Call of Cthulhu?

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  1. Since many other systems are on the slate any one up for exploring the depths of Lovecraft's imagination?

    I may need to recruit Grumpy if this get underway.

    Wikipedia article

    Dowload rulebook
  2. Old bean, you fuckin' know I'm in.

  3. shotgun the guy who crawls into a corner gibbering about 'other worlds' and 'great big fuckoff monsters in the dark'
  4. I can has spess mehreen? Not really but I'm always up for some Lovecraftian horror.
  5. Alright them, being something of a lovecraft noob, (not really but its only been a year or two) I'll modify one of the sample plots and if i find myself in need of questions answered I'll ask one of you guys (preferably not the one about to go apeshit insane based in the answer)
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    I gasp dramatically and I stare at him in a gape "First off that was not cheating. That was me being a perfect intellectual. I used my resources and whooped the heck out of your butt." I sit back next to him and bump his hip playfully with mine. "Not to mention that was not going easy. I thought I was going to be laughed until I couldn't breathe." I grin at him and make sure the blanket I grabbed was wrapped around the both of us. I make sure he gets most of the warmth though. I figure because we are friends I should self sacrifice my blanket warmth. Besides, my cold soul can handle it. "I say the tickling was more of a cheat than the blanket scandal you are trying to shove down my throat." I tease him as I lie down slightly, legs dangling across the side of the couch arm and my head is slightly on his shoulder. I mean, he basically had me in a tight embrace earlier when we were near the lake and he did carry me back, so what was the harm of lying down on him for a little while? I don't think he would mind. I am his friend. I just hope he doesn't think I am too clingy. I am clingy but I don't want to be desperate.


    I nod and I hesitantly take both of her hands in mine. I curl her right handle into a fist and bring her knuckles gently to my lips so I may kiss them. "I give you full hugging rights. I know you like to hug. And I give you permission to show me any affection you find appropriate. We will not take things too far. Kissing is a maximum activity, if we would like, understood? And I would assume that would be during special occasions. Or if we do something kind for each other. If you want to show me that affection that is fine, but I please ask to keep it a minimum for now. You may come to me if something is wrong and you wish for me to deal with a problem. I will do that regardless of how our 'relationship' so to say, goes. If we decide that this type of affection is inappropriate and we agree that we should not continue to remain a couple, I will still have the desire to be your friend unless you state that otherwise and do not wish to keep me in your present life. I promise to keep my mouth shut when you wish to speak. I promise to respect you and protect you if you get into trouble. I promise to respect your powers and even admire them for what they are. I promise to be there when you need me, and I promise to be gone when you desire my presence to be elsewhere. I promise to care for you in whatever way I can." I finish, cheeks red at my words. I hope I didn't screw up with what I wanted to say. I just hope she knows I care and only wish for her to be comfortable in this situation. I have seen many relationships were either the male or female crossed a line and did not respect their partners. I swear myself not to do anything to upset her or break her heart in any way.


    My eyes widen as she pulls out her phone. I consider the worst, knocking her out and hurting the poor girl, but luckily for me Rina does the intelligent thing. She throws what I believe to be the owner's book out into the hall, getting the woman out of the room.

    I uncover my mouth and inhale heavily. I make sure we are visible again because my head ache grows. I feel blood trickling down to my lip and I groan. "Oh thank sweet baby rock and roll Jesus." I comment as my hands clumsily reach for the papers that we had dropped. I don't manage to grab all of them, but I grab a majority. I decide that my headache is too painful for me to try and keep rummaging, so I stop and say shakily "R-rina babes..." I grin at her childishly and mumble in a more weak voice "We gotta get out of here before the adults come on in. You know I hate the adults..." I clutch my temple with my hand as my other arm keeps the stack of papers I was able to collect underneath

    "I-I can teleport us out but...sweet God. Oh. Please don't make me." I grumble under my breath and I press my hand against the wall to keep my balance. I let out a more than girlish(oh I hate that word so, what I meant to think as high pitched, because who in God's green earth would scream in what a man might, low pitch? That's not a scream, that's a monster's growl if its so low pitched)scream as the wall gives out to a secret hallway. "Holy sh-" I stumble over my words before I grab onto Rina's wrist and gently guide her in. I struggle and place the wall back into place. "Shh. Shh sh sh." I command, breathing heavily "Hopefully this leads to an exit or something...God I need more food. Maybe we can head back to the kitchen."


    My blush grows exponentially as he calls it the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. I swear this man is going to have me be the first ever human being who has died of too much blood circulating around her cheeks. Oh what a strange article in the newspaper that one would be. He sets me down eventually and I feel the bliss leaving me. I would have to work and so would he.

    But I did have an opportunity to talk to the children today. I didn't know if anyone would take me on my offer to help out with their troubles. One girl, Helen, did ask if I could speak with her at some point and I agreed, but I had a feeling today may not have been her day. That was alright, I would let them take their time and if they needed me I would be there. I will be there for them and I will comfort them to the best of my ability.

    If I can that is. Some wounds just can't be stitched. Some wounds just can't be given away... My mind is brought back into it's proper state of being at his words. Oh no. Oh no no no. I will not be taking dish duty. I actually do love the dishes. It is a relaxing time and I love the feeling of flesh searing water against my skin.

    "You are on Samuel." I challenge with a big grin and realize he has a head start "I knew I should have hidden shirts in your room." I mumbled as I scuttle out into the hallway and quite literally attempt to do an army roll into my room. It's less than perfect but it gets the job done. I rush around my room to get fresh clothes on and tie my hair up into a neat bun. I need to look decent. Even if I didn't get out on the right time, at least I had a chance in the fashion department.


    Protective instincts shoot through me. I haven't had a burning sense of overprotectiveness since my cousins were bullied in middle school. No one dare tried to threaten my Nellie Bellie. I only have known her two weeks, but god forbid if someone talks to the most amazing two week friend I have ever had. Perhaps even the best friend I have ever encountered.

    "Why don't you speak a little kinder?" I suggest as I step in front of Nellie, arms crossed. I specifically use my middle finger to push the frames of my glasses up to my face. That might get me killed but at least I got to do a secret shot while I could. "Nellie here is just trying to be friendly. And if you don't like that then I would simply tell you to have a good day and move on, alright? She means no harm whatsoever, so don't you dare use your foul mouth to try and intimidate her. Capiche?" I feel my heart pounding in my rib cage but I dare not let it show. She scares the holy living shit out of me, but I won't let her know it. Especially when she tries to use such horrible methods to get Nellie off her back. My eyes flicker over and I notice Helen has grabbed a hold of Pen's sleeve. I realize it's half anxiety, half prepping. It looks like she is giving herself a mental speech, but I am not sure on what. It's like she is trying to plan a thing to say. My heart suddenly slams yet again. I could very well die with a bone in my chest. Very well. At least I could go out in a half awesome way.
  7. If the one I have up works out I'm going to run the "Dead man stomp" scenario next before devising my own.
  8. :D

    *lol's at the sanity section*

    When I have energy I'll heave myself off my den of digestion and bother one of you(If you're up for it.) until you explain the system to me. I have the old rulebook, off of Reiz's friend's mediafire, but I'm not good with sheets and stuff.