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  1. Basic Plot:

    You are a young prince, imprisoned since your birth by your king brother to prevent any rivals for his throne. All your life you had only known your gilded apartments with numerous guards, in a lonely tower with only the cries of your other brothers for company. But words of your brother's death arrived from the plains, the war against the neighbouring kingdom gave you a chance for freedom. Seize the throne and finally take your rightful birthright as the ruler of the land!

    You will be pitted against your other brothers, all wanting the throne for themselves as you will have to make alliance and decimate your opponents to achieve your goal. Will you be strong and sly enough to be the King?

    Game Dynamics:

    The RP will be a hybrid game between a RPG, a Dating Sim and a City Manager where your prince will have to woo allies, defeat enemies, grow stronger as both a warrior and a leader as well as seize and control territories.