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  1. Hey all. Name's Yiyel. But if you want, I like nicknames (attention is so flattering :3 ). I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now; but unfortunately some sad events (and some sad, sad excuses of people) led to the slow but probably inevitable downfall of my previous community, as people leave. I don't quite feel like letting go of that, though; too many scenarios left unplayed, too many characters waiting for their births, too many universes waiting to be pioneered...

    I'm not much of a mano-a-mano roleplayer; I feel better playing it out in small groups (5-10 is good, but I could give a try with larger groups... Could be interesting if well organized). But then again, this is a new community... May try it. What I most certainly hope is that I have found my new home.

    While I may not be that active (but then again, if you peeps have the amount of activity my previous group had... What's the average number of posts per user per day here?) and I'll be somewhat busy (I work 40 hours a week, and for the following 2 weeks I'll have slightly less availability), I hope we'll have fun together (Looking forwards to the time I'll know you peeps enough to know your traits as to make as good a GM I can...)

    Let's shift the limelight a little. What's your favorite dessert?

    (P.S.: Kudos for that idea to have featured RPs as "advertisement". That definitely gave me the kicks. Perhaps some day one of mine will be up there...)
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  2. hiii welcome to iwaku, Yii. HA NICKNAME! :D
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  3. Cheesecake.

    Welcome to Iwaku! I definately know how it feels to have a fickle bunch of posters and being part of a community that has a lethargic problem :P Hell, it's been a month since I updated my RP and nothing. Anyway, you'll find Iwaku to be a great change of scene for you. Have fun, look around, and if you wanna throw around some ideas to dev or have any questions, feel free to contact me or any other member :)
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