Caged Bird {Dragon Age}

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  1. Fenris knew what was expected of him. His master was having a guest over, and he was to be quiet and stay out of sight until he was called on. And he would certainly be called on. The other slaves were tasked with taking care of dinner preparations, but Danarius always had a special job for Fenris. He was, after all, his prized possession. Any time his master had an important acquaintance at his estate, he was sure to make a show of his investment. It had taken much to make Fenris what he was today; publicly, a powerful and dangerous weapon and bodyguard. Privately, the man's precious and exotic pet.

    It was Fenris's understanding that Danarius was meeting a potential apprentice that night. The thought filled him with dread. He'd hated every apprentice his master had ever taught. They were always terribly cruel. Danarius was a possessive man and didn't like others touching his pet; Fenris was his to use and abuse as he pleased. That never stopped them, however, and Fenris was sure reporting them to his master would only result in his own punishment.

    As he waited to be called upon, Fenris traded his simple work outfit for the less practical ensemble that Danarius liked for him to wear. He hated it; it was nothing but a silky black robe tied with a ribbon, and a pair of short black pants. He adorned his arms in the gold jewelry he had 'earned' from his master (which he was never to wear outside of the estate, or even outside of Danarius's presence) and applied a heavy coat of kohl around his eyes. There were times when Danarius wanted him to look threatening, and other times when he wanted him to look soft and desirable. This was one of those times.

    "Fenris?" A soft voice came from the doorway to the servants' quarters, and he spun around. It was another slave that Danarius called Elora; she was a sweet, mild-mannered elf that often took care of the cleaning. She was the target of lots of abuse in the household, and it was terrible to watch. "Master asked for you."

    "I will be right out." Elora nodded, backing out quickly and scrambling back to the dining room. Fenris ran his fingers through his hair, hoping he looked at least remotely neat. He hadn't had much time to ready himself, but he knew Danarius could still be nit-picky. On his way to the dining room, he stopped in the wine cellar to grab a bottle of Danarius's favorite, the one he saved for special occasions.

    As he entered, he tried to discreetly examine the man sitting across from his master. He was a rather stoic looking man upon first glance, but he didn't seem exceptionally intimidating. Of course, he knew appearances were meaningless. He would find out his true nature soon enough.


    Danarius looked up as he entered, grinning and gesturing for him to approach. "Fenris. This is Master Hawke." He nodded to the man across from him. "You will be seeing much of him in the future. I do expect you'll make him comfortable here."

    Fenris nodded before looking at the man, bowing his head politely. "Welcome." He said nothing further, opening the bottle of wine he'd brought with him and pouring it into the empty glasses set in front of the two men. He hoped Danarius just wanted to briefly present him to his new apprentice, and that he wouldn't keep him here long.

    "Master Hawke, this is Fenris. A fine boy; incredibly loyal. He follows me like a Fereldan's Mabari." Danarius punctuated his sentence with a laugh, and Fenris resisted the urge to cringe. "You may call on him as you please as long as you are under my instruction. Within reason. He is most valuable to me, so do exercise judgement."
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