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  1. January 1st, 2012.

    If only there was cause for a happy new year...

    It has been a month since the government of the United States of America offically dissolved, and nearly two months since the Incident happened.

    On November 15th, 2011, a city in Philadelphia called Raccoon City, suddenly and inexplicably, was quarteened off and became the first spot in America to be attacked by own own nuclear weapons. The government gave very little explaination for this happening, but it was soon clear. On November 18th, three days afterwards, Philadelphia, the city, was overrun by monsters which can only be called zombies.

    As insane as it sounds, the living dead were rising up like something out of a George Romero movie and no one knew what to do.

    Well, except for Frank Caliban, our mayor. He had the sense and influence as well as the raw presence to move us to create a large wall, not exactly the great wall but it keeps the horde off of us, for the most part. He pushed us to stay united dispite the constant raceism and classism and crime that plauged our city before. He kept our homes lit and our food plentful and our streets safe with patrols, as well as maintaining trade with the nearby Umbrella testing facility on the shore of lake Caliban, viding us with valuable medicine.

    Last night, just before mid Fra k Caliban los his li e to cancer, l ving his son, Alexander Caliban as th leader of Cailban Cove.

    Already the st illed with c ime and it is clear tha Alex is unable to lead us.

    My name is eporter f aliban Cove's news and this is my final report. We are all dead anyway, might as well go early.

    The previous exerpt was found in the offices of Cove Calls, a newspaper in the Caliban Cove area. The author of the piece was found in his office, dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound.
  2. Yah. Tried to make it so that the blacked out parts are where the Reporter's blood soaked the paper but... Sorry.
  3. Anyway, yah. This is just a bump.

    If I wierded anyone out, I'm sorry.

    Also: I was thinking of involving some kind of dice rolling do-hicky but... I kinda doubt it would work out.

    Anyway... yah. Month:2 of the Zombie apolocypse unknowingly caused by Umbrella.

    Not that anyone outside of the Research Station knows it.
  4. I think it would be awesome if we had the main character (You??) like walking through the town. Maybe hunting for survivors or food.. Or maybe even hunting. And somehow other characters start to appear in the story. Or even just the point of views of two or three main characters then they meet up and everything.. I dunno. I just think that would be pretty cool. But, like by now the whole world has gone into ashes. There are only very few survivors and zombies roam everywhere. There could also be like little clans scattered everywhere.. Oh so many ideas.. Hehehehehe.c:
  5. Yah. Pretty much the roleplay will be focused in two places, the city/township of Caliban Cove which has walls around it. And the research facility owned and operated by Umbrella which keeps them filled with meds. Later in the rp we might go into the research facility and see just what was ACTUALLY going down over there.

    What character will you play as? Some moral suport will always be good.
  6. Name: Alorah
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Black and white short hair. Double spider bites, septum piercing, bar piercing, Average size body.
    Personality: Trusting, helpful, goodhearted, caring, but an aggressive side, very passive, gentle.
  7. I kinda want the profile like this.

    Name: [first and last]



    Appearance:[Can be a pic but please be discriptive]


    History: [Just a few short things about your character's life before the Incident and after]

    Other: [Your characters feelings on Alex Caliban being the leader and any weapons/items they may have.]
  8. Hello. Thanks for inviting me and I think the idea it's new and different and I like it. On you character it needs to be more descriptive before I choose other than that I love it. n_n On the plot I think it could be cool that almost everyone in the town is dieing because of sickness and a complete 180 in life style also people are panicking because of what happened so there are stealing, killing betraying one another ect what do you think?

    And here is my character please enjoy.

    Name: C2 no last name. Later on she is given the name of Alice by someone here I don't mind who ever what's to give her her name.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Long curly wavy bloody red hair, most of the time in a bun with a hat covering all her hair and ears. Two different color eyes one bright blue other dark green, pale skin and freckles, height around 5'4 and a half, thin but strong. Though only 14 her body looks like an 17 year and makes her quite piss because of it even when other woman die for it she only thinks of it as an inconvenient. She is only were ragged old clothes that are covered in blood dirt ect for now with wore on sneakers on and a small backpack filled of random items.

    Personality: Very quiet and shy but quite open-minded and sweet. Though she has a great fear of people she would try to help others with out then knowing.

    History: Both parents were abuse because she was not a 'perfect child'. But her mother main reason was because of her looks that she mother wanted so bad. Her father just plain hated her and did everything in his power to make you life a living Hell without killing her because 'that would be to nice to do.' Her parents the reason why she is so afraid of people but the nuclear weapons killed both of her parents but she survived and ended here just a few days ago from the long travel to get here.

    Other: Her feelings on him are not known because she has no idea what to think of him so far. Also she has two daggers stripped to her hip four more in her bag with a pistol with bullets in the bag also.
  9. That could work.

    Really, I was going for it because the person who held it together for so long AND could almost have been considered a living god to them is dead so they are panicing because they don't think Alex can handle it.
  10. That's what I was thinking and that way we don't have to put that man random people in it and other fun stuff. So I'm glad you like it also what do you think about my character? Anything I should add or take out open to any ideas!
  11. I think its ok. That girl must be BA though.

    Don't God Mod, ok?
  12. Yes and no she is one but not at the same time if you know what I mean. She's one of those who are but doesn't show it or show off but hinds it insteed and trys not to stand out but she does any ways. Does that make sense becuase it's kinda hard to explain. Oh and Iwon't go God Mode I promise and I don't think she could even do that if she wanted to any ways!
  13. Intentional mistake? Philadelphia being the capital city of the State of Pennsylvannia and all...

    Eitherway this might be interesting to do depending on how it is meant to run. Will it be traditional Resident Evil where there is a plot and all or what?

    Also where does it take place? I got that there was an Umbrella Corperation research station near Racoon City, but besides that I have no idea what its about. Goes hand in hand plot though.

    In any case this might be interesting to play in.
  14. Its the states that gets me....

    Anyway, my idea for it was pretty much a group of people trying to keep a community together after the lynch pin of it dies, having an unknown amount of time to get things picked up before a HUGE HORDE comes though. Pretty much, its an against the clock kind of thing.

    That was my origional idea though. Anyone have any other ideas?
  15. I'm interested although I won't be able to throw anything together until the weekends due to college. Perhaps by then I'll be able to toss out some ideas. I don't typically do horror, but what the hell, I'll try.
  16. OK. not confidant in my abilities but, meh.