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    Tortured and broken..
    A world full of misery, where people lose hope quicker than it was created.
    There was one place where none of that mattered, a place where people came to be themselves and a place where they wouldn't get judged.
    With lovely outside terrace and outlook on the dark city, this place gives people a light to spark up the hope they so desperatly need.



    Created by Declan Valdemar, a young man with the power and the will to make people feel welcome in any given time and place.
    His exterior doesn't show it but underneath the mask created by pain and broken dreams, there was a guy that was a little more than just a guy.


    It was a grey morning,
    Declan woke up and stretched.
    He got up and walked to his balcony.
    He grabbed a cigarette, yawned and lit it.
    He smoked while he looked down at the street.
    People were walking by and he couldn't help but wonder where they'd go.

    He sighed and finished his cigarette, got dressed and left to go to work.
    The cafe wasn't opening yet for hours, but he had nothing better to do, nobody to go see.

    As he approached the building he sat down, surrounded by people.
    He grabbed another cigarette and decided to hang out for a while.

  2. Having nowhere to go to, Leila wandered around the city. She just walked and walked for hours like a zombie. She didn't pay much attention to the people around her. She git bumped and jostled but she paid no heed. She just let her feet drag her to anywhere. Her legs wobbled as she finally began to feel the exhaustion both physically and emotionally. Looking around, she decided to sit down. She sat beside a guy smoking. She cautiously sat and hugged herself. She stared into the distance with people passing by. She sighed.
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  3. Declan sighed and looked around, he noticed a girl sitting next to him.
    She looked quite upset and distant.

    He smiled and scraped his throat "hey, are you okay?"
    He put his hand on her shoulder and looked at her for a while.
    "If you need a good time, follow me."
  4. The guy put a hand on her shoulder and asked if she was okay. She shook her head. He told her to follow him so she stood up and followed. She didn't have anything to lose anyway.
  5. He walked into the building, and lead the way, he turned on the colorful lights and took off his jacket.
    ''So why don't you tell me all about it?'' he said with a smile as he got behind the bar ''Anything to drink? It's on the house.''
  6. She looked around and was awed by the.lights. They're sparkling and she felt a bit happy. "Uhhm. It was nothing, really." she.replied quietly as her eyes became expressionless again. "You have whiskey?" she asked him blushing.
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  7. He nodded ''It wouldn't be a bar if I didn't, come on, let's sit you down.''
    Declan was somewhat of a friendly in the crowd and that made him easy to talk to.
    He took her hand and lead her down a seat, helped her sit down and put down her glass on the table.

    He sat down across from her and looked at her ''I'm pretty sure it's something, you look devastated, dear.
  8. She picked up her glass and sipped. It burned her throat but she didn't care. She looked at the guy in front of.her. "Well, I got fired. My boyfriend dumped me for a another girl that happened to be my friend, my house was burned and my parents kicked me.out. All happened today." she said in a rush then downing her drink in one gulp.
  9. he sighed ''Oh, you poor thing, do you need a place to stay? I still have some rooms spare.''
    he watched her down the drink and smiled ''drowning your pain is never a good answer.''
  10. Her face brightened up at his offer but disappeared quickly. "It's ok. I'll manage somehow." she smiled sadly as she poured another glass. "Really? I think it makes me feel great drinking more." she said.
  11. ''but it also ruins lifes even more.'' he replied as he took the bottle.
    ''Look, it's no big deal, it's free of charge, and if you need the money I could use some help around here.''
  12. "I feel great though. " she said trying to get the bottle from him. "You mean like work for you?" she it a thought .
  13. he smirked as he pulled the bottle away ''Yeah, I mean work for me.''
  14. She pouted as he didn't give the bottle back. "Hey. I want more. I'll work.for you then. Just give me the damn bottle." she.tried to grab it again.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Jay walked up to the bar. She looked alright, not happy but not upset like the girl she sat next to. She glanced around and met the bartenders eyes. She bit the inside of her lip, looking away and meeting the girl next to her's look.

    "I think you would be a good bartender. It isn't that hard." She smiled. She was wearing a tank top that hit her mid stomach, and shorts. Her long curly hair fell around her shoulders. She looked back at the bartender. "Can I please have a rum and coke?"
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  16. Declan put the bottle down and smiled ''Ok, but don't drink it all. We need some left for customers.''
    He smiled at the girl that sat down and nodded ''Alright, coming right up.''
    He walked over to the bar and started making her drink ''So, how is your day? And what brings you to my humble establishment, darling?''
  17. She took the bottle and moved to a seat in the corner. It's perfect for drowning herself into oblivion. Once she got comfortable, she poured another glass and drank it. She leaned a bit to the wall and memories of every bitter and sad part of her life played on her mind. Gripping the bottle, she tried to push them into the back of her mind.
  18. He sighed as he saw her move and shook his head, finished the drink and walked to the girl to serve it "anything else, dear?" He asked as he put the glass down.
  19. She glanced around the place and thought that working there wouldn't be that bad. At least she has a roof over her head and Declan seemed to be a great guy. At that thought, she downed another glass. Her head is starting to ached and her vision to blur. She laughed at herself knowing that she might be looking so pathetic. She laid her head down at the table and tears started running down on her face without a care whether there are people who could see her.
  20. As he heard the soft sound of crying he turned his head, he looked at the girl and smiled "excuse just one second, I will be right back, just.. Gotta check on her."
    Declan walked over and grabbed the bottle "you almost drank all of it." He sighed "are you okay? Why are you crying?"
    He itched his neck and sat down, putting his arm around her lightly "hey, come on.. Don't cry, it's all going to be okay, drinking will only make the pain worse.."
    Declan looked down for a second, he knew how hard it was to lose everything, but if he could make it on his own, her being here with someone who was willing to help shouldn't be so bad. "You're not alone, it's all going to get better, you just have to believe."
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