly as he moved the shadows around the room calmly, "Where there is light there is dark but where they meet is a grey area in which I exist, I do bad things and I do good things the amount of good always has to match the amount of bad

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Snake looked at Nathan Drake. "Why don't you shut up over there before I get Lara to come kick your ass again." He looked back to the guy who had just stumbled. "Welcome, this is a rather interesting place."
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