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  1. Chess is shuffling down the hallway when his first break in 14 months happens.

    Another technician, a woman who's taller, fitter, is upset with him. He's used to that, and ignores the barking madness that he assumes has to do with her engine designs. He is right, and she's snapping more and now he almost regrets pointing out the flaws, picking it apart and rebuilding it over a matter of two days. It had taken her months of sleepless nights, hard days, and a missed school play.

    She's screaming, but no one intervenes. They're afraid of the young cyborg. He doesn't know quite why, but he doesn't really care. He finds companionship unreliable, tedious, where his books, his games, his movies always end the same. Happy, powerful. His back is on the wall and he's staring off into space, letting her screech curses and damnation. He feels less powerful now, as she's closer, louder. It's like her teeth are begging to tear into his throat and he just wants her to get it over with.

    No one intervenes, but some people still watch. He wonders where they'll go - people always seem to just vanish after they see him in arguments this bad. He stops when he realizes he knows none of their names, and that it's probably mutual. As if to distract himself he starts guessing about them, making up little backstories. Chess makes eye contact with one, and they leave.

    There's another scream, wordless and angry, and she's trying to hit Chess. She misses, and her fist cracks into the wall so hard that it fractures three fingers. The slam is what brings his gaze on her, but now there's something different in his eyes. It's a chilling, unblinking, hard glare boring into her head like a damn bullet.

    This is not Chess. He's not in control of himself. He doesn't know that in a matter of seconds he's grabbed her wrist with the bionic arm. He doesn't feel the satisfaction this persona gets when he squeezes hard enough for the bone to practically crumble. He puts her into a hold and is ready to snap her neck, when he finally speaks.

    'Don't ever fucking touch him.'

    With that he just leaves the woman on the ground to clutch wordlessly at the shattered limb. Some large, burlier people in full tactical body armor - hired muscle of the strange organization - are quick to haul her off and get the IDs of all the witnesses. They would all be cared for, but would also be moved to projects away from where they could risk interacting with him again, placed under gag orders to keep Chess a secret. Ten years of experimentation was far too expensive, and much, much too valuable to lose because of another tussle.

    Chess is back in his room, stepping over cluttered messes of haphazard designs and schematics, and dvd covers, when he's himself again. He has no idea what hes done, and figures that once again, he simply spaced out while walking. The only thing he can really remember is stress, and curls up in bed with his laptop, playing some Disney movie about a young princess in a tower.
  2. Vanessa "Nessa" was hurrying down the hallway when she first heard the yelling. It was a woman, shrill and ear piercing. The woman, 23, knew she had to get this paperwork filed, but curiosity got the better of her and she headed in the direction of all the noise. It was happening in a part of this building she had never been in before and Nessa had to admit she was lost. She was going to ask for help when she happened upon the room where the argument was taking place. The woman was really pretty, but had such an ugly, angry, expression on her face that her beauty was lost. I wonder what's going on.. Vanessa raised a slim forefinger to her full lips and watched as a punch was thrown and landed on the wall. Nessa's fair brow furrowed in disapproval..these were adults arguing. There shouldn't be fists thrown at each other.

    Vanessa was pulled from her thoughts when she spotted the person the woman had been yelling at. It seemed he was half machine and Nessa almost gasped in surprise. She had heard rumors of a cyborg working here from her superiors, but she hadn't believed them. It seemed like something from a SciFi film...of course, it seemed anything was possible in today's day and age. Vanessa's blue eyes went wide as the woman before her was taken by the wrist. Words were exchanged, to low for Vanessa to hear, before the woman cried out in agony and fell to the ground, clutching her arm. Vanessa lurched forwards to help (it seemed nobody else was going to) but before she could even take a step before men enter the room, grab the woman, and usher all the people out of the room to a large waiting room. Vanessa heard rumors about what would happen next and she was sure she would get in trouble for diverging from her duties, so she bit her bottom lip before slipping out and heading for the file office.
  3. For the next couple of days, Chess holed up in his room. Something just didn't feel right, and he hated it. He distracted himself with old movies as long as the supervisor would let him get away with it. They were always surprisingly lenient after the little blackouts, as long as he didn't ask or seek anyone out. Then, after three days, he left the room late in the evening after fixing a tear in his mechanical arm's false-skin, and quietly skulked down to the garage level.
  4. 3 days came and went after the incident Vanessa witnessed and, to her surprise, she didn't hear a word of it from anyone. She was sure the place would be buzzing with rumors, but it was strangely quiet, a bit to quiet for Vanessa's liking. She knew the big-wigs were listening, but this place seemed a bit to eerie the past few days...and, if Vanessa was bring honest with herself, it really gave her the creeps. Enough so that she started to rethink her internship.

    These thoughts came and went as the girl went about her different tasks throughout the day and were always at the back of her mind when she joked around with her coworkers. Her thoughts also went back to that cyborg. What was his name again? Chad? Chase? Vanessa was oddly preoccupied with these thoughts, but never felt like she could ask anyone. It seemed almost taboo to talk about it. So when she was headed home one day, she nearly jumped with excitement when she saw the opportunity to ask the man in person.

    "Hello there!" She called out before approaching the stranger. "I'm Vanessa, but you can call me Ness or Nessa if you'd like." She had a bright smile on her face and her blue eyes gleamed with excitement as she practically forced the man to a near halt, by stopping in front of him and holding out her right hand for a friendly handshake. "What's yours?"

    ((Sorry if there are any mistakes :/ I'm on my mobile device at the moment))
  5. (dont worry bout it! and i like ness c: she's a fucking cutiepoot!)

    His cheeks puff in frustration. No. He wanted to be alone, and wanted his comfort food, and just that.

    When the Ness puts out a hand, he jams both of his in his pockets almost on reflex. He didn't remember much of his past, but enough of it stuck the thought of touching strangers made him more than a little uncomfortable. Even then, he would've had to use his right hand, and was scared of crushing the woman's hand.

    "I-I-I'm. Uhm. My name's Chess." He's sounding more and more like a blithering idiot, he thinks to himself, an Estuary English accent tumbled about by his stutter. Must be such a fearsome presence, he thinks sarcastically, and his shoulders droop. "A-and I'm very busy." The lie is so obvious it cracks his voice, and he tries to back away from Ness. 'Y-y-you would do well to leave me alone. You're new, so you should know that I'm a troublesome fellow not worth any contact past sharing tools and data. Good day ma'am." His tone is fairly casual past the stuttering, as opposed to threatening. Honestly, Chess just hopes she feels awkward enough to take the advice.

    (this fricker reeeally knows how to chat up the ladies -eyeroll- also funfact Chess is from Kent)
  6. A small pout pulled at the corners of Vanessa's mouth as Chess left her hanging, but she wouldn't let herself be discouraged. Even though Chess seemed distant, she was intrigued. "Well, Chess! I knew it started with a C." She gave a friendly wink before stepping aside and letting him pass...however she walked beside him, her arms wrapped around the papers held to her chest. "Is Chess short for something??" Her stride was smaller than his and she practically had to run in order to keep up with him. "Its a pleasure to meet you!!" Nessa hollered after the man as she stopped at her vehicle and gave a little wave she was sure he didn't see. Chess didn't seem very interested in getting to know Vanessa, but she wanted to learn more about him! And by golly she was determined!!

    ((Thank you! She's my super happy almost to the point of annoying character. A lot like me, only not really as annoying lol))
  7. (thats actually perfect omfg he'll like her a lot once he gets over his nerves hehehe also bonus points if she plays videogames or watches the same kind of movies. thats like a one way ticket to bffs for him~)

    'Chesshire!" He shouts, as he pulls out an odd looking device on a key ring. He pulls the top part off, and attaches it like a plug to the keyhole of one of the company cars - a model of ferrari so new it hadn't been put on the market. A little bit of blue light eminates as it scans, and after he plugs it onto the other half of the tool. A metallic rod extends from the tip, and short bars protrude and lengthen to form a matching key.

    The entire process takes about a minute, and Chess unlocks the door and starts the car. Okay, he was definitely stealing it, again, but cars were meant to be driven, right? And it was such a beautiful piece of machinery!
  8. ((To be honest, I frickin love video games (not to the point of obsession) and Disney movies are my all time FAVORITE!! lol)

    "Chesshire?" Vanessa really liked that name!! She put her stuff in her car and looked up just as the man was doing something with one of the company cars. She was so jealous!! Oh how she wished she could even just ride in one. A smile curled her full lips as she quickly locked her car and ran towards the man just as he got into the vehicle. "Hey!! Chess!!" She bent over to look in the window and knocked on it a few time, trying to get his attention. "Mind if I ride?" She flashed a bright smile and brushed some honey blonde curls from her face.
  9. Chess pouts a good bit and his eyes go quite wide. "...You really have no sense of the phrase stranger danger do you?" He gives a heavy sigh. "You know what, fine. I'm stealing a car, might as well take an intern with me. Get in, we're getting pizza." Chess clicks a button, and the doors unlock.
  10. Nessa only giggled to herself as she plopped down in the seat, her frame cushioning nicely on the fabric. "I'm not afraid of you." She said cheerfully as she ran her hand over the shinning dashboard in front of her. "This is such a beautiful car!! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think of owning one." There was a small hint of longing in her voice, but it was gone almost instantly as she continued speaking. "Pizza? I love pizza!!" She rolled her hands, so her palms were facing up and put a lot of emphasis on the word love. "I haven't had any in forever though. Got to keep up this figure somehow." She laughed at herself heartily. Although Vanessa wasn't a stick, she was nicely curved and comfortable enough in her own skin to poke fun at herself. "What pizza joint we goin to?" The girl asked as she buckled up her seatbelt.
  11. "This family run place, it's like a twenty minute ride. I dunno, I always feel a little better after getting a bite there...why on EARTH am I telling you this, dear lord..." Chess trails off, muttering something about spilling his guts. "And, ah, I don't know why the others are afraid of me past a complete and utter lack of social grace, and that I seem to bring destruction, or something of the like, with me wherever I go. I'd rather not know, and the higher ups like it that way. And...and there I go. More gutspilling. I'm a regular emotional slasher film right now, I'm sorry."

    He couldn't shake the warm little frogs in his throat that someone wasn't afraid of him. Maybe she was a fool, and maybe it was him. Maybe they were both bloody idiots, and maybe he'd have a friend.
  12. Vanessa furrowed her brow slightly as the man kept blithering on and on. She was actually enjoying herself, even if he didn't seem to be. The girl couldn't help but laugh out loud when he compared himself to a film. It was one of those hearty, throw your head back, kind of laugh. "You're very articulate!" She teased Chess lightly, hoping he didn't take it the wong way. Vanessa was almost testing the waters, for now. Nessa giggled before adding, "I always feel better after I eat, period!" She turned her body so her back was resting on the door and far corner of other seat, so she was facing Chess a little better. "How long have you been with the company?" Her left hand began to play with one or two of her curls
  13. Chess flinches. "I actually don't know. I only really remember living here. Not much else. Call it a side effect of all this - " There's a subtle whirring noise when the bionic arm points at the red eye. "Not so much an employee, really. Think of me as...the ah, company pet." He snorts, a bit of personality starting to come out. "And food's rad, but a boy can only go off doritos and monster for so long, y'know?" He leaves it at that, figuring his bit of a tum will suffice as proof.

    (this is his build p much chess is probably a liiiittle bit smaller just because he does forget to eat sometimes, but he's got fairly strong arms)
  14. Vanessa was fascinated with all the technology. She was quiet as he talked and really wanted to ask a question, but was unsure if she should ask or not. Nessa bit her bottom lip gently and looked down at the curl she was playing with before she looked up through her bangs. "Can I..look at your eye? Like close up?" She cleared her throat before continuing. "I mean...I really find it all quite fascinating! But I would never dream of intruding upon your personal space..well, I mean...more than I already have..." She fell silent after her own little ramble and sat back in her seat, waiting for his reply.

    ((I loved the model! He was frickin cute! Lol))
  15. (YUSSS. Chess isn't terribly pretty, he's pale and got a lot of thin, faint surgical scarring around his eye and a loooot of fairly heavy discoloration/scarring on his shoulder. also, his nose is rather squished bc its been broken a few times. he's reeeally shy bout his tum on top of that hehehe~)

    Chess chuckles at the request. "Tell you what. If you aren't scared er sick of me by the time we get back, I'll let you look at the bloody schematic itself." When they reach a red light, he rolls his eyes back into his head and seems to press something on the fake. When he looks back at Nessa, the once-red eye is now a shade of blue fairly close to his natural one. "New mod. Does it look alright?"
  16. Vanessa giggled at the man's reply. "Sounds like a deal!! But I doubt I'll be sick of you anytime soon..." She was satisfied with the answer so she turned and looked out the window, playing with some curls. Vanessa had become lost in her thoughts until Chess said something to her and she turned to him. His bionic eye had changed to a blue color, and it almost looked natural. "Wow!" She leaned closer to get a better look. "Is that the only color you can change it to?"
  17. "Yeah, the red's a personal preference. And to piss off Doc." He snorts, and they come to a small town, a fairly rural little place. It's snowing, and as much as Chess tries to ignore it he can feel the dull twinge of the cold aching where metal meshed with skin and muscle. That was the one weakness he never worked on, it just hurt to deal with it, in a lot of ways.

    "The blue's so I don't have to deal with a lot of questions on the rare nights I sneak out. And yeah, as far as this night is concerned, if someone asks, it didn't happen. I'm not supposed to leave the facility."
  18. Vanessa looked out the window as the entered a small town. It almost reminded her of her own little hometown. "Don't worry! I know not to say anything. Especially when stealing a company car." She giggled and blew onto the glass, drawing little flowers and such on the window. There seemed to be a reoccurring thing with Chess. He, nor the things he did, were to be mentioned, but Vanessa didn't want to say that last bit of thought, she wasn't sure what he would say. So she decided to keep it to herself. "Does this town mean anything? Like..did you grow up here? Or did you just stumble upon this place your taking me?"
  19. "You really wanna know? It's a bit stupid.." Chess jumps a bit in his seat when another driver honks. "And no. I don't know. You should know that I essentially live on the mantra of 'don't know, don't care'." He grumbles, but shakes the thought out of his head. "No, sorry, that was rude. I don't remember, and if I think on it too much I end up blacking out. Guess you could say my OS is outdated."
  20. Vanessa looked in the direction of the honking driver and laughed a little as Chess jumped. It was almost comical really, but Nessa didn't mean any harm in it. "Of course I want to know! I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't curious." A tiny pout pulling at the corners of her lips. She crossed her arms with a shrug, half accepting the man's apology and half dismissing it. Ness hadn't been offended or thought what he said was rude, so there really wasn't any need to apologize. "I can't wait for this emotion lifting pizza!! I'm starvin." All to easily her frown was replaced with a smile.
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