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    What I am Looking for: I want someone to play an abused bird who can start spirited and end broken and scared. She will be in the private collection of a wealthy man, he likes to play with his birdies and when they displease him.... beat and torture them. She would be a tropical bird.

    Whoo I would play: I would be a wealthy son of a friend who sees her shivering int he back and grows interested with each visit until he offers to buy her.

    Plot: It will be violent in the beginning but probably sweet at the end. I would make the boy a lycan if we do full fantasy or human if preferred by my partner

    Possible addition: A few brothers... who could be interested in her as well
  2. Interested.

    I have a bird concept already set as well. Temp coming soon.
  3. Alrighty :) interested to hear what you have to say
  4. I'm not quite sure if you're wanting to have magic or supernatural within this RP, but I've set this charrie up for both. I'll edit, if necessary.

    Name: Sheona
    Race: Ciboney (Electus Parrot)
    Age: 19




    Ciboney are Spiritfowls (if you’re using magic in this story). Ciboney are exotic birds with no real history of their origin to tell. They were thought to be water birds, but Hawaiian locals know them as spirit fowls, a myth unseen unless you’re not looking for them. But, they only show themselves to those who they see truth. Their skills are in spirit and light, and so being the reason why most people cannot see them - unless they want to be seen. It is a rare thing to find and befriend a Ciboney, let alone see one. But if you’re lucky enough to claim one, they are also considered by the Hawaiians to be the luckiest bird known and can grant their owner countless wonders – if they see truth within.

    She can naturally bend light, and she uses some spirit skills in illusions, but that's all she knows how to do. Dealing with spirit takes too much magic and skill and can wear out an untrained Ciboney quickly. As of now, her skills in this have weakened due to a broken spirit/will. After a while of fighting a lost cause, Sheona’s lost sight of the positive, forgetting that there’s always a way out – a way that still grants her life.

    Weak Points: Sharp eyes, sharp ears, sharp tongue. Sheona is one of the sweetest little birds in the flock, but she has a very difficult time controlling her emotions. As hot as the fire of her feathers, her handicap tends to cause her to fly off at anything if she's not careful of herself.

    Strong Points: She’s acutely aware of her surroundings and has good senses to never forget fine details… There’s a chance that something overheard or seen, when others assume she's not paying attention, can one day safe her life.

    Appearance: Sheona stands about 5'5", and is rather light for her size due to her hallow bone structure. Red hair, dark green eyes; there's a very beautiful young lady underneath the pain, just as beautiful and vibrant as the colors of her feathers.

    Illusions of light.
    A Muse
    - she has a magical aura in her voice that allows her to heal and lift up a person’s spirits when she sings. She can also cause a person damage by altering the cords of her song, but as of now her voice is damaged and she can no longer sing as well as she use to.

    Personality: A positive heart and a determined fighter, using everything she’s got to reclaim her freedom, but after so long she’s finally realized that it’s best to be unseen and unheard if she wishes to stay alive. She misses singing, the sun and wind, spreading her wings (when they’re not in pain), and doing the little things she’s taken for granted for so long… She has only one goal right now – to stay alive and intact.

    Other: She doesn’t know how long she’s been in captivity, and frankly does not recall exactly what happened to her in the first place. Her life before only comes in random spurts within her dreams, which only turns into nightmares of her reality lived now. So, even though sleep is precious to her, Sheona rarely makes it through the night in peace. Besides, she can see danger coming better with her eyes wide open.

    A lot of this might change through the story, of course, especially when I get into the charrie and recognize her true personality and how she's going to deal with things. I'm working up a little history for myself about her, but won't go too far into things until I know how you want to layout the setting of this story. Let me know!
  5. I might be interested in playing the old man. I'm envisioning a cross of mr. burns and the penguin...mwahaha
  6. She sounds absolutely perfect! We will certainly do fantasy! I will set up my character and the starter post for you and link it.
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    21 human years

    Weaknesses: He has a raging temper and sometimes has a hard time keeping that under control. He digs his claws into his palms and arms leaving a litter of scars. He has trouble discussing any sort of feeling and so he doesn't. He is mostly a silent brooding man.

    Strengths: He has a strong sense of justice, a nobility about his person and deep down he is ultimately kind despite his growl. He has the usual lycan assets, good sense of smell and hearing.

    Personality: He is the strong and silent type, noble son of a lycan lord. He has taken on many responsibilities in his life and always feels responsible for anything his people do or any wrong he sees that he feels he could have righted. He hates aristocracy despite being a member and hardly adheres to the society in which he lives preferring to live out in the woods away from everyone else

    Other: He will develop of course throughout the plot
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  11. Alrighty I am about to eat soon but I will reply ASAP
  12. Geez, Sheona's going to have to deal with his father now. BLARGH! She's not going to like that, but maybe she'll regrow her backbone and take enough magical vitamins to strengthen her magic.
  13. Keeping our notes up...
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