Calling All Artists Willing to Draw a Warrior

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  1. Hey! I was just wondering if anyone would like to draw one of my favorite original characters that I have created. A brief background before I describe her. My character is named Shay. She is a member of a group of warriors that protects a dragon king and has a close bond with the prince dragon she was raised with.
    I am seeking a fairly talented artist(not a pro, but above stick figures please). I am pretty flexible with the style of the art, though I would prefer her not to be drawn in an anime style. Also, though I may share the art with my fellow roleplaying friends, I will ALWAYS credit you. I never take credit for anyone else's work and you can even write your signature on the art.

    Now for what she looks like:
    Shay is a 5' 6" female with a rather boyish build and short brown hair that hangs just above her shoulders and is cut in an A line, Asymmetrical bob. She has brown eyes and a fair complexion. Her jawline is rather prominent.

    Shay primarily wears armor. Her armor is leather with some metal pieces. Her chestplate is made out of dark red dyed leather and fits in a way that is not feminine(no tight bodice pieces or exposure). Her shoulder pieces are layered and triangular. Dark golden colored layered, metal pieces are located on her stomach and the front of her chest in a way that resembles the underbelly of a dragon. On her wrists, the same red leather pieces are strapped onto her to provide further protection. Black dragon claws are attached to the pieces and some are located on her gloves so they sit above each finger and extend passed them. With these pieces, she wears her thick black leggings and leather hunting boots as well as a black long sleeved shirt under her chestplate which is not really exposed. On her leggings, she has thick red leather pieces on each thigh, calf, and shin. With this, she wears a hooded, simple, red cloak that is fastened to her with a golden dragon head clasp, the mark of the dragon king.
    She has a helmet that is red and metal. It is designed like the top half of a dragon head. It has red eyes painted on it. The helmet has golden colored horns branching from it and matching spikes along its snout and head in a line. The top half of its jaw has white metal fangs on it, though the bottom jaw is missing to keep her face more free.

    As for her position, she would probably stand in a casual way with her weight on one hip and maybe a hand resting on one hip. She would be smiling with her mouth closed.

    I know her bio isn't fully descriptive, but I love to see what other people think she looks like so I allow some creative liberty to interpret some of her appearance. PM me if you are interested and feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.