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  1. A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Far Away....

    Wait, wrong story. Sci Fi themed RP with Interplanetary travel, set in the distant future. Typical colonized universe, multiple races, different levels of technology, etc. Human beings are rather new in the Intergalactic Community, and as such, regarded largely as a race of war-faring brutes who are attempting to make a name for themselves in the galaxy. Earth itself is largely overpopulated, its resources scarce, which led to the development of technology that would allow them to access the stars.

    The source of power which allows for light speed and warp travel is a technology simply known as the "Cores". Large, metallic sphere's which harness massive amounts of energy. These Cores are ancient technology, created by a civilization long extinct. They were highly advanced in their evolution, allowing them to harness psionic abilities which gave them control over various forms of nature. Long lived, they were able to increase their abilities over time, making their control over energy very potent. Rather than wasting this energy, the race would entomb their people in these Cores when they reached the end of their lifespan. The same applied for violent Criminals of their species, though these were Imprisoned in the Cores regardless of their age.

    A side effect of these Cores is that the memories of these beings often live on within them, and are able to manipulate beings of lesser will who come near them. Thus, it has often been noted, that engineers and technicians who operate on the Ships utilizing these Cores often go mad by the voices of these ancient beings whose spirits reside within the Cores. The more Malevolent spirits within the Cores have been known to drive some to such violence and insanity that they would attack and slaughter their crew mates. There have also been some disturbing reports that some have actually began to exhibit some signs of being able to harness Psionic abilities such as has been told to have been utilized by the Ancient race which developed the Cores.

    Planets which have races of inferior technology and knowledge have been known to worship and revere these Cores, even erecting temples around the Spheres which have been left behind after their energy has been nearly expended. Thus, these Cores can be discovered around the Universe and reclaimed, utilized to power the more advanced Starships which need them in order to achieve Instant Intergalactic travel. This action, however, is largely responded with outright hostility and violence as many creatures of inferior evolution oft view this as an act of sacrilege against that which their cultures have grown around.

    Other sources of power which mimic the tech of the Cores have been developed, but their energy output does not nearly equal that of the original Cores which were developed millenia before. While these synthetic Cores allow for faster than light travel and do not have the side effect of insanity that the Original Cores do, they cannot grant the ability to achieve instant intergalactic travel. These synthetic Cores are utilized more commonly since the Ancient Cores are scarce, and generally reserved for Military vessels and High Priority transports. This has led to a high demand in the Ancient Cores, which has resulted in a large amount of prospectors colonizing and seeking out these Cores on habitable planets.

    Some Guidelines to help the RP (open)

    Despite this being a jump in RP, sometimes developing a basic character sheet for cross reference is extremely useful. It allows other players to be able to get a quick idea of what your character looks like and you don't have to post the entire description every time you make a post.

    If your character is of another race, it'd be a pretty good idea to make a description for the race. It helps evolve the story, and adds more background to your character and its origins.

    And, as always, follow the Iwaku rules whenever posting.

    basic CS (open)


    Starship Incursus (open)

    • Captain - Master of the Ship: Captain Venerus
    • First Mate, Executive Officer - Responsible for safety and security of the entire ship and crew, leads the first watchshift.
    • Second Mate, Operations Officer - Chief Officer of the Deck Department, responsible for general day-to-day operations of the ship as well as managing cargo. Leads the second watchshift.
    • Third Mate, Flight Officer - Chief Officer of the Flight Department, responsible for navigation, guidance, FTL jumps, piloting & course corrections, atmospheric entries and flight planning. Leads the third watchshift.
    • First Helmsman - Certified Flight Crew, Lead Pilot - Flight Department
    • Second Helmsman - Certified Flight Crew, Assistant Pilot - Flight Department
    • Navigator - Certified Flight Crew. Responsible for plotting jumps, astrography, spatial positioning. - Flight Department
    • First Engineer - Chief Officer of the Engineering Department. Responsible for structural & mechanical frames. EVA specialist.
    • Second Engineer - Responsible for Propulsion & FTL drives. - Engineering Department
    • Third Engineer - Responsible for Power Generation, Storage & Distribution - Engineering Department
    • Core Engineer - Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the Cores.
    • Sensors Calibration & Flight Command Systems Technician - Does all the avionics work and manages the sensors. - Flight Department
    • Information Systems Technician - Manages all the computer systems. - Engineering Department: Mela Venerus
    • Communications Systems Technician - Runs the communications systems. - Engineering Department
    • Environmental Control & Life Support Systems Technician - Does waste, water, air, gravity, heating, ventilation & cooling systems. - Engineering Department
    • Data Collection & Management Technician - Controls all the data gathering systems and databases. - Engineering Department
    • Ship's Purser - Chief Officer of the Steward Department
    • Loadmaster - In charge of the cargo loading/unloading operations. Also keeps track of the ship's stores.
    • Master at Arms - Keeps track of the weaponry stored on board the ship. Also in charge of general security on the ship.
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  2. Co-gm here. I am posting a CS for those who choose to post one. Do not post them in the IC thread. Just post it here and get going.

    This rp is largely a space pirate with some seemingly Mass Effect elements.

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