臥茶葉 藏咖啡豆 (Café Wuxia)

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  1. 茶葉 藏咖啡豆
    Café Wuxia


    It's an alternate universe 17th century China. Revered martial codes of battle, philosophy and honor co-exist with manuals on do-it-yourself delivery scooter repair. It is a prosperous time all over the country, fishermen fish and the wet markets are bustling with the freshest produce and finicky customers. Trade between neighboring and somewhat distant countries is known however the average citizen has never met someone outside their prefecture. New inventions and improvements on old technology are experiencing a surge amongst the population especially in urban areas, many speculate on how this technology wave started and sustained itself.
    What few seem to take into account is the introduction of a special drink brought to the land that has taken over the national drink of choice and transformed teahouses in cities across the country.


    In Wumen province, the hustle of nearby cities pass quietly by in the rural town, Hudong. Some urbanites favor this place for their vacations from their hectic lives in the city for its tranquil atmosphere, quaint tourist spots and friendly citizens. As much as cityfolk like to take their breaks in Hudong, the town itself is relatively untouched and unimpressed by the developments of the city-- many natives are happy to bicycle to work and for the more elderly it's not uncommon to see them use scooters, loaded down with equipment, products or even other co-workers. Many of the shops are as old as Hudong itself having been passed down in ownership from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters. Though Hudong is rather large for a town, its citizens are so tight-knit that some families are related by friendship or debts or are otherwise intertwined for mutual benefit that span across generations.


    Teahouses are very popular, not only throughout Hudong but also surrounding provinces and beyond. In the cities, teahouses are disappearing at an almost alarming rate, something that the people of Hudong and similar provinces tsk and shake their heads at. The most popular teahouse in Hudong, the Eight Lucky Sparrows is celebrating its 108th birthday in the coming weeks. The establishment's birthday also marks the beginning of the tourist season.

    However, something unusual has been coming up as the tourists from the cities begin to flood in. In teahouses across Hudong, the tourists are asking for a strange drink no one is familiar with. They say the drink came from Indonesia and that all the well-cultured people are drinking it. As word about Hudong's lack of this drink spreads amongst the tourists, the teahouses aren't faring as well without it.

    In the year following this tourist season, the drink that had confused Hudong has begun to find its way into the smaller teahouses, turning them into something many of the old residents don't approve of, taking it as an affront to Hudong's reputation as a historical and national teahouse landmark. The youth are split down the middle about it, traditionally-minded youth and youth enamored of modernizing Hudong to make it into the next hottest city to visit in all of China.

    As time goes on, these transformed teahouses are disappearing entirely. A franchise from the neighboring city has been sending scouts into Hudong and buying out the local teahouses. Only a few of the oldest standing teahouses remain and unknown to the people of Hudong, the Eight Lucky Sparrows is next in the franchise's sights...


    In this game, you'll be playing as a part of the faction that wants to preserve Hudong's traditional and historical value or the faction that wants desperately to save the town by modernizing it and make it appealing to tourists again. The introduction of this franchise's stores has shoved Hudong into a buzzing hive of in-fighting and street arguments. It is almost literally tearing the town apart as epic kung fu battles ensue over this changing of the town's age-old identity.

    Friendships spanning generations are crumbling.

    Lines are being drawn, separating lovers.

    Espionage, betrayals, coups and rallies are firing up the blood of the town's youth!

    All over a cup of coffee.

    For Hudong's survival: Pick your side.

    Artwork done by imperial boy http://tksn.sakura.ne.jp/
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  2. Welcome to the whirling, whooshing and wacky world of wuxia. This is your OOC thread and all questions about this game are to be posted in here.

    The Game

    The game is primarily about the rivalry between the hip, new franchise and the old, established teahouses, namely the Eight Lucky Sparrows. It is an action, romance and comedy roleplay for those who love wuxia and for those who enjoy a good laugh, a tearjerking romance and an epic fight scene all in one game. You are not required to have an in-depth knowledge of the wuxia genre but if you are familiar with the following movies:

    - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    - Kung-fu Hustle
    - House of Flying Daggers
    - Shaolin Soccer
    - Curse of the Golden Flower

    If you've seen or heard of or watched the trailers for this movie, you will already have a grasp about the aspects of this game. The two factions previous mentioned will be restricted to two at the beginning, should another faction develop organically through player-and-player interaction it will be allowed through approval of either myself or CoffeeCakeSadist. Any relationships you want to established between other player-characters must be discussed with them in here. This is going to be a player-driven game, the GM will set up events in the game and future events will be dictated by how players react.

    Wuxia Element
    Wuxia is a genre of Chinese literature and film. It heavily emphasizes codes of honor both on and off the battlefield, philosophy and chivalry. If for no other better example, think of it as something similar to Bushido but much more expansive and detailed. While an emphasis on the finer points of fighting is a main part, the philosophical and even romantic aspects of the wuxia genre are not to be dismissed because those too play an important part in the themes represented in wuxia. For the purposes of this game, the wuxia element will be light on drama and geared more towards lighthearted, even slapstick humor.

    For those curious or needing a firmer grasp, here is a Wikipedia article on wuxia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuxia Please look forward to the post on resources for further information.

    The Factions

    Team Teahouse (a.k.a. "Eight Lucky Sparrows" employees)

    Team Coffeeshop (a.k.a. "Star Lucks" scouts and buyers)

    Torsty (Dude thefuck, you in or not?)

    People who are interested will be listed as Undecided until they submit their bio to which their names will be switched into one of the corresponding lists above.

    The Biography Template

    Wuxia Name:
    Employed by:

    Fighting Style & Philosophy:

    Here you may reference an actual style of kung-fu like Shaolin Five Animal Style or make up a style of your own like Steaming Marmoset. The fighting philosophy of your character may be serious or it may be comedic, the choice is up to you but it must be related to whichever faction you choose.
    An example of a serious philosophy can be, "As one waits for the tealeaves to impart their flavor into the scalding water, so too must one think rationally in the chaos of battle." while similarly a silly philosphical and read as such, "Beginning a fight is just like beginning your day! A hot cup of coffee will energize your senses just as the element of surprise will scare the senses out of your opponent!"

    Your history does not need to be intricate unless you want to take the opportunity to do so. The most I ask is that you give me and other players a sense of where your character has come from, what they have done and how they have grown as both a person and kung-fu practitioner from it.

    What has your character been up to? Have they been pining for someone? Have they attended any rallies calling for the modernization of Hudong or the resistance of this newfangled drink called coffee? Do they think they need a raise where they're working at? This section is also where you may want to tipoff any other players to developing a particular relation with, do you want to establish a rivalry? An unrequited love? A coup? A protest?

    Words describing yourself or an image will do fine for this section.

    Character Relation:
    Here you would list any relations you would like fellow players to know, if there are relations between yourself and another player(s) you do not want others to know about... don't list them.Example relation note would go like this:

    [Character's name] - [Your relation to them; servant/best friend/admirer/etc.]

    Though that wikipedia article may not be enough, here are two more websites to educate oneself on the finer points of the genre.



    If you are familiar with kung-fu then writing fight scenes won't be too difficult. For those who are excited more about the fight scenes than getting cheap laughs and turning your character into a lovestruck buffoon then there are details which you should take heed of to fully get the jist of how a typical battle from a wuxia film or book go. For simplicity's sake, there is some hyperbolic dialogue usually about their philosophy on battle or how their style is awesome. The best example I could fathom would be this scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:


    If it helps think of it as "wuxia-style trash talk". Now while some of you might be only familiar with films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that will only help so far as the drama is involved. For an example of what the campy humor we're aiming for in this game is akin to this:


    When you get stuck, don't be afraid to be exaggerated. Things like "This kick is the kick that brings the sun to set every day and soon, this kick will set the sun to your life!" That is perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged for this game. To keep the rivalry relevant, in the game you may challenge each other to fights or tests of skill-- while it would be more conventional to challenge someone from the opposite faction, if you have worked out a friendly rivalry with someone on the same side, it is permitted. If you don't know or want to figure out a fun challenge, let me direct you to this clip from Wing Chun:


    Now if you feel like writing a funny fight scene might be too troublesome considering the inherently dramatic nature of fighting, then please use this clip from Hero to get a feel for the level of drama you can use. Notice the little things such as when Moon's sword just manages to cut off a lock of Flying Snow's hair.


    Wuxia Naming Conventions
    Those of you returning to the redux of this game already have your wuxia names figured out. Players who are new to this game may have a little trouble getting a handle on how to construct a moderately badass sounding name.

    Creating a wuxia name is formulaic in the sense that it follows certain conventions, namely the common components to such a pseudonym.

    These conventions are:
    A verb; the most popular verbs used for a wuxia name are "Flying", "Kicking" and "Soaring" etc.

    A type of metal(for men) or gemstone(for women); most common (and least cumbersome) are iron, gold/golden, jade and pearl.

    A cardinal direction: North, South, East and West

    A color; favored colors are white, green/jade, red and black.

    An animal or insect; the most popular being tiger, monkey, eagle, leopard, sparrow, dog, rabbit, crane, mantis, beetle, dragonfly... or panda if you want to be silly about it.

    A body part (usually of animals but also humans); popular choices include, fist, arm, leg, paw and claw.

    A surname; common surnames being Li/Lee, Chan/Chun, Min, Ma or Wu. Here is a link if you want to see more, click on the hanzi (or for some of you the boxes) on the left side of the surnames to see what they mean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_Chinese_surnames

    Now at most you would combine three of these naming conventions but commonly it is just two.

    Examples of a three-convention name would be "Iron Arm Mi", or "Heavy Paw Jiang". Two-convention names are ones we're more familiar with and can be quite catch, examples of this would be: "Southern Crane"*, "Shining Pearl", and "Stone Monkey". Don't let my list restrain you because while there is drama in the game there is also comedy. It is perfectly acceptable to be called "Sleeping Panda" or "Steaming Leaf" or "Roasted Beanbun". You're allowed to make a serious wuxia name or a silly one or a masculine or feminine one-- it all depends on the character you want to create for this game.

    Chinese name

    Speaking of naming conventions, now we move onto regular Chinese naming conventions. Considering some are unfamiliar with how a Chinese name is put together and are afraid of accidentally creating a name that actually translates as "Bean Curd Shit" it is allowed to name yourself after a famous celebrity. Examples of this would be Ziyi (like Zhang Ziyi), Yao Ming, Yun-fat (like Chow Yun-fat) etc.
    If you want to be adventurous and take a stab at making your own name here are some websites to help you begin constructing one. Please note that for the purposes of this name we'll be using Mandarin but if you happen to have a more Cantonese-style name don't worry about it.






  4. I'm just going to run the name past you: legend of the condor heroes?
  5. Oy Koo! You know I am in on this!
  6. Jes, ALL THE WUXIA.

    And though you may take your grasp on the wuxia genre with whatever you're familiar with that isn't listed here, all players must keep in mind that the game itself will focus mainly on light drama, campy humor and lovey-romance shenanigans. Should someone kill someone's master or best friend... then shit gets real. Until then, LAFF AND LUV.

  7. Name: Qi Jinfei
    Wuxia Name: Rose Thorn
    Employed by: Star Lucks
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female.

    Fighting Style & Philosophy:
    Balance in all things. The bitterness of the bean mush be tempered but on overwhelmed by the sweetness of the sugar and the colour cannot be too light or too dark. Gazing on the still surface of the perfect cup one cannot guess that touching it will scald your skin and cause you great pain. So too must one he balanced within and tranquil without but hide the heat and bite one needs until it is too late for your opponent to avoid your sting.

    With balance must come versatility. Her weapon is an ornate sword that the handle folds out turning it into a glaive as needed.

    From old money, nobility even, steeped in tradition with both tea and coffee the quiet girl may seem to have everything. Her life was rigid, structured, the best teachers and trainers and all the pressure on her to find a good husband who would take of the title and leadership of the family and it’s business.

    Despite her family having its roots in tea the recent modernization and replanting on their holdings with coffee has been spurred by an increase of foreign influence. It is prudent to cater to them lest they supplant the trade and the nobility with their own. Those who have resisted are falling by the wayside and there is opportunity to for those who will not.

    But for a woman to be the head of a rising family, it is not what most would call acceptable. A husband has been found for her and they are engaged. The man in question is a selfish pig in Jinfei's opinion not worthy of licking the scraps from a pig's meal. But he is a good business man and that is why he was chosen, or rather forced his way into getting her hand in marriage. To him she is nothing more than a pile of free assets, land, workers, and power. The young body he will get to take to his new bedchamber is a bonus. To her he is the the personification of revilement and she would rather see him dead than touch him. But for the continuation and prosperity of her family. She does what she must.

    But there is one more thing to attend to before the wedding. An acquisition... she is taking her time because as soon as she returns she is a married woman.

    Just the two of them, Jinfei insisted. Only her handmaiden came with her to Hudong so that she could scout and buy up the Eight Lucky Sparrows. She plans on taking her time, sampling the tea and learning from it.. since as soon as she goes back her life is not her own anymore. She has a developing crush on one of the tea servers.

    Character Relation:
    Wei Huana - She is Jinfei's handmaiden.
    Ozzie's Character - possible love interest.
  8. Alright, I'm in .. for something. I'll need a bit of time and inspiration, a few days or so.

  9. Name: Wu Xifeng
    Wuxia Name: Silk Pheonix
    Employed by: 藇鶴拳 (Striking Crane Fist in honor of her ancestor)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Fighting Style & Philosophy: "Martial arts are like riding a hover bike, you go in full throttle and don't look back! My ancestors and teachers would tell me to strike with speed and precision so I take that into account. It's harder to do martial arts while riding a hover-bike so I've also picked up some sword fighting techniques that make extensions out of my strikes with Striking Crane Fist. I also focus my Qi when I use my bow and arrow letting the Striking Crane Fist hit my targets faster than I take off on my bike!"

    A long time ago on ancient mountain somewhere near Guilin, Silk Phoenix's ancestor Silk Crane founded school of Striking Crane Fist and began teaching it to her children. Many year pass and Silk Phoenix was born at a branch of this school in Hudong. She grew up learning to use Striking Crane Fist with much ferocity and skill and soon she was the best. Without proper challenge at her school she turned to other form of excitement, the hover bike gang called the Glorious Jade Dragons. She became friends with the leader of the gang and became unofficial member.

    After a year of being with the Glorious Jade Dragons she was even granted her own hoverbike. The gang likes to gather at Eight Lucky Sparrows Teahouse and occasionally Silk Phoenix will work there to keep in the Teahouse's good graces. She's mostly the plucky type who likes to show her form to enemies.

    Phoenix's Hover-bike (open)

    Show Spoiler

    Bonus Music:
  10. Name: Wei Huana
    Wuxia Name: Silent Thistle
    Employed by: Star Luck
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Fighting Style & Philosophy:
    The Golden Roast is an adaption to the older Golden Hand school of martial arts. It instills upon its practitioners that they are a weapon and thus they do not learn to wield bladed weapons. Huana is adapt at the new, hotter spin of this old form and is particularly disinclined to even learn the simplest of weapons.

    "Become the steam, nearly invisible yet still leave a burn."


    Present: Where her lady goes, Huana follows. After all who else will drive, take messages, and do battle on her behalf?


    Character Relation:
    Qi Jinfei - is handmaiden to
    Osso's character - is strangely attracted to?
  11. It's moved along without me. For the best. *shrug*

    Vicky Zhao Wei <3

    If I join at all, I'm playing a narcoleptic to explain my absences... and why my character would center her life around coffee.

  13. Hmmm.... I would like to play, but mostly as a side character until my schedule frees up in April.

    How does a disgruntled night manager/roaster for the coffee house sound? I can just show up every now and then to either break up a fight that's going too long, or to introduce some form of antagonism if things are getting boring.

    What say ye, GMtress?
  14. ... Jes, is asseptable.
  15. Name: Yue Jin
    Wuxia Name: Quicksilver Fist
    Employed by: No one, He is a wanderer
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Fighting Style and Philosophy:

    Henan Xinyi Liuhe Quan

    The six harmonies: Three External, Three internal...They are easily explained over the life span of a fine tea plant. From the moment the tea sprouts, it must be physically strong in order to stay healthy and fulfill its purpose. It must have strong roots, to hold it's grasp on the ground, yet it must have flexibility as to not break when the wind blows. The joints connecting stem to leaf must be firm, yet they too must be flexible. Should a passerby accidentally brush past the tea plant, it will not crumble instantly, rather, it will be pushed aside, or bent, but not broken. Once the tea is ready for harvest, it is taken further on its life's journey...The tea leaf is dried under the sun, where it only sits and is prepared for the next step. Once the leaf is ready, it is boiled in scalding water, imparting its strength and nutrients into the water. Finally, upon completion of the hot tea, the beverage is only strong depending on how well the tea was raised, dried, cooked, and steeped. Through six harmonies of the tea's existence, one final, magnificent, outcome is created. This is true, too, with the six harmonies of the body. Three external: wrists-ankles, elbows-knees, shoulders-hips...Three internal: xin-yi, yi-qi, qi-Li ("emotional mind" harmonizes with your intention, intention harmonizes with your breath and physical momentum, breath and physical momentum harmonizes with your physical strength)...these six harmonies contribute to correct posture.

    Yue began his life in a small town near the Shaolin Monestery. He began training under the Shaolin Monks at a young age, learning how to harmonize his mind with his body through Xinyi Liuhe Quan martial arts. The six harmonies became his life. Originally, Yue wanted to become a famous general, but those were but childish ambitions. Those ambitions, however, were what led him to study the martial arts. At the age of eighteen, however, Yue had grown to enjoy martial arts so much, that he decided continue studying with the monks, rather than join the military. Six years later, Yue had mastered what he could at the monastery, it was time for him to spread his learning around. Yue set out, hoping to start a school of the martial arts of his own...sadly, this never happened.

    Fot the past ten years, Yue has been wandering the country, hopping from city to city, partaking in all any kind soul was willing to offer him. He even ventured so far as over seas to Japan, but always preferred his homeland. He would take odd jobs to earn money. Sometimes these jobs involved his life's training, sometimes they were but menial tasks. Either way, his earnings always went towards food and tea. Lodging was easy to find, whether it be under a tree outside of town or in some kind stranger's home.

    Yue was quite the tea enthusiast. He loved tea, and felt that hot tea was the most soothing and relaxing beverage one could partake in. The nutrients from the tea helped keep the body healthy and strong, what was there not to love? Yue frequented tea houses in a handful of towns he visited, but as time went on, it seemed that these tea houses were becoming more and more rare. One of the last known tea houses that Yue visited was the Eight Lucky Sparrows tea house in Hudong. The horrid, putrid tasting poison that is named "coffee" has gotten a hold of almost every single tea house's throat and suffocated them into submission. Yue was not fond of this new drink. He will never be fond of it.


    Yue has been in Hudong for months now, frequenting this tea house, hoping to actually start work here. Tea, aside from the martial arts, is a passion of his and he cannot sit idle by and watch each tea shop wither away and die like a poorly tended to tea plant. Today is the day that he will inquire about working in this once extremely popular establishment.


    Yue Jin (open)

    Character Relationships

    Yue would be getting to know the patrons and staff of the tea house. He would probably know names and just a little about the staff. If anyone wants to be closer friends with Yue, I'm open to that.
  16. p.s. Wanderer is fine but you will have to pick a side eventually in the game. There will be no special snowflakes in this game unless there is a plot-driven reason why they need to be rogue.
  17. Name: ZhaoZhao
    Wuxia Name: Blue Sky
    Employed by: Eight Lucky Sparrows
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Fighting Style & Philosophy:

    "I Practice What I like, but try not to be too cocky (If only that were possible, considering me...). I get flashy when I'm cocky. One can fight properly without being arrogant, and ready to show off their moves. Unfortunately, this is my problem. I try to look past that, and attempt to manage the difficulty of balancing my skills. If one falls, they all come down! This is the way I've lived my life, trying to keep my first and foremost abilities all together in terms of their level. Even if mine are really low right now…I still trained! And I'll train again someday!"

    Kuangshan Quan 矿山拳 (My Own Fist): A fighting style based on the teachings he has had over the course of his life, throwing in his two skills, fast techniques, as well as flashy, yet destructive grappling moves that use high agility, before dropping back into the ground.

    However, it is a young style, like its practitioner/creator. Not only is the name not official (*Gasp*) but Zhao's style is plagued with a couple techniques designed purely to show off, and others can be made to easily look flashier than they already are. He has absolutely no discipline in the use of Qi, despite a growing interest to use it one day, not realizing the great requirements for such power. He knows very few pressure points, and other systems of the body. All in all, he's just getting started.

    From a young age, wrestling animals whether they be wild, or from a farm, ZhaoZhao has always been the type whose spirit was fit to fight, his enthusiasm and endurance almost infinite. From a young age, his father and grandfather took the time to train him in several styles from age 9 to 18, his specialty being that he could strike at high speed, yet retain great accuracy, and he was also trained in a family grappling art. Despite this, he was often the embarrassment of his hometown, other martial artists easily finding his weaknesses. Through all of this, he refused to stop practicing, convinced he could win.

    And that day came. He defeated his tormentors, but felt discontent. He decided to leave town first thing in the morning, and train in a faraway place or two in order to become better, scared of even larger humiliation and defeat, but eager to prevent that from happening. Since then, he has had a mix of wins and losses, always a victory for every defeat, and vice versa.

    ZhaoZhao, due to acting brazen, has recently suffered what he considers 'the most humiliating defeat he'll ever experience.' Since then, he's taken up a job for the Eight Lucky Sparrows Teahouse, attempting to continue life, trying to look to the future and gain the courage to try and train himself further, having had a period of laziness, and great shame, using his skills for lesser purposes and putting great shame to his name.


    *Ahem* Zhao has grown addicted to the new 'Coffee,' favoring a couple types of the drink with different flavors. Despite drinking it sometimes in secret, other times even to win matches with an extra energy boost, he always feels guilty for doing so, and hopes to kick the habit, and become a real man.




  18. ... Smellin' a little godmoddy and lookin' a little Fist of the NorthStar, An.

    Reminder for everyone:

    While it's an alternate universe to excuse the somewhat modern technology and introduction of coffee (as we know the drink today), it is still 17th century China. While it being the 17th century isn't as big a deal, I cite it since it was the most likely era to have had coffee brought to China through trade. The emphasis to pay attention to is that sans technological advancement is that it's still more or less a period dramedy romance game. First, here's some reference pictures on both clothes, architecture and miscellaneous to get a feel of what the world "looks" like:




    Hudong is situated near a mountain range and so this is something you would find as you begin to approach. The images above and below these sentences are examples of what one would see upon entering and leaving Hudong.



    As you begin to get closer to the town's center, shops and other such buildings begin to look like this:

    And once you are in the center of town...

    If you find that you're drawing your inspiration for characters from Bleach, Fist of the NorthStar, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Dragonball or anything remotely like that-- NO... if your character sounds more suited to be inserted into those series than this game. Watch how much you use for inspiration. This isn't anime. This is wuxia.
  19. Thanks for OKing the wanderer ^^ he is definitely going to choose the tea side, which will be reflected in his bio when i finish it. I had no intentions of making him a rogue with no faction.
  20. Ha! I recognize the one with huang rong, and hong qigong.