Cafe Plauxon

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  1. Well, well, look what we have here! Isn't this amazing, another traveler from the world beyond has come to visit the Cafe Plauxon, the only (well, maybe not only, but who cares?) cafe in the middle of the universe! It's accessible to all kinds of places. No matter where you come from -- if you're on a journey, or running away from home, or just here for socializing -- you are welcome... to a free cup of hot coffee, tea, or chocolate, and a doughnut of your choice. Cafe Plauxon's got the best doughnuts in the universe! But that's up to you to decide, of course.

    Oh, you must be looking for details. It's not too big, not too small, it's got that home-y feel to it that every time you walk in, you feel... Well, right at home! That's what cafes are supposed to be these days, no? It's also a good place to be in when you're running away from the cops and baddies who happen to be flying around aimlessly in their space motorbikes and enjoying chasing speeders in the orbit. They look for a good way to entertain themselves. Cafe Plauxon is on the star Kilvaren. (0525, 7395, 1122) are the temporary coordinates of the Cafe, if you're telling someone about it. The universe has a lot of planets, you see, so it's always growing. With growth comes a change of coordinates each year!

    Enough of this! Welcome to the Cafe Plauxon. You're free from the cops and baddies for now. Here's your free drink and doughnut. Be friendly and respect everyone in the Cafe! Have a nice stay.


    Cal Bepp couldn't believe it. He couldn't wait to meet intergalactic people here! This felt like home already the moment he stepped in. He was very happy for his friend's success in opening the Cafe. Thing is, nobody's here yet. It was still quite early before opening hours, so he sat down on one of the couches near the entrance. Cal wanted to get a good view of the outside in case any new people or aliens or whatever's out there entered. He sipped some of his drink from a jug he obtained in Larei, his home planet, as he watched the stars pass by and the cops give chase.
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    A Female rushes through the door, she seems very hyper and exciting. The way she's acting you think she's a little girl.
    She starts giggling "Hee hee hee hi, name's Blue" She waves at the guy on the couch "I hear you have awesome donuts and I must try them pwleasssse"
    As she says please she put her hands on her knees, tilted her head at angle and flutter her eyelashes.

    Suddenly she stood up straight and look outside and quite formally she spoke "I really shouldn't be here without Captain's permission but he'lll be gone for a few days" then she went back to little girl mode "plus I've never been of the ship by myself and I looooooove donuts"

    Blue looked over her shoulder back at the guy on the sofa "so yea can i have a donut please, I like jam donut, caramel donut, sugardonut,sprinkledonutciderdonutfudgedonut....." She started speaking so fast everything she said sounded like a blur.
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    A man drifts into the café, swift, silent strides. He looks to the boy on the couch and the girl talking to him. "Do you run this establishment?" he asks. "I have come from Eldanius, on the outer edge of this galaxy cluster. I am seeking refuge from a band of mercenaries who want me dead. My name is Jace Calmodeaa." His voice is deep and haunting, with several different tones to it, like three people are speaking in perfect unison with one another.
  4. Meanwhile, Cal did not expect other intergalactical people coming in so soon! A hyper doughnut-loving girl whose name is Blue and a mysterious?- looking foreigner from "Eldanius" who calls himself Jace Calmodeaa... wow. This was Cal's first time to see other people, after all.

    "H-hi!" Cal greeted as he stood up. "Welcome to Cafe Plauxon! I'm Cal. Hehe." Okay, he thought. This is gonna be awkward but I'll do my best to make these customers happy.

    In response to Blue's request for several doughnuts, Cal pointed at the counter. "Uh, there are several doughnuts on the counter over there! Feel free to get some," he told her. He can't help but wonder at her hyper-ness.

    "I'm not running this establishment," he replied to Jace. "My friend does that, but since I'm one of the first customers here, I guess I could give a hand at this running-the-Cafe thing. You're running away from mercenaries? Here, have this."

    Cal hands a circular sort of thing with a square button on top to his customer. "It's a disguise change. Just press that button, imagine what you want to look like, and press the button again! Works like magic. Gets people off your back. If you put a disgusting figure on, they won't want to come back here! Hehe."

    Then Cal goes over to the counter and gets drinks and doughnuts for himself and his other customer. Let Blue choose her drink and doughnut later on.
  5. Jace takes the device from the boy. "Magic? Hm." He pressed the button and thought of an image, and his form began to change. He no longer looked as he did before, instead looking like an ex-mercinary stopped at the cafe for a quick visit. "Interesting..." he thought aloud, as he looked down at his new guise.
  6. "So, do you like it?" asked Cal as he looked at Jace's new outfit. "I do, apparently. Hehe.

    "It's only available in this place! Well, unless there are other planets out there that have creatures with brains and equipment like ours..."

    He looked outside to see a strange group of people, aliens, he could not describe. They were a mix, apparently, or that's what Cal perceived them to be. They carried weapons of some sorts and they seemed like they were looking for someone. Cal put down two mugs of different drinks on the table for Jace to drink, and he didn't forget an original glazed Krispy-Kreme kind of doughnut.

    "Well, they aren't going to know that you're here unless you show your true self to them! So be careful. Can I help you with anything else?"
  7. Her Eyes really widen up and runs to the counter jumping up and down "DO NUTS" her face turns to each one "so so so many to choose from they that one or that one or that one or that one... Hey mister" looking at Jace "What you want for you I think the caramel, you look like a carmel do nut kind a guy but now maybe a sugery goodness one". "Which donut you havin cal im gonna guess jam".
    "I Just can't make my mind up"
    She scratches her head and gives some thought "oo oo oo coffee will help me decided Pleeeeeeeeeease cal"
  8. Jace nodded thankfully as he was offered the donut and drinks. He watched as the group passed by the door. "Deo Crajixx Corheg, or in Common, The Crajixxian Bull, a band of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and smugglers bound together by the need to evade intergalactic law. The operate in deep space and do jobs for crime lords." he looked at the donut and poured some coffee. He added milk and sugar to it, and took a bite out of the donut. "Mmm, delicious! I believe this pastry originated on Earth? We had something similar on Eldanius, but filled with meat, flavored jelly, or what you Humans refer to as cream cheese, and the crust was often unbaked like such. I must introduce this to my people!" he sipped the coffee and looked up at Cal.
  9. Cal smiled. He was delighted at Jace's reaction and thought about the possibilities of the doughnut recipe/s this guy's giving. He should take down some notes, but that's embarrassing. So he doesn't.

    "Well, I sure am glad you like them!" Cal says with a smile, and looks out the window. So close were the bounty hunters, yet so far. "Wow, those thugs look creepy enough to be in a group. Can't say I like them at first sight." Larei doesn't have these kinds of people. Everything was nice... That's because you own a very, very small planet, Cal reminds himself. He then heard a very girly voice coming from somewhere near the counter. It's Blue and she's picking doughnuts and a drink and she seems quite... confused?

    "Hey, Blue," Cal calls from across the room. "Take your pick! And come join us here, please!"
  10. "Yes sir" She said Formally. Quickly she picked up a sprinkle do nut grabbed her coffee and sat next to jace. Then she started singing "donut donuts do nut"