Call of Cthulhu?

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Old bean, you fuckin' know I'm in.

shotgun the guy who crawls into a corner gibbering about 'other worlds' and 'great big fuckoff monsters in the dark'
I can has spess mehreen? Not really but I'm always up for some Lovecraftian horror.
Alright them, being something of a lovecraft noob, (not really but its only been a year or two) I'll modify one of the sample plots and if i find myself in need of questions answered I'll ask one of you guys (preferably not the one about to go apeshit insane based in the answer)

53 point buy up to a max of 18 per attribute and a minimum of 3

STR: (strength)
CON: (constitution)
POW: (Will Power)
DEX: (Dexterity)
APP: (Appearance)
SIZ: (Size)
INT: (Intelligence)
EDU: (Education. May be up to 21 points)

SAN: (Sanity, POW x5, represents only your starting sanity)


Idea: (INT x5)
Luck (POW x5)
Know (EDU x5)

Damage Bonus: Add SIZ + STR and use the result below

2 to 12 = -1D6
13 to 16 = -1D4
17 to 24 = 0
25 to 32 = +1D4
33 to 40 = +1D6
41 to 56 = +2D6
57 to 72 = +3D6
73 to 88 = +4D6

For every 16 points over 88 add anther 1D6

Hit Points: (CON + SIZ divided by 2 rounded up)
Magic Points: (This is equal to your POW)
Sanity Points (This starts as equal to your SAN, maximum is 99 - Cthulhu Mythos skill)


Available skills are determined by you investigator's occupation, Skill points is EDU x20.
Maximum points per skill is 99. After that you get INT x10 More points to reflect hobbies and personal interests, these points may be assigned me any base chance. The number in brackets is the bass chance of success, you buy points over that amount.

Accounting (10%):
Anthropology (01%):
Archaeology (01%):
Art (specify) (05%):
Astronomy (01%):
Bargain (05%):
Biology (01%):
Chemistry (01%):
Climb (40%):
Conceal (15%):
Craft (Specify) (05%):
Credit Rating (15%):
Cthulhu Mythos (00%): 00 (points may not be assigned at the start)
Disguise (01%):
Dodge (DEX x2%):
Drive Auto (20%):
Electr. Repair (10%):
Fast Talk (05%):
First Aid (30%):
Geology (01%):
Hide (10%):
History (20%):
Jump (25%):
LAW (05%):
Library Use (25%):
Listen (25%):
Locksmith (01%):
Marshal Arts (01%):
Mech. Repair (20%):
Medicine (05%):
Natural History (10%):
Navigate (10%):
Occult (05%)
Opr Hvy Mech: (EDU x5%):
Other Language (specify) (01%):
Own Language (specify) (EDU x5%):
Persuade (15%):
Pharmacy (01%):
Photography (10%):
Physics (01%):
Pilot (specify) (01%):
Psychoanalysis (01%)
Psychology (05%):
Ride (5%):
Sneak (10%):
Spot Hidden (25%):
Swim (25%):
Throw (25%):
Track (10%):


Handgun (20%):
Machine Guns (15%):
Rifle (25%):
Shotgun (30%):
SMG (15%):


Fist (50%):
Damage: 1d3 + DB (damage dealt to target)
hnd: 1 (hands needed to use weapon)
rng: touch (range)
#att 1 (number of attacks per round)
hp n/a (amount of damage weapon can take before becoming useless)

Grapple (25%):
Damage: special
hnd: 2
rng: touch
#att: 1
hp: n/a

Headbutt (10%):
Damage: 1D4 + DB
hnd: 0
rng: touch
#att: 1
hp: n/a

Kick (10%):
Damage: 1D6 + DB
hnd: 0
rng: touch
#att: 1
hp: n/a

If the one I have up works out I'm going to run the "Dead man stomp" scenario next before devising my own.

*lol's at the sanity section*

When I have energy I'll heave myself off my den of digestion and bother one of you(If you're up for it.) until you explain the system to me. I have the old rulebook, off of Reiz's friend's mediafire, but I'm not good with sheets and stuff.