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    with @Gore & @Henri

    p l o t .

    "" when adventure calls,       
            do you follow? ""

    muse a is just a giant finding his way in a wild, wild world. he's been through hellish things, and beautiful things too; being a wanderer can lead on an adventurous, but also lonely life. keeping contact with other people is often a struggle, combining his constant moving from land to land, the rarity of sentient beings to interact with, and his feared reputation as a giant.

    however, this would change on a fateful night with a full, pearly white moon. awoken by close noises, muse a finds an intruder lurking in his chosen territory for the night, attempting to loot from his belongings. quick to react when this is realized, he snatches up the tiny intruder -- coming face-to-face with muse b.

    muse b is somewhat of an opposite, but still is strangely connected, to the ruffian muse a. instead of having full freedom, they lead a life on the run, a satyr of royal blood that escaped their life of pampered luxury, heeding to the call of adventure and mystery that the wild had to offer.

    now, simply out of their curious and daring nature, muse b finds their life quite literally in the hands of a rather angry muse a. little do either of these adventurers know, this accidental meeting will lead them on a path that they'll never look back from -- and on the way, many great and terrible things will be sure to happen.

    r u l e s .

    we know them. no god-moding, no power-playing, don't be a dick, etc.

    p l a y e r s .

    muse a -- desrin jae II [ gore ]

    muse b -- j. cooper luvess [ henri ]

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