Calladyr Class of 692 E.E.

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Castle Calladyr. Raised centuries ago by a group of sorcerers who deemed it necessary to pass down their skills and enlighten the world. In the present age, Calladyr is THE best School of Magic in the entire world. People travel from far away lands to apprentice under Calladyr's brilliant minds. Those that graduate from Calladyr have the potential to become some of the greatest influences of the land.

Sadly, like so many Universities, a student is only as good as their own will to succeed. Precious few ever find their face and accomplishments posted in the Hall of Achievements. Yet every year another graduating class steps out in to the big wide unknown to reach for the stars. Only to return several years later with stories about their pitiful attempts to make themselves known.

Of course, these thoughts were all from Discordia Kieran DeWiess. As she browsed down the hall looking for familiar faces from her OWN graduating class, she had a rather dark view of the entire thing. She, Valedictorian and voted as Most Likely to Conquer the World, was not on the wall. No, she had spent the past 10 years in indentured servitude. "Requested" to teach as a Professor at Calladyr until she payed back every last gold coin that had to be spent during her school years to repair all of the damages. Who knew that all of those old codgers would make such a big deal about a few blown up walls, scorched grounds, and that one summoning gone horribly wrong.

No matter. As Discordia trotted on down the hall, she was sure her former classmates couldn't have POSSIBLY fared better. At least she had a job with benefits.
Walking with her arm interlocked with her husband's, Cammy looked at the castle and campus of the university that Motonari studied at ten years ago. "Beatrice might join us for a drink while we're here. This is part of her route," she mentioned in passing as she took off the hood of her fur lined cloak. It wasn't what she normally wore out, but this was a special occasion after all. She wanted to look nice for all her husbands old friends. Well, maybe he wouldn't call them friends, but peers in any case.

As they walked closer to the front gate, she pulled a scroll out from a pocket inside her cloak. It was the itinerary of events at the university for the reunion. There was a tour of the whole campus for the spouses to see everything, and the alumni to see what had been changed or modified since their school days. Cammy insisted that if they were coming to the reunion they needed to go the first day for the tour if nothing else.

"Is there anyone in particular you're hoping to see while we're here darling?"
"......No. Wish I hadn't come. Bad memories. Jerks. Same girl. DISCORDIA," he managed to mutter. Was it just him or was his speech beginning to worsen since they arrived on campus? Old skeletons like this one had always got him jittery. He wasn't afraid of seeing his former "classmates" again he just dreaded having to see their faces again. The whole time he was at Callydr, everyone had labeled him as "weirdo" even though he came out as Salutatorian right behind Discordia. He would've made Valedictorian, but he could care less about titles. He was a lot more interested in the sorcery. Which is why he has spent the last 10 years cooped up in his basement most of the time, casting every from of magic you can think of. Motonari couldn't understand why this whole reunion was being held as a "Look what I did!!!" free-for-all. Every one was going to be bent on rubbing their success in each other faces, but not him. He was just here to see the old castle again and watch while they tore apart at each other. "Half an hour. Then we go," he said to his wife. He definitely wasn't planning on staying long at all. He had some unfinished work back at home, and he'd much rather be doing that then walking around this horror house.
"Are ve read-ee?" A voice asked, to which a skeleton in very fine clothes replies, "Oui, mon seigneur." With a grin, he gave the signal to begin... and so they did.

The undead began to rise from a designated spot out in the courtyard, moaning as they slipped from their earthen bonds: each wearing the fine clothes... and each holding a musical instrument. In synchronization, the sixteen undead that rose began to play: upbeat, tapping their feet - expressions changing from one of blind servitude to one of concentration: actually happy. They slipped and danced through one another, as a skeleton in a crisp, clean suit rose from the middle, and with a bow, the music ended. He skeleton spoke in a voice of gravel, "Ladies and Gentleman, let us welcome..."

Above the skies, a zombified griffon pulled a black carriage, swooping down and landing near the skeletal bards, rearing up and screeching. The well-spoken skeleton continued, "...Wir'lovel Repense!" With that, the carriage opened, and out strode... a large, anthropomorphic bat. Debonair in his purple-and-green, flamboyant clothes, flashy jewels, and - enjoying the excessive display - a wide grin on his face. He winks, "Sor-ree. Could not re-seest!"

Stepping down from the carriage, he waved his hand to dismiss his servants... who sunk, carriage and all, below the ground, leaving naught but an uneasy silence. Wir stretched out, bell-earring chiming on one of his oversized wings, tapping his feet and whistling the tune his servants were playing as he strode into the castle, turning to give a nod and a grin to those he passes by.
Chamomile Ishizaki

Cammy pet her husband's arm. She had honestly hoped they would stick around for at least a few days, but it seemed that he was already regretting the decision to come. "I suppose we can settle my curiosity, and then," she was interrupted by a gaudy sight.

To say the necromancer's powers were abusive would be just petty. It was obvious though that this man enjoyed showing off. He was obviously good at what he did, but his flamboyant air would not win him any friends. Admirers for sure, but not friends.

Chamomile wondered if this would be similar to her family reunion. After all what was really the difference between a large family and a university, other then the amount of time you've known one another.

"Let's just get inside, shall we?"

A Caster Knight

It was the large armor, creaking, that usually made people turn to look. Polished so that the sun shown off the metal, with a bright green surcoat, the armor, and the knight that was inside it, walked by a few of the others come here for the reunion. An impressive sword was held over the shoulders of the knight. It was familiar to many of the alumni, but the possessor of the weapon might have been escaping their memory at the moment. There were after all a few people that were sword trained at the university, though not many.

For a great knight such as this, walking into old familiar corridors, there really was only one thing in mind. A single pursuit.

"Excuse me m'lady, might you happen to know where the refreshments are being held?" When the woman turned around though the voice behind the helmet seemed to have gone up five octaves in panic. "DISCORDIA!!!"
Arthuria and Max

"I can't believe it's your class reunion!" she whispered out loud, as if unable to contain the excitement in her voice. She wasn't usually this energetic but it could be that the suspense and anticipation were taking its toll on her. After all, Calladyr had been preparing for this reunion for sometime now. The graduating class had something supposedly great planned and everyone had been cleaning and decorating for days. She was standing a few feet behind Discordia, having learned early on it's safer if you minimize your chances of her hurling a spell at you, intended or not.

Max didn't see the big deal about it. Class reunions were class reunions and they lasted way too long. If people really wanted to know what their classmates had been doing for the past ten years, he doubted they'd have waited this long to find out. Then again, who was he to judge? He looked over at Arthuria who was clasping and unclasping her hands in front of her. If she didn't get her head out of the clouds, she'd be ill-prepared and Discordia would find herself with another teaching assistant.

"Easy," he warned. "Don't get caught up in something that's none of your concern." This class reunion was none of his concern either. He was just curious on how she'd deal with her peers around her.
Outside, Wir was making a grand over done entrance. She loved it. Not that she would ever admit it to his face. He got all puffed up with pride.

But before she could order Arthuria to hurry up, Discordia nearly ran face first in to an armored knight. She stepped back to regain her bearings, eying him with that look between shock and abhorrence.

"HEY! It's... you! Guy..!" Crap! She couldn't remember his name. In fact, Discordia could remember very little about the man other than the fact she was pretty sure she spent most of her years trying to avoid him. Now if she could just remember why...

"So nice to again. Seriously. Oh yeah, refreshments are going to be in the Grand Ballroom. I hope you found the guest wing all right. Brand new and paid with an entire year's worth of my paycheck, ha ha ha.." She coughed.
The Caster Knight

The armored suit creaked slightly, despite being well oiled, as the knight looked left and then right. This was after taking two steps backwards, away from Discordia. "Guy?" the voice sounded surprised. "You don't recognize me." Once more the voice went up in octaves, though not as many, and it seemed almost in pleasure.

"The ballroom? Wonderful. I'm starved!"

The knight then gave Discordia a stiff bow. It really was the only thing to do in armor. A nod wouldn't really be noticeable and most movement in armor was stiff. Starting to walk off, the knight then paused. "Paycheck?" The echoing sound of chuckles could be heard vibrating from the armor as the knight continued on to the ballroom.
Currently entering the ballroom was the necromancer, Wir'lovel. He grinned wildly, the heavy fabric of his clothes swishing stiffly as he glances about. Specifically, he walked over to the southeast wall, poking it disbelievingly. "I can 'ard-lee bee-leeve zey put a wall 'ere! I ree-mem-bair eet vas gone vhen I grad-oo-ay-ted!" He snickers a bit, remembering fondly the summoning that Discordia had attempted, and how he had transferred the powered angel's feather needed for the spell for a teaspoon of silver powder. Good times.

He rose a hand to press down the fur that rose on the back of his neck, turning and looking around at... a bunch of faces he hardly knew! He could identify a few... like Chern Obog, who was recently turned into a cat by one of his wives, sitting next to the wife in question with a grumpy look on his face. He could see the Greyson twins... triplets... quadruplets? Wir could never tell, and he certainly didn't know that they were all the same illusionist and his Mirror Trick spell. It was hard to miss the flamboyant clothes and pompous laughter of Koralistraz, the half-dragon student. For the longest time, Wir assumed the man had dropped out to become an adventurer. He apologized mentally for doubting the man.

With a glance upward, he grinned, extending his massive wings for an indoor flight, prompting a few shouts (and some trigger-happy wizards casting defensive magics), quickly making it up and perching on the chandelier, standing atop it and getting a better view of the place, his chiming laughter echoing slightly and he waved at the folks below, "Sor-ree! I am, 'ow oo say... 'not one for crowds'." In truth, he was loving the attention - good or bad. From here, he could easily see the folks gathered, looking for those that used to actually talk to him in school.
Motonari walked into the ballroom with a blank face, sighing. So many memories.... He could see a couple people he remembered and a few he couldn't quite put a name to the face. Most of them seemed to have changed one way or another, but he could definitely see their old personalities shining through. He looked around for a bit, then walked over to sit at an empty table. Pulling out a glass bottle from under his cloak, he drank the oddly colored liquid inside, then turned around and up to see a very familiar Chalicite perched atop the chandelier. "Wir'lovel," he said aloud before turning back around in his seat. Today was going to be pretty odd.
One of the members of the graduating class sat in the ballroom, looking rather bored. Well, not bored so much as having a book in his face. The book appeared to be on the practical uses of weather magic and the use of them in regards to airship. The book, in itself, was not remarkable. The boy reading it, however, was. He looked exceptionally young, far younger than mostly everyone in the room. The boy was nine years old, with dark brown hair that stuck up like ruffled feathers and clever dark eyes. His name was Fionn Mandubrath, a prodigal young wizard from the far away isle of Crescent, in the nation of Brathis, who would have been a prince, if the island hadn't recently become a democracy. That was alright with Fionn -- he had never been expected to be a prince by anyone. He was far too keen on magic and study than politics and war mongering. Even if, his magic could be war mongering at times.

But now, the young wizard was leaving the school to make his own fate. The boy loved planes, airships, blimps, anything that could fly. His nation was known for its flying machines and its large windmills -- it seemed only natural that his post-school life should be around air and weather magic. Hence the book that he was reading in the ballroom, some how managing to tune out the sounds of the crowd. Until, of course, the bat came in. He looked up from his book when he heard the commotion, watching the mages shoot there defensive spells at the large Chalicite that had just perched itself neatly on the chandelier. He sighed. Chalicites. He knew little about them, other than that they were skilled at magic, made wine, and had a huge underground city filled with undead. He knew they liked to pretend to be nobles, which irritated his elder brother, Aegis, to no end.

He closed the book with a -thump- and watched the Chalicite with his large dark eyes. He was only a child, and fascinated by new things. He had always dreamed of meeting a Chalicite, and often thought things might have been better off if he had been born one. They held his naturally affinity for magic, and certainly respected it more than the people did in his country. He couldn't manage to do anything other than stare at the Chalicite, until a weak sound came from his mouth. He never had been the chatty sort. "Uhm." A coherent sound, though perhaps vague. He finally managed to force the words out, "Hello, Sir Chalicite." He managed to keep his manners. He still has been trained to act like a noble, even if he no longer had a throne, or a nation.
"Arthuria. ...Find out who that guy is." Discordia ordered her assistant without even turning to look behind her. The way she said it even sounded a little wicked. As if the results of his identity were going to come with one of Discordia's punishments for troublesome students, rather than a simple curiosity.

Without saying anything else, she was walking again. A determined gait as she strode down the hall, pushed open the doors and waltzed in to the ballroom like the place belonged to her. She stopped for a moment to scan the room to see which faces arrived all ready. Mostly familiar ones, along with their guests. Discordia supposed someone needed to mingle and be the ice breaker, but she really didn't want to volunteer herself up for the job.

Discordia moved until she was standing next to the kid and followed his gaze upwards towards the chandelier.

"...Wir, get your ass off that damned thing. I didn't pay for it for you to break it...!"
Chamomile Ishizaki

Cammy did not drink what her husband drank, but instead allowed a chalice to be poured for her with some spiced wine, which she drank in a moderate fashion. She looked up to see what her husband was looking at, and lifted an eyebrow.

"Is this very typical for your classmates dearest?"

A Caster Knight

In one hand the knight held a plate, while the other was piling up the food. It seemed that the knight was indeed hungry for there was large chunks of meat on the plate and potatoes, salad and other vegetables shoved into any available space.

Once the plate was over full with food the knight looked around then decided on an empty chair at a random table. "Greetings," was all that was said before the knight put the plate down on the table.

Then the knight took off the gauntlets while calling out to a servant. "ALE!"
Arthuria jumped! When Professor DeWeiss told you something, you hopped to it or risk getting hit by a lightning bolt! (Okay so maybe that hasn't happened to her yet but she heard about the teaching assistant it happened to!) "Yes, Professor." She remembered the knight going into the ballroom and quickly headed that way.

If she needed to find out who the knight is, that meant she'd have to find out everything about him--right down to his favorite foods and hobbies! She gulped as she drew closer and closer. He was ... Wow, he was ... really big. And intimidating. What if she just hung back and waited for a good time? But if she did that, who knows how long she'd wait and the Professor ... She didn't like waiting too long! (Of course, how long she was willing to wait depended on her mood a lot of the time and whether she had pressing business to attend to ...)

No, no. Big, scary knight had nothing on her intimidating, powerful professor! She slipped around to what she hoped was within his point of view--it was very hard to tell with that helmet!--and cleared her throat. "E--Excuse me, Mister ... Sir ..." She tried looking for some sort of sign of his gender on his armor. Hm. None. Okay, so he was ... definitely male? "My name is Arthuria Pendragon. If I um--If I may take up some of your time?"

Meanwhile Max was still watching Discordia cast a scornful eye over everything. He was pretty sure she had at least twelve different ways to ruin the reunion already implanted firmly in her mind. He had to admit she was thorough from planning things to executing them and she'd had ten years to plot. It's not that he didn't trust her ... He just didn't trust her to leave things alone.
A Caster Knight

"Ah, hello there!" A hand, now freed from the gauntlet slapped down hard on Arthuria's shoulder. "One of the students here, hm?"

The knight would listen to what the student had to say, but there were some priorities, and that of course was eating. The knight unbuckled the large sword across the back of the armor and carefully placed it down to lean on the table. This was to make sitting easier. It was going to be difficult enough sitting in full armor, but it could be done.

There was creaking, but not nearly as much as would disturb the other diner and soon the knight was no longer looming over the young student. Then the caster knight's hands went to the helmet to take it off.

Long blonde hair fell out in gentle curls. Bright blue eyes turned and looked at the student. Painted lips smiled. "Oisha Demura, Clan Demurin"
"Eep!" The single syllable was out of her mouth before she could stop it! Long blonde hair. Painted lips. Bright blue eyes. A woman! She clamped her hands over her mouth but it was too late to stop it. She smiled sheepishly as she lowered them. "My--my apologies! I--I had no idea! It's just--the armor looks so heavy and that sword is so big! I just assumed you were a man!" She blinked. "I mean, it's not that I don't believe women are capable, of course! It's just--!" She quickly waved her hands. "I mean, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!"
Too high to hear Motonari or Fionn over the crowd below, he was perfectly capable of hearing the familiar wavelengths of Discordia. His head turned towards her, before spreading his arms and falling backwards off the chandelier: with an adept wingover, he righted himself and shot towards Discordia, contolling his movement with a flap of his wings and landing nearby with a grin.

At first, he kneeled as if to bow, moving forward suddenly to envelop the unsuspecting evoker in his wings - a warm, leathery hug. "Deez-cor-Dee-uh! Eet 'as been too long!" He let her go, stepping back, "I vould 'ave written oo, but I figured oo vould be too busy vith ze students... I 'ave keeds that vill be enrolled in a few years... Vill oo still be teaching zen?"

"Een eizzer case... Oo look lov-el-ee. I'm 'app-ee to see oo, even eef ze ozzer graduates aren't." He winks at her, giggling as he teased her.
Caster Knight Oisha Demura

The jovial laughter from the knight was indeed a feminine tone. Oisha then looked at Arthuria kindly. "There is no disrespect. I wear my family's armor and most of them HAVE been men. Not all though." She then leaned in a bit closer. "Besides, wasn't is a nice surprise?"

Oisha was sure she wasn't reading the student wrong. There was admiration there, she was sure of it. It was nice to see. Coming to this reunion, just to see that made the trip well worth the while. There had been times Oisha was worried she wouldn't make it. What with the fight between the White Duke and his twin. What a mess!

"So tell me about yourself," Oisha then said, pulling out the chair next to her before grabbing a leg of lamb and starting in on it. She could listen and eat at the same time after all.
Fionn watched the Chalicite closely. He wasn't sure of what else was happening in the room, and not terribly interested in mingling with the lot of them. It wasn't that Fionn thought he was too good for them, though that might have been part of it, but the boy was horrendously shy. He did notice the large warrior woman - for she was nearly impossible to miss with her clanking and her laughter. It was sort of nostalgic for Fionn, who remembered spending time in the armoury of his childhood palace fondly - enchanting the gear of the forces of Brathis, who were to march on the armies of Kreig. Kreig. The word stuck in his head like glue to wood. He wasn't vengeful, particularly, though he hadn't liked what the war had done to his brothers - made Vortigren more wild and roaring and Aegis more closed off and secretive. Fionn sighed, and rested his head on his hands. The war was over, and he still hadn't received a letter from Aegis. All his letters had come from Vortigren who was not the best of writers, and told him very little. His letters went something along the lines of: War over. Democracy in place. Hate it. Aegis fine - co-ruling with Kreig. Traitor. Love, Vort.

He shook the thoughts out his head. Kreig was a memory. The university was his life. Or had been his life. He was graduating. It was time to come out of his shell, to show that even though he was young, depressingly young, he was quite capable. He slid his chair over to near where the warrior woman and Arthuria. He thought he recognized Arthuria... perhaps she had been in one of his classes? He guiltily realized that he had not paid much attention to people, only to words and incantations. Aegis would condemn him for that, if he was here. He turned his dark gaze on the warrior woman and what he thought was a student, curious what they had to say, and he made that perfectly clear with his expression.
Discordia 'ugged' when Wir grabbed her for a hug and though she looked completely disgusted and annoyed by it, she didn't shove him away or flee. When he finally released her, she was debating dragging him over to the window and throwing him out. Sure, he could fly. But it'd be satisfying.

"At this rate, I'm going to be teaching until I'm six hundred and forty two." she replied dryly. Debt was not a pretty business. Discordia did lean to the side, faintly hearing Arthuria's squeaky apologizing to that mysterious knight. One who was now helmet-less and... looked like a beauty queen! That -really- should have sparked some sort of memory for Discordia. But still, all she could remember was trying to avoid them. Maybe she'd remember later.

"Anyway, welcome to my nightmare!" She pulled her arms back to show off the place, and looked surprised when she ended up smacking Max in the chest. He was practically breathing down her neck.

Discordia scowled. "...I don't know if you remember Max. He graduated a couple years before us. I think he assumes I'm going to seek revenge on the entire graduating class and kill everyone. Close," she said towards Max, "but not quite. I thought I'd do the opposite and get everyone to leave as quick as possible."