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  4. Small post reserved for the locations available in this rp.
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  6. EVENT
    "Event Name" - Chapter X l Date l Time l Location l

    None at the moment.

    This post will contain summaries of what happened in the roleplay.
  7. I shall reserve a spot here.
  8. -Clings to your leg-

    Of course I'll join ._. PREPARE FOR LE CHARACTER OF MOI!

    WIP - History and Personality to be Completely Reworked (open)

    Before the After, tan, georgia
    ● R a s h e l • L o e h r ●

    Basic Information, gray, georgia Name: Rashel Loehr
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Ethnic Origin: French Austrian
    Language(s) Spoken: German [Main] & English [Secondary Language]
    Old Resident or Newcomer: Old Resident
    Clan: White Eagles

    Element Controlled: Air
    Specialization?: Currently unspecialized

    Personality, gray, georgia Regardless of her situation, Rashel has remained a relatively passive person over the years she has lived on the island. She'd gone through too much in life to stress over things now. Stuck on an isolated island for years? Hell, this is a cakewalk compared to everything else... right?

    |[ Deceptive // Intuitive ]|

    |[ Sympathetic // Comrade ]|

    |[ Damaged // Suppressed ]|

    History, gray, georgia "When I was alive, I felt like I was dead. Perhaps even more dead than if I were to die for real. If I had to be honest, there were many times when I wanted it all to just end- when I wanted for myself to just cease... being. I wasn't particularly suicidal. I had a brother to take care of. I couldn't bear to leave him behind to fend for himself while I was free from the cruelty of the world.

    I've lived a life full of lies and unjust. I've watched as my family, friends, and neighbors went hungry because they didn't have the money to afford food. I've watched government officials walk by without so much as a glance at us as they paraded their wealth around wearing excessive jewels and tailored clothes. I've watched as restaurant workers walk out into the back alleyway and throw out bag after bag after bag of food wasted because their customers found the meal unsatisfactory I've watched as the elderly and the sick huddled together beneath a leaking roof in search of warmth during the harsh months when rain and snow fell from the skies. I've watched as children lie in the streets, nothing but limp skin and defined bones left to recognize them by.

    I've watched... but I was never able to do anything."

    In this world, society is broken up into 3 official economical divisions. The upper class layer of the pyramid consists of an adequet percentage of the human population who are recognized to be wealthy. The middle class are the moderate households who financially support themselves comfortably and are made up of a majority of the world population. Then comes the lower class, the base of the pyramid built by the poor and unsupported. Of these three classes, Rashel has taken it upon herself to label her family as a fourth class- the sub basement people generally do not see, whether voluntarily or not.

    Useless maggots, they learned to identify themselves as. A being below even that of an insect, if not equal to. As a gathering of 2, her brother and she herself, their small family had made a life out on the streets with limited income for nearly 3 years before change made it their way.

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  9. Reserving myself a spot 8D
  10. The history is coming soon most likely by the end of the day.

    Show Spoiler


    Name: Alexandria Lucia Rosebell

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Ethic Origin: German/Italian

    Languages Spoken: German [Main] Italian [secondary] some English.

    Old Resident or New Comer: New Comer

    Element Controlled: Water

    Specialization: none yet

    Clan: Grey Wolves

    Personality: Defensive, protective, strong willed, adaptive, intelligent
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  11. Alright, I'm still struggling over my choice of category for this roleplay. I don't feel like 'Fantasy' is very appropriated.
    How do you guys feel about it? Could it be replaced by something else?
  12. Since the plot is set somewhere around approximately 2035+ and links to the real world through disappearances, but, however, doesn't really incorporate the idea of what can be described as sci-fi, why don't you tag it Modern Fantasy?
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  13. This seems interesting, open for more people?
  14. @Eyal: Seems already more appropriated *sigh*
    @Deshwitat: Always open :)
  15. I would love to join too! :3
  16. @Exireh: Indeed :/ It's hard tagging this Rp because of its special circumstances, haha.

    Character 78% done. Fixing up some loose ends that don't flow with the plot here and revising the personality layout.
  17. still accepting people?
  18. Blake Zane Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Ethic Origin:

    Language(s) Spoken: English

    Clan: Black Tigers

    Element Controlled: Air

    Specialization: Gravity Manipulation

    Personality: Assertive and outspoken, driven to lead. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed. She's sarcastic, arrogant, malicious, conceited and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.

    History: Blake grew up as the oldest of six children. Most of the time her parents were never home due to the fact that her parents divorced and her mother wanted nothing to do with them and her father being a doctor. So Blake practically raised her younger sibling. I guess that is why she can handle people so well. She knows the way human minds think, she analyzes everything or any situation given to her. Mostly more than she would like too, that is.

    On top of that she managed to keep her grades at the top of her class but her what you called teachers would say 'mean spirited attitude' was in the way of her ever succeeding in her life. Although when she was at home she never treated her siblings the way she treated other people. She thought that their life was already hard enough.

    A lot of times she would like to test people, by making them think false things and seeing how they would react. That was probably the thing she enjoyed most while growing up. While growing up, Blake was the only problem child they had but at home she seemed like a little angel and was very skilled at deceiving the people around her. She only acted the way she wanted to be seen from somebody else's eyes.

    Then one day she just woke up on this weird island. Not remembering how she got there in the first place. At that moment she knew this wasn't a dream. She went on a rampage destroying everything she could that was in her sight. She knew her father wouldn't be there for her younger siblings. She wanted to leave this place as soon as she could. But she couldn't do anything. Everything she tried failed. This was the first time she didn't know what to do.

    Eventually she joined the Black Tigers. Of course she could of joined the White Eagles with her level of intelligence, but she felt that they were a little restricted. She wanted to do whatever she wanted and that was exactly what the Black Tigers did. Then years past and she finally was able to master gravity through hard work.
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