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  1. Eh. Call me Ren :3 if u will. I am new here but not to RPing so join me in an adventure of a life time.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! X3 Hope you enjoy your stay!
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  3. -cuts a whole in wall big enough for lips- Welcome to Iwaku. RP with meh :I>
  4. *stares at lips trying not to picture them as a Silent Hill monster*
  5. *snickers at silent hill reference*

    Hope you enjoy your stay~
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  6. -cuts eyeholes in wall-
  7. *faints from the memories*
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  8. Spoiler for Ayu (read at risk) (open)
    BTW Bo is gonna die :P
  9. Gaaah! The spoilers! *tries to unsee*
  10. Howdy! :D Welcome to the community!
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  11. what kind of RP?
  12. Howdy :3
  13. Yep Ur drunk xD
  14. Well I have several. Furry/Fighting. Sci-Fi/Gun. A freestyle RP where you do and be anything you want (Random Zombie attacks in this one). Their is one I'm doing with an aquaintance of mine City of Wings. Like your common Angel RP, with scientists chasing you. Except a lot of us got tired of that Idea and went on the offensive :P
  15. Need plot twist I'm the one to call xD.
  16. Is that a conspiracy -.-
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  17. Everything is a Conspiracy !!!¡!!!¡!!!¡!!!
  18. -gives thumbs up- Read your Roleplay Resume. -nodding in agreement- Totally understand I love pushing limits in RP. It's kinda boring otherwise.
  19. Yes. :3 Things can only get better when u do so.
  20. :I for the first time ever I can't think of a plot D: