Calling All Cartoon/Video Game Lovers

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Hey guys! I completely love cartoons and I was hoping to roleplay with someone who loves any character from...

Sonic The Hedgehog

Steven Universe

Teen Titans

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Danny Phantom

I was hoping to get someone to be the main character from any of these shows and my character (which would be a made up Crystal Gem from The Steven Universe Gem world) and let them meet for the first time, your character would have a problem with an enemy and my character would try to help.
It also wouldnt hurt if one of the main characters (or side characters) have a crush on my Gem.
If you dont know about the Cartoon Steven Universe I can totally fill you in! But I think this will be a cool short story roleplay!
Message me if you want to discuss a plot line! Or if you have any other cartoony ideas! Thank you!


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Teen Titans count me in ^-^
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