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  1. Hello! I'm Cakes, and I'm newish and sort of roleplay deprived. So I had some ideas, and I was hoping someone would be interested in them! I don't have very many rules, just be polite, don't abandon me, and no god-modding, please and thanks!
    Here's my pairings;
    • demonxhuman
    • vampirexvampire
    • elfxhuman
    Here were some plots I had in mind;

    demonxhuman- Character attempts suicide and winds up in limbo, where a spiteful demon character gives them a tour of the afterlife to see if the human really wants to be dead, or wake up from their coma.

    vampirexvampire- Two vampires from two totally different time periods adjust to pretending to be human together. Open to other ideas!

    elfxhuman- I was really interested in the idea that in some folklore, if you ever eat or drink anything in the land of the Fae, then you're doomed to stay there forever. So an elf character tricks a human character into consuming food in their real to keep them there forever, causing the human character to go on a wild goose-chase like adventure to figure out how to find a loop hole so that they can return home.

    Another idea I had didn't have anything to do with romance, where a newly turned vampire is abandoned by the person who turned them, and so they search for a new mentor to learn the ways of the night.

    I can come up with more, but yeah. I hope someone's interested, and if you are, please feel free to PM me!
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