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    The familiar sound of an alarm going off filled Michi Kurosaki's, age sixteen, room, interrupting the silence that had hung in it. Along with the young teen's peaceful slumber. It continued to ring for a few more seconds before a hand reached out under the blankets, tapping the 'Dismiss' button on the lit up screen of the phone. Yes, Michi's alarm was her phone. It was the 21st century, after all. Who didn't have their alarms set on their phones nowadays? No one that Michi knew. The same arm that reached out from under the blankets was now hanging limply next to the side of the bed. It became silent once more as Michi mentally counted down from ten. Reaching one, she haphazardly threw off her blanket, shivering at the cold air that nipped at her bare legs and arms. As goose bumps began to form upon her skin, it took all of her willpower not to just curl back up in bed. Unfortunately, she had things to do, and those things insisted her to get up and get moving around. Sighing, she began to do just that.

    Her first stop was her closet. She opened it up as her tired eyes began to scan the inside of it. It was during that moment that she realized that it was dimly lit in her room; definitely not enough to see the clothing in her closet. Groaning softly, she made her way to the light switch, screwing her eyes shut as she flicked it on. Behind her eyelids, she could see the brightness of her room in the color of red and that was almost enough for her to keep her eyes shut, but she let them slowly flutter open. As her eyes adjusted to the new lighting, she shuffled back over to her closet, eyes roaming over the contents. They landed on her usual attire for her part-time job: her uniform. Reaching out, she plucked it from its place and snatched up some undergarments from her dresser before heading to the bathroom. A nice shower would be just the thing she needed to become fully awake. Once she entered the bathroom, she stripped off her pajamas and turned on the shower, letting it heat up before stepping in. Being that she was on a time schedule, she didn't take as long as she usually did in the shower, finishing up within a total of fifteen minutes. After she was out, dried, and lotioned, Michi slipped on her clothes for the day. Surprisingly, she had enough time to squeeze in a quick breakfast before she had to head out of the house.

    Heading down stairs, she made her way into the kitchen. Pulling out her favorite cereal from the pantry, a bowl from the cupboard, and the milk from the fridge, she set to making herself a bowl of cereal. She put all of the materials back once she was done and grabbed herself a spoon out of one of the drawers. As she ate her cereal, her mind began to wander. She wondered who was already at the Dei Café. It was a Saturday and she was trying to remember who worked today and during what time. Obviously, she had the morning shift. The shift that she despised, only because she had to wake up so goddamn early for it. Michi kept her irritation in check. No need to blow out the power of her own house. Especially not when she was the only one awake. Her family would be in for quite the shock, if they woke up to find that there had been a power outage. Heh, "shock". I'm so funny. Finishing up her breakfast, Michi put the empty bowl and spoon in the sink, leaving the dishes to her family. She would have washed it out if she wasn't hurrying out the door.

    "Watashi wa dekakeru nodesu! Watashi ga ie ni kaeru toki ni o ai shimashou!" She called out, not expecting to hear a reply.

    "Shigoto de yoiichinichiwo!" Her father called back in a soft tone in order to not wake everyone else up. It surprised her and she had to whip her head around to face him. Why was he up so early? She didn't voice her question as she returned the smile that he was sending her from the top of the stairs. She waved before stepping outside of the house, closing the door shut behind her. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, she began to make her way to the train station so she could get to work on time.
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    "I am heading out! See you when I get home!"
    "Have a good day at work!"
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    "Alright, alright, geez, I'm up, I'm up." Kirara complained to himself as he slammed the snooze button on his alarm clock, sitting wide awake in his bed with a pout on his face. Honestly, his mornings would always end up like this, and then when he was done grumbling in misery that it was morning and he really couldn't just sleep all day (which he really wanted to) but he had to hurry up and go to the Naito Café already. It was partly his own fault for waking up early on purpose so that he could take his time in the mornings.

    When he finally got out of his bed, it was still early enough to take a shower. He walked to his closet on heavy feet, sleepily dragging out his uniform, a change of underwear and socks as well as a black ribbon. He ruffled his hair as he went to the bathroom, proceeding to take a shower. He had quite a bit of time as usual, and just stood staring out into nothing in the shower, as if mulling over things. He usually did this while showering to keep himself awake. But he realized he was spending a lot of time in there, and hurried up to clean himself before he dressed in his uniform. It was hard to really call it a "uniform" when the rules of the café made it possible to wear just about anything within some limits. In this case, Kirara's outfit was more than accepted, considering that he wore mostly white and a tie as well. When he had dressed, he stood in front of the mirror, flipping his long hair behind his shoulders as he loosely tied the black ribbon in a bow to keep his hair in place. As usual, he pulled the ponytail over his left shoulder, leaving it like that as he put his hat on.

    With this, he was just about ready to leave, he really only needed to get something to eat. He remembered the last time he had neglected that same thing, and regretted that action quite a bit since then. When he had eaten (a light breakfast, naturally) he walked out of his home, making sure the door was locked after him as he began his walk towards the café. Walking took about 30 minutes, but no matter the weather, Kirara always walked. After all, he wasn't quite... normal, at all.

    Kirara's magical abilities were related to water, and therefore there was also one other thing that he could control; blood. He was able to manipulate with his own body temperature and rarely ever froze or sweated much. So even if it was cold out, he could walk comfortably. It wasn't really the most useful ability to have in his kind of world where he could just buy some clothes or something like that if he was cold or take off his shirt if he was hot; but it was nice sometimes. It wasn't something he was very comfortable with doing to others, though, as he wasn't entirely sure how they would react to it; being normal people and all.

    But he usually got into accidents at work. Despite having helpful abilities many of his powers were also quite... destructive. And sometimes, they would activate on accident. Just the last time he'd accidentally frozen the entire kitchen floor while cleaning made him shudder. He really didn't like when stuff like that happened to him, and he felt like he was doomed to always be a dork when it came to stuff like this.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    When he had arrived at the café (and greeted whoever was there) he was going about the early morning work as usual; with a lack of people visiting them. It was good for him to arrive while it was still calm so he could gradually adjust to the business of lunch and dinner hours. He usually worked full-day shifts, even if it made him thoroughly tired, that also gave him more frequent days off/half days, making it easy to cope with some of these long, almost endless shifts. Besides, he loved his job, and when he didn't mess up, his powers did prove themselves useful. The key being not messing up. Which he frequently did. More like, all the time.

    Kirara was shy of nature; he had always been quite effeminate and had a weak resolve, and that made his emotions very sensitive. He's easily affected by others, making him easily distressed, embarrassed or nervous. When such emotions flood him, he is unable to really control his powers and it goes just slightly haywire. The strength of the emotion equals the strength of the "accident". Therefore, his accidents at work usually weren't a big deal. He sighed as he washed off the glasses, wondering what on earth he was letting his mind wander off about. He'd just mess up and make another accident happen if he focused too much on not messing up. He'd just end up getting nervous and that'd make him mess up and do something stupid. Honestly, it was a vicious circle.


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    Kumori was standing with annoyed look on her face. Why was she up so early again? Oh yeah, she was the manager of Dei Café and of course she needed to be there most of the day in order to do her job. Still, she hated mornings, especially ones like this. She walked to the window, moving the curtain slightly to see the bright sunlight blind her. She shunned away like a vampire would and closed the thing again. “Another sunny day…” She mumbled to herself. Couldn’t it at least be a cloudy day, she didn’t like bright sunny days. They made her feel weak. Not to mention that it was still morning and the girl usually stayed up late, basking in the beauty of a calm dark night during a walk.

    The girl knew she had to get going to work. She found her uniform, picking it up. “Fiend, wrinkling my uniform like this,” she commented to herself. The fiend she was talking about was actually her mother but she didn’t get along very well with either of her parents. Truthfully, they were afraid of her so things didn’t always go well for Kumori in the house. She went on to put on the outfit, jumping on one foot to another many times trying to get the thing on. When she finally succeeded in dressing, she went down the stairs to the kitchen where she picked out an apple to eat for breakfast. The early mornings for her were not times where she felt like she wanted to eat a lot.

    She reached out for the doorknob, knowing what was awaiting her outside and she didn’t want to go there. But, she had to. She let out a sigh, gained her courage and pushed the door open to have the sunlight blast into her face. She stepped outside and closed the door. “I see they are trying to destroy me again with this sunlight.” No one ever knew who ‘they’ were but it was better to just go along with it. Kumori continued down the walkway and to the sidewalk to walk to the café that she worked at.

    She wasn’t all that far away from the Dei Café, which was good since the sun just killed her when it was as bright as it was. So, the girl could easily just walk the whole way and still arrived at the café as one of the first ones there. Though, in a way that was good, she was the manager after all. She didn’t start that way, she was a waitress once but somehow she had become the manager through time and a promotion.

    She finally made it to the café, entering inside when it was still considered closed. She began to get everything ready for customers. She would soon probably head to her office and begin to work on sorting out other such things that she needed to do for her job. But, she usually wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly first before she went away and hide in the more darkened office of hers.
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    Kiyoko extended both her arms and legs as far as she could as she laid buried underneath a bundle of sheets on her bed. She stretched every bit of sleepiness left in her as her phone continued to lightly buzz on the night table next to her. She flung her hand towards her phone and smacked the alarm off button then quickly began kicking her covers off onto the ground. She sat up on her bed and blinked a couple of times, seeing nothing but blurry colored objects, she then grabbed her classes that was next to her phone and placed them on before getting up. You can consider her a morning person, since she really has no problem getting up so early. She is also a light sleeper, that’s why all she needs a light vibrated alarm on her phone even though she usually wakes up before it. Her brother Kinji on the other hand is the opposite, hates mornings and is one of the heaviest sleepers she’s ever met. “Alright, let’s get started” she said to herself and itched the top of her jumbled nest of yellow hair as she started towards her light switch. It was still slightly dark out since it was so early in the morning and Kiyo decided to go on her usual jog around the neighborhood before she gets ready for work. She pulled out some jogger pants and a tank top from her dresser then quickly slipped it on before walking out her room and into the bathroom. There she brushed her teeth, splashed some cold water on her face and lazily pulled her knotted hair up in a bun. After she was all set, she quickly put on her sneakers then trotted out their apartment.

    After about a good 30 minutes of a light jog outside Kiyo decided it was time to get back home and get ready for work. When she was back into the apartment she walked over to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water when she noticed the pots from last night’s dinner haven’t been taken care of “Kinji that idiot forgot to soak the pots last night after I asked him to!” Kiyo groaned and stomped towards Kinji’s bedroom. She slammed his bedroom door open and furiously pounced on where he slept “Wake up Kinji! You forgot to soak the damn pots!” She yelled at him and rubbed her sweaty arms all over his face, hoping the smell would get him up fast enough. “Kom op! Opstaan Kinji!(1)” she continued and hopped off his bed, pulling the covers with her.

    This is not going to be good. Kinji thought to himself as he was woken up by a door slamming open. His little sister jumped ontop of him and rubbed her stink arm in his face before hopping off and dragging his covers with her. “Come on, was that really necessary?” He yelled towards the open doorway, wiping off the sweat with a nearby stray shirt. Kinji started to regain his senses while walking over to a pile of clothes, starting to sift through them. The smell of body odor still lingering in his room when he found his casual wear. A black pair of jeans, and a white T-Shirt with the Digital Fox logo on the back. Kinji took the clothes and threw them across the tiny hallway, aiming for the bathroom. “Did you have to take my floofs too? Its freezing!” Kinji said once again to the open doorway. Floofs. Why the hell do I call them Floofs? He thought to himself, shivering while walking over to the bathroom and turning on the hot water. Steam filled the mirror as Kinji stepped into the shower.

    Once Kinji was clean, quickly he put on his clothes and turned off the water. “We need to clean the bathroom… Disgusting.” He said outloud to himself, glancing around and enjoying the little heat that was lingering in the room. The bathroom did need some cleaning, the sink and the cabinets for sure everything else was mildly clean...for now. Kinji stepped back out into the cold apartment, dragging himself over to the kitchen. “Why do we have to get up this early..? Oh yea! It’s so we can take the stupid shuttle and get to work.” Kinji sarcastically remarked as he passed his sister, sitting down at the table his head in his hands.

    Once in the kitchen, Kiyo turned on their stereo then shimmied her way towards the fridge. She would usually be the one to cook because one, she enjoys it and two, she’d like to get some practice done since she recently got a part time job at the Dei Café as an assistant cook. Both her and her brother moved from a small town in the Netherlands to the roaring city of Tokyo. Their parents always had a fascination with Japan for a while now since their honeymoon trip, even giving their twin children Japanese names. Their parents enrolled Kiyo and Kinji to learn the Japanese and English language while they attended school at their hometown. Though right before the twin’s last year of high school they got into a huge argument with their parents that resulted to them getting kicked out. Both Kiyo and Kinji decided to leave Holland and either go to the U.S. or Tokyo, but came to the conclusion that Tokyo would be an a lot easier and cheaper process. So here they are now, both found a job at the Dei Café and is currently attending a high school.

    Kiyo decided on making a deluxe omelet breakfast and with one wave of her hand, all the materials (that were magnetic) flew towards her. She sang loudly to the blasting music as she began to set everything up, even though she didn’t exactly know the lyrics that didn’t stop her from throwing in random words that seems to have gone well with the rhythm of the song. She flipped her omelet in the pan then continued to dance as she waited, twirling around and pointing towards Kinji as he walked into the kitchen. “It’s a train, not a shuttle,” She replied to his comment then turned back to the stove, placing the nicely cooked omelets on two separate plates. Kiyo turned off the stove then threw any pans or utensils she used into the sink. She picked up the plates and walked over to the table that Kinji was sitting at and set one in front of him then she sat down on the other end of the table to eat her food.

    Kinji nodded at his sister as she put the cooked food in front of him. Nicely made omelet. Although this made a bigger mess for Kinji to clean, it was well worth it for the food and the smell. He could see his sister wiggling in her seat to the music while Kinji scarfed down the food. “Jesus, don’t rock the whole building down. Or wake everyone up, it’s only…” Kinji glanced at wall clock behind him before turning back.”Like, five thirty. People are probably still sleeping. And yes, I know. It’s a train. Shuttles are underground, trains are above…” Usually Kinji finished his breakfast before his sister and today was not an exception. He got up, and pushed in his chair and put his dish with the rest of the pans, pots, and other assorted things that needed to be cleaned. Kinji pushed the pots left out from yesterday into the nearly full sink and ran some warm water in them. Hopefully his time at work will allow them enough time to soak and not be so hard to clean. “Opschieten! We gaan de trein missen als je langer duren(2)” Kinji yelled from the kitchen, trying to fit the last pot into the sink.

    Kiyo stuck out her tongue at Kinji when he asked her to quiet down then continued to bobble her head to the music as she ate. “Wow, so you’re really not a total idiot!” she said to him, after he explained the difference between a shuttle and a train. She hummed to herself as she took another bite and watched as Kinji got up and walked towards the sink. She nodded when her brother asked her to hurry up and she quickly gobbled down the rest of her food, nearly choking on it, “Ja! Ik ga!(3)” she mumbled through a mouth full of food. She pushed out from her chair then dropped her dish in the sink and purposely nudged her elbow in Kinji’s side before sprinting towards the bathroom. She quickly hopped into the shower and turned the water on, letting the first couple seconds of cold water surprise her and wake her up some more. After she was all freshly cleaned up, she shut the water and stepped out of the shower while wrapping a towel around her body. The warm steamed followed her out once she exited the bathroom and walked towards her room. She walked towards her closet and took out her new work uniform for the café before quickly slipping into it. She took out a comb and ran it through her damp hair as she stopped in front of her mirror, letting out a little sigh, her hair might seemed tamed now, but it’ll probably be dry by the time she gets to work and it’ll just be a big jumbled mess again. She straightened out her glasses on her face then walked out her room and back to the kitchen “I’m all ready!” she called out to Kinji.

    Kinji bent over in fake pain as Kiyo elbowed him in the side, letting out fake cries and acting as if he could barely walk. After she disappeared into the bathroom, Kinji suddenly stopped being in pain and straightened himself up. He went over to the coat rack and grabbed his scarf and coat, tossing the scarf around his neck and pushing his arms through the jacket holes. Hopefully, no one will notice his lack of dress pants under his apron while at work. As Kiyo walked out he lazily zipped up his jacket, giving up halfway because it was too much work, and sloppily throwing on a loose beanie. “Alright… Let’s go!” Kinji yelled as he jetted out the door and jogged down the stairs to the ground floor of the complex.

    Kiyo slipped on her shoes then headed towards the coat rack where Kinji was getting ready. She plucked her own coat from the rack and quickly put it on as Kinji started out the door “Wait up Kinji!” she huffed and raced out the door, making sure to lock it before running down the stairs after Kinji and out the apartment building. As they walked towards the station, Kiyo glared at the back of Kinji’s head as she dug her hands in her coat pocket “Why are you wearing that raggedy old thing” she pouted, referring to the beanie on Kinji’s head.

    Kinji laughed evilly as he watched Kiyo follow him down the stairs and towards the station. “Stop being so slow! I’ll make sure the train leaves the station before you get on!” He yelled back at her as Kinji slowed down to a normal walk. The two of them walked for a while, about halfway to the train stop before Kiyo spoke, asking about his hat. “I happen to like this hat! Its not old...It just needs to be…” His words drifted off as he thought of how long he has had the hat. Probably about five years now. “ It just needs to be replaced with a new hat. Why are you wearing those...Uh. Glasses! They look nerdy in every way.”

    Kiyo rolled her eyes at Kinji’s come back on her glasses “Contacts are too much of a pain” she said then picked up the pace and passed Kinji. After a short while the station came into their view and Kiyo ran up ahead. She hurried inside and got the tickets for the train, she looked around for the signs to their specific train then walked to their platform and waited for their train patiently.

    (1) Come on, Get up Kinji!
    (2) Hurry up! We are going to miss the train if you take any longer!
    (3) Yes! I'm going!
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    Jonathan was amazingly frustrated. "One of these days, you're going to learn not to slow me down." he told his brother, as he unlocked the doors of the Naito Cafe.

    "Maybe if you didn't insist on dragging me to work so damn early every morning, I might not be dragging my ass so much." Graham complained, lugging both their packs and their morning coffees. "You're the boss, couldn't you schedule me for some later shifts? What good is having your brother be your boss if you can't experience nepotism?" Graham indeed hated working so early in the morning, but he enjoyed his job overall. The pay was good, the work easy enough, and he got to hit on all the cute girls that came through. At least, as long as Jonathan didn't notice.

    "It was your idea to help me with my training. I'm too tired after a day of keeping you under control, so it has to be before work." They made their way into the still empty restaurant and began setting up. "Besides, if you had your way, you'd be clocked in at noon, and not show up to do any work until the last hour of business, if we're lucky." He was hard on Graham, for sure, but it was for his own good. Since Jonathan had taken a more active role in Graham's life, he had made great strides in instilling maturity in his little brother.

    Their mornings were always the same, really, right down to the fight they had every morning over scheduling. First, Graham would come over to Jonathan's somewhat small flat just after dawn. Once he was there, they'd run the half mile jog to their training ground, where Graham would transform, using his metal manipulation to help Jonathan train his light manipulation.

    Jonathan hated transforming, and worked every morning to make his powers stronger to avoid it. The jewelry he wore, the armband and rings that made him, well, him, blocked his over 90% of his power, a side effect of the mystic metal. Through sheer determination and constant training, he'd been able to get stronger, enough to where he wouldn't be completely defenseless at least, but there was still much left to be desired.

    Graham shook Jonathan from his daydreaming thoughts by flinging a spoon at the back of his head. Jonathan responded in turn by aiming a bright flash of light straight into Graham's left eye. Again, a distressingly common squabble. "When your vision returns, get in the kitchen and make sure the closers did their duties. And since you're being a twat, start the grunt work for the kitchens." He walked outside, set on the steps, and lit a cigarette, enjoying some peace before the day began, and waited patiently for the rest of the staff to arrive..

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    The screams echoed in Alyss' mind as she jolted awake falling off her couch in the process. It took a few minutes to figure out where she was, and to calm her racing heartbeat. Slowly picking herself off the ground she glanced around her small apartment trying to banish the nightmare from her mind. Easier said than done most days. As Alyss finally stood up she could feel the muscles protesting in her back, falling asleep on the couch that was smaller than she was, never a good idea. Attempting to crack her back she heard a meow from the bathroom, breaking her concentration. Quickly going to the source of the noise, she found her kitten, Maddy, inside the sink. Holding back the smile while watching the little furball attempting to get out but being to small and just barely missing the edge of the sink. Feeling bad for the little thing, she quickly grabbed her and held her close to her chest. Alyss could never figure out why the kitten chose to sleep in her bathroom sink each night, since she could never get out of her chosen bed, but she didn't bother to change her kitten's habits, it was way to cute to do anything about it.

    As she exited the bathroom into the hallway, if one could call it such, Alyss' eyes lingered on a photo of her and her siblings, the only one left where they were all smiling. Looking at the picture brought a sharp pain to her chest and she quickly tore her eyes from the photo and went into the kitchen. Placing Maddy on the counter she turned and grabbed a bowl and can from the cupboard above her head. She emptied the can of tuna and placed it in front of Maddy, who purred her satisfaction while Alyss petted her during her meal. A smile graced her eyes, but Alyss could feel the nightmare barely below the surface hindering her mood.

    Quickly glancing down at Maddy to see her little fur ball almost done her meal, Alyss went back into the cupboard and grabbed another bowl and filled it with water. She placed the bowl down near the kitten and smiled when Maddy lifted her head and pushed it up against her hand in thanks. Knowing that everything was good with Maddy, she quickly got to work on her own breakfast. Getting the package of bacon out of the fridge she started to fry a small portion of it, then placed the rest back in the fridge. Once that was done she grabbed two eggs and cracked them into a cup and began to season them with salt and pepper, with a hint of paprika. Once the bacon was almost done, Alyss grabbed a fork and whipped the egg inside the cup and grabbed another pan and placed it on her stove. She quickly made scrambled eggs and the bacon was finally fried to her standard.

    Removing the bacon and eggs from the stove she quickly put everything on the plate and put the pans into the sink. She then walked over to her toaster and put in a piece of bread. It was around this time that she actually bothered to look at the clock on her wall, noting the time being sometime around 5 in the morning. "Seems I slept in today Maddy" She smiled at her kitten who was finished with her own meal. Silent vowing to get Maddy her own dishes on her next paycheck, Alyss picked up her kitten and placed her on the ground just as the toaster finished. She cleaned up the counter placing the dishes in the sink and washing her hands before going to her food.

    Alyss quickly ate her meal saving a little piece of the bacon for Maddy who had been circling her feet begging for some the entire time she was eating. She cleaned up the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher before turning back to her living room. Seeing the mess she had made the night before she cleared up the area as well as anything else that may need to be cleaned. Work seemed like such a far off time so Alyss grabbed her homework and spent the rest of the time trying to finish before she left. By the time she was done she glanced at the clock and saw she had another hour before work. Quickly placing her homework in her room, Alyss went into the bathroom and took a shower. Afterwards she brushed her teeth and put on her uniform.

    Maddy was meowing outside the door while Alyss was going through her morning ritual, surprising Alyss immensely when she opened the door, almost hitting her little fur ball with the door. Apologizing quickly she grabbed a bowl and placed some water down on the floor for Maddy as well as a few treats near the bowl. She got everything she needed for work and walked out the door, making sure to lock every window and door as she went. Walking slowly down the hallway she thought about how everything had changed in the span of a year, and held back the tears she was certain was forming in her eyes. It wouldn't do to cry at work and be upset, she had a job to do. Maybe later she would make cookies or something to make her feel better and visit Madeline later. Looking up into the sky as she left the building she smiled and walked towards the train station on her way to work.
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    A soft pair of fluffy paws massaging her cheeks woke Fujiko up, her crystal blue eyes slowly opening and searching for the source. She was having nightmares again and it seems like all of her six cats are waking her up to escape her horrid fantasies. Kuro and Shamu were on each side of her head rubbing and gently pawing her cheeks. Orenji was lying on her stomach while Buchi and Enso were purring on the top of her head, giving her comfort. She then noticed that there's only five of them, and looking at the edge of the bed to see the smallest one, Ao, trying to climb up the bed, she couldn't help but smile at them, the horrid dream now forgotten and replaced by her cute and cuddly companions. This is why she have so many cats, they always give her comfort and makes her forget about all of her stress and nightmares. All of her cats are special to her, and if anything happens to them let's just say all hell will break loose and she won't stop terrorizing the town until she finds them.

    Letting out a soft yawn and petting all of her beloved cats, her legs dangled above the off-white polyester carpet and quickly got off the bed, not wanting her cats to start meowing due to hunger. Even if she loved her cats dearly, sometimes, she find their meows slightly annoying, especially when its 3 AM in the morning and all they do is cry nonstop. She quickly went to the kitchen and prepared her cats' wet food before opening up the fridge to cook some eggs and asparagus. She was not in a rush today so why not cook something fancy? She then cracked some eggs and cooked omelet while she grabbed a couple of fresh asparagus and blanched them before putting it on the plate with some hollandaise sauce.

    "There, perfect!" she beamed, looking at her plate of breakfast before moving to the living room and turning on the television. Her day seems to be fine until she looked at the clock, noticing its time for her to go to the cafe. Sighing and getting off the couch to wash the dishes, she gave her cute cats a soft smile before finishing up the kitchen and going to the bathroom for a shower.

    She decided to wear a simple denim pants and white tank top to match her white stilettos. Fujiko hates to wear the uniform on her way to work because first of all, its a maid uniform. Second of all, she will be rudely stopped by people so they can take photos of her and lastly, the cafe opens up at night so it would be weird to wear it in the day. Besides, she didn't want to be accused of being a staff of the Dei Cafe. Brushing her long pink hair before waving her cats good bye, she picked up the key to the apartment and locked the door.

    The streets of Japan is busy and noisy as always. Corporate men were talking to their phone non-stop with their pressed suits and briefcases, the school girls were giggling and stopping at cafes every now and then. Married women were gossiping with one another and ignoring the cries of their child. Fujiko can clearly remember how she used to faint and pass out every time she hears so much chaos. You see, Fujiko isn't just like anybody else. She's special. Unique. She's above everyone else. She can control and manipulate sound for as long as she can remember. Of course, at first she sees herself as a cursed girl for having such ability that only brings pain to herself but as she grows and harness her powers, learned to love it and used sound to bring pain to others. She used to hear everything that moves and it creates so much chaos inside her mind but now, she can barely hear them. Oh, how much she had grown.

    Fujiko was in her own little world reminiscing the past until she realize that she's in front of the Naito Cafe, standing there like an idiot. She can already hear people inside the cafe and she couldn't help but sigh. She wasn't expecting herself to be the first one to arrive but she kind of hoped that she'll ahve some time alone in the cafe. She had always enjoyed the atmosphere and how tranquil her work place is, resulting for her to hope some alone time but it seems like it won't happened today.

    "Good morning, manager-sama" Fujiko greeted as soon as she spotted Jonathan, giving him a curt bow. It wasn't odd for her to find him early in the cafe because first of all, he's the manager and second of all, she knew he's clearly annoyed by his brother. Fujiko couldn't really understand what Jonathan and Graham fights about everyday but she didn't dare to get into their petty little fights. She find it a total waste of time and effort. Besides, their fights never really damaged the cafe. "Beautiful day, isn't it? Oh, I better head inside to prepare. I'm on parfait duty today" she said to him before giving him another curt bow and started heading inside.

    When she entered the cafe, Fujiko spotted a bundle of blonde hair and immediately smiled brightly. "Good morning, Kirara" she greeted with a soft voice, her sisterly personality coming into view. Fujiko finds Kirara both fascinating and troublesome at the same time. True that he's so innocent and cute to watch but his clumsiness is just too much. She already lost count of how many slip ups he had done that sometimes she couldn't help herself to scold him. She also couldn't help to treat him like a child due to how sensitive his feelings are. Overall, her relationship with Kirara is just like her relationship with everybody else: she treats him like a younger brother and nothing else.

    Fujiko then entered the kitchen to start cheking the inventory for the parfaits when she bumped into Graham, her smile getting brighter even more. "Good morning, Graham. How are you doing today?"




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    Shotaro woke up immediately to the sound of a buzzing alarm blaring in his ear, causing him to jump up immediately off the side of his bed halfway and come crashing down onto the the floor, chin first. He could have sworn he set the alarm-- that is, his phone-- to a moderate volume so he could wake up in a less bombastic manner.. Though, he always seemed to forget that when he had an important job to get to, whether it'd be school or.. well, a job, he cranked that thing up the highest it could go. He seemed to sleep through alarms if it's not cranked up to the absolutely high level of sound, so he could at least give his forgetfulness on that part.

    "..Great start.." He muttered. Still half-asleep, even after that nasty spill, he picked himself up, rubbing his chin with a groan, and looked around aimlessly for the alarm's source, hearing the barely muffled noise from his pillow. He lifted it up with one hand, nabbed his phone with the other, and tapped the 'dismiss' button quickly to be rid of the cacophonous buzzing. This wasn't exactly routine for Shotaro, though one thing was evident, and that was that it happened quite a bit.

    He groaned in effort as he stretched himself out somewhat, getting rid of the stiffness that was ailing him before he even thought about moving around. From there, he took a fairly short trip to the kitchen, taking the stairs down from his room in order to do so, scratching his head as he made it to ground floor. "..Still, I can't let something like that ruin my day. A blow to the chin can't stop me.. Unless it was, like.. Really, really hard. And done by someone and not the floor." He sighed, heading over to the kitchen.. right up until he heard a friendly-sounding (friendly to him, perhaps) bark and mew from upstairs. A smile curled around his face as he looked upstairs, seeing both of his pets-- his dog Acco and his cat Lade-- head down the steps to greet him.

    "Ah, hey, guys! How're you doing today?" He asked happily, crouching down to give the both of them affectionate pets to the head. Right as he stood back up, Acco began circling around him while Lade began pawing at his feet, nuzzling his leg with half of her body. He's had these two for a year now, taking a huge liking to him between that time. It seemed like just yesterday that the two were half the size they were now, in fact. He took a look towards their respective bowls on the floor, seeing that they were half empty already. "You guys already ate, huh? I knew putting out food before I slept was a good plan!" He finally entered the kitchen, beginning to gain all the materials necessary to make pancakes. "Wish I could stay for a little while longer, but I've got to head somewhere. It's really important not to be late, either.."

    After pouring in the batter and getting the breakfast made to perfect, fluffy stacks of masterpieces, Shotaro popped the top of his syrup bottle open and poured a good amount over the piping hot pancakes, and just like that, he was off to the table to finish them off. Just one bite was enough for him to feel truly proud of what he's made, and the subsequent ones were enough to push him into making more just like them the next time breakfast rolled around. He suddenly chuckled to himself, his legs squirming a bit.. And then he looked down at his feet to see that Acco was licking his toes under the table. "Pff, heh.. Acco, c'mon, quit it! You had your meal already!" He laughed at his dog playing around idly, as he tended to do when Shotaro was around. Once he was done with breakfast, he got rid of the dish and silverware, washing both before he walked back upstairs to get dressed.

    After he put his regular uniform on, he was off to his next destination, saying goodbye to his pets the moment he stepped out. The journey there was pretty relaxing, aside from the occasional noises that would ring out. Taking leisurely walks like this, for any reason, always calmed his nerves whenever he felt uneasy, and if not.. well, it was a good exercise. He was just glad he could find his way to the café this time instead of getting lost doing so.. He wasn't very good with directions. Let alone following a map; chances are he'll end up going around and around in circles. It didn't take long for him to get there, sighing in relief as he stepped in. For once, he was happy that keeping the directions in mind got him there.

    "Morning!" Shotaro cheerfully greeted the people inside, rubbing both hands together at his first steps forward. He was already eager to get to work, mainly due to all the food that he gets to prepare. Cooking, one of his many pastimes, is something that he really enjoys doing, as well as something he's exceptional at, which did make him valid for his job as a chef's assistant. "Sorry if I'm just a few minutes short of being late-- I was, erm.. shaken up temporarily this morning.." He lied. He couldn't exactly say to them that he sharply awoke to the noise of an alarm sounding in his ears, though..


  9. [​IMG]

    Jonathan rubbed his eyes and flicked his cigarette butt toward their rival cafe. He noticed Kirara coming and nodded too him, not really ready to be friendly and personable this early. As Kirara went inside, he considered lighting another before noticing Fujiko jogging toward the cafe. She gave him a now and he smiled a little. "Good Morning Fujiko, you're looking cute as always. Better do your best to bring us plenty of customers today." He said, stretching a little as he looked around for other workers. "It is a beautiful day, the sunrise was particularly pretty coming over the bay this morning." He nodded about her assignment, remembering she'd asked for that a while back. "Fair warning," he said as an afterthought, "Graham might be a little cranky when you get inside. Had to give him the old Eye Exam again." Not seeing anyone else coming for the next few minutes, he went inside.

    Graham was angry at first when he felt someone run into his chest, but smiled when he saw just who it was. "Well, if it isn't my favorite munchkin." he ruffled her hair a little bit as he spoke. "I'm fine, now that I can see something so lovely. What're you up to today?" He asked, setting down a tray full of cutlery. He began rolling it absentmindedly into napkins, prepping it more to have something to do than anything.

    "Great to see you taking some initiative, there, Graham." Jonathan said with a smile. He walked around the cafe, keeping an eye on the plants around the restaurant. "Kirara, please make sure to water the plants by the front windows. And add some of the fertilizer to the water, they're looking a little wilty this morning." he increased the light from the lamps over some of the tables and smiled as he saw his cafe coming together for the morning rush. As he was busying himself with the flowers, Shotaro came in the door. "Shotaro, good to see you made it this morning. I'm glad, you seemed a little under the weather yesterday. Please, grab my idiot brother and have him help you whenever you're ready to start working."

    "Could you stop calling me that?"

    "Well, I would, but Dad's DNA tests prove you're my brother." He said with a smirk. It was always a bit hard to tell whether the two were playing around or seriously trying to antagonize one another.

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    "Ah, uhm! G-good morning, Fujiko-san."Kirara stuttered as he looked at her, though unable to look her in the eye for much more than a few seconds. Kirara was usually like this, shyly avoiding eye contact with people on any given occasion. The rest of the people at the café were pretty used to it by now, and there was something endearing about his shyness. He grasped his hands together in determination when Fujiko disappeared again, cleaning off the glasses swiftly. When he was focused on his work, he usually didn't mess up. When he had just set down the last glass, their manager, Jonathan, spoke to him, and he looked up. He looked over at the plants in question, nodding with a smile.

    ♣ "Yeah! Just a sec!" He ran off to the kitchen to fill up the watering can, but when it was full, he noticed that the water was too hot for the plants. Letting out a sigh, he stuck his hand into the water, using his powers to slowly cool it down to the right temperature. He had to be careful or he would probably freeze it. When it was cold enough, he took the can and walked to the windows, watering the plants one after one. There weren't that many, and he was done in about 5 minutes. Then he put the can back, getting to his post by the front door. He was in charge of the bar later today, but right now, he was the person to greet customers at the door. When he really got into work spirit, his timidness could be used as an advantage with customers. He had quite a few fans already (but so far he had not realized it himself). After all, who wouldn't love someone as honest as him? Though he couldn't see these qualities, only focusing on his disastrous emotions and weird accidents.

    ♣ He finally felt like he had a place that could accept all of those things, though, and that was the main reason he was in the café in the first place. It didn't feel like he was horribly misplaced in this calm atmosphere, where other people with strange abilities also got into problems sometimes. It was nice to feel that he wasn't all alone after all.

    ♣ The first few hours of his shift passed without many customers, a tranquil atmosphere in the early morning and till around 11 where people started slowly pouring in the front door, getting their tables. Kirara was busy jutting down which tables were taken and which were available, from a number system they had. There was also a small drawing (in case of forgetfulness) of which tables had which numbers.


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