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  4. “Gia! Wake up!”

    “Uh…what’s – the – point? Go away, Montana.”

    Grumbling and half plastered, the girl turned over in her bunk causing the patchwork countryside to quake over her curves. Ducking her frizzy blond head deeper under her pillow of despair to seek a dissatisfying solitude, Giavanna hoped the other cadet would just leave her alone and let her mourn for their fallen friends in Vodka and peace.

    No such luck…

    “No, you've got to stop crying... they'll hear you, then you'll be in trouble for stealing that bottle.”

    “Forget it…forget it all!”

    The booze was stagnate in the air and started to twist and churn in her belly as the extreme isolation started to consume her, eating a hole in her sanity like a worm burrowing deeply into the heart of a sweet Granny Smith. He knew it was getting to her, it was getting to them all; the fear of the inevitable numbing their will to fight against the devil’s own advocates turning them from soldiers in training, to remote controlled killers.

    Her friends...what was left of them...were all crammed in two connected concrete rooms that felt like some claustrophobic underground emergency bunker from WWII (stilled smelled like it too.) They were lab rats sitting in a cage waiting for the light to buzz and the door to open so they could follow the maze and win a prize. The prize being that they don't die at the end of the maze. But, based off of what happened to seven other cadets who did completed it...

    Gia's blurry eyes began to water again, but she kept her lips shut. Greg Montana was right. The more noise the guards heard down here, the more pain they felt. She didn't want that anymore... At least, the Volka numbed her all over. Sandra Parker sat down beside her, rubbing her back and talking her emotions down like a good friend should, but Gia was so upset, so fed up at being in the dark about all these experiments... She just wanted out, they all did! She was on edge...and quickly losing her control.

    “Griggs, Sanchez, Drixler…Rylander….? Who else are they going to kill, and for what? What in the hell are they doing to us?”

    She took another swig off the half empty bottle and fell back on her bunk. She rubbed her arms, feeling cold. She always felt cold. The metal that they've melted on her bones made her body temperature drop. Wearing the grimy tank top without a shirt with sleeves didn't help all that much either. Gia kicked the top bunk, knowing someone was up there, but had no idea who took Rylander's old bed. It was the most comfortable one in the room.

    "Hey, is there a sweater up there? I think...I tossed mine up there a second ago..."

    Lacy O'Brien laughed and rolled her eyes, "Like you can remember a second right now." She stood up from a nearby char and stepped over to snatched the bottle from Gia's hand, taking a long pull on it too to help her finish it off. "Damn, we've got to try and still another one of these soon."
  5. Arksas was looking up at the ceiling of the place. He had no comment on all the people he knew that just died. He couldn't even put it into words. All those people he knew. All of them gone. In a few hours. About a hundred people gone. Just like that. Gone. He had no idea how to express this. His hair was covering his eyes right now. Gia was drinking. He could have talked her out of it. He chose not to. She had away of putting away her pain. Let her have at it. He heard her call up to him. "Arksas, are you up there? Do you see my sweater up there? I think...I tossed it up there a second ago..."

    He looked around. Indeed she had. He did not know why he never noticed before. He called down. His english accent mixed in there. He had lowered his hand with the sweater in it "Here you go, Gia." He was still thinking quietly to himself. His eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to fit the pieces together. He was deep in thought. The sweater hanging by a finger. He had finally decided. He needed to protect everyone he could. He made this final. And the smell of alcohol filling his nostrils. "Ok, thats enough. Enough of that rubbish. You keep drinking it down like that you're gone get alcohol poisoning." He said simply. He fell out the bunk hanging on it by his feet. Snatching the bottle up and tossing it. It shattered in a corner. Lacy looked up at him. A little mad at him. She didn't really like him. He didn't know why. He didn't care. He dropped to the ground landing on his feet.

    "Gia. Get up. Honestly. You look like, Well, Shit. Come on. Get off your bum. Or do i have to pick you up to a stand?" She knew he could do it. Everyone knew he WOULD do it. Arksas had enough of all this moaning and whining. He was still thinking. He kept looking at Gia waiting for her to get up.
  6. "Here you go, Gia."

    It took her a few tried to catch her dangling sweater, but she did get it and slowly dragged it over her head. The warmth of is was unsavory - she was far too numb to recognize warmth.

    Laying back down, she shoved her foot against the wall beside her bunk and just steadily kicked...indenting the concrete sightly, but not breaking through. The room was designed to block their unique energies. She could read the signature of the various spells and incantations, even the slight computer code streaming through the inside of the wall. She's almost gone crazy trying to decipher it all; searching for a small loophole, or a poorly written code she could use to hack into the room's security system. But, even with her uniqueness, she couldn't find it.

    Lacy sat on the edge of her bed, "We'll plan it out again, K. When we go for our next evaluation, I'll distract them again and cloak your actions, and you sneak back in his office to see if the bastard has any more bottles."

    "Ok, thats enough. Enough of that rubbish. You keep drinking it down like that you're gone get alcohol poisoning."


    Arksas's actions left Lacy empty handed, and glass and vodka all over the floor clear across the room.

    Montana laughed, "I'm not cleaning that up."

    "Asshole!" Lacy stood up and crossed the room to her single bed, throwing herself down with a grunt. There was no more complaining coming from her. She knew how far she could take things with Arksas...she didn't like it one bit either.

    Gia rolled up into a tight ball as if she could block Arksas out of the grave she was digging for herself. "No! I can't take this, I'm not gonna do anything! They can kill me too, for all I care... It's to damn cold in here!"
  7. He looked down at her. He sighed. He reached out and had grabbed her by the back of her sweater. he picked her up with ease, And set her to a stand. He ousted her off a bit. He looked at her the slight concern in his eyes. He always showed this when worrying about people. It's the only thing you can get out of him sometimes. Everyone here knew when he showed his concerns. And there weren't many. "Look at you... You're a mess.... And it's not just you... It's just about everyone in here. Gia. It might hurt to lose people you care about. But that doesn't mean you waste your life away in depression.... I am sad as well. I lost a lot of people I knew as well. I was sad. I mourned. But the time to mourn is over. So please... For your own sake stop drowning yourself in alcohol?" He went over to the shattered pieces of the bottle and started to pick them up. "All of you need to find something that makes you smile... We are still alive. And were all friends... So don't cry, and definitely don't cry alone... I remember something that was told to me a while back.. Even if the ones you care about are gone. They are still with you. Right here." He touched where his heart was. Sometimes when it came right down to it arksas had a reason for everything. And even knew just what to say. He looked around, then dumped the broken glass into a trash can. He climbed back to the top bunk again. He was done talking.
  8. Gia tried to fight him in her stupor, but it was hopeless, of course. Standing, slightly wobbly, Arksas expressed his feelings over everything that's happened to them since this whole fiasco started. She knew she shouldn't do this to herself, it wasn't fixing anything... But, she was at a loss. Everything seem so hopeless.

    "I mourned. But the time to mourn is over. So please... For your own sake stop drowning yourself in alcohol?"

    Gia looked away, knowing how right he was but refusing to admit it. As Arksas stepped away to clean up the mess he made, Sandra took Gia by the shoulders.

    "Come on, let's get you feeling normal again, hun." She guided her to the other room where a small wash area was designed, and where they stored what little clothes and accessories they had.

    Greg stepped to Arksas's bunk, leaning against the wall beside it and folding his arms. He watched to two girls leave before saying anything. "She's getting closer to unlocking this place, you know. She thought she'd found a breakthrough last time, but wasn't able to break the code quick enough... I think she's blaming herself for their deaths."


    Gia sat in the cracked tub, slowly getting all of her sorrows off her chest while Sandra finished washing her up.

    "I was close, you know... If I just had a little more time, then maybe..."

    "You can't do that to yourself, Gia. It's not your fault that they died. And you will figure out some way to get us out. But, hey, you're not alone in this. We need to use all of our resources to break down these walls." Sandra wrapped a towel around her as Gia stepped out and began to dry off. "Really, you and Lacy did figure out how to steal liquor from the doctor's office. Maybe he's got something else in there that can be helpful to us here."

    Gia gasped, "Your right! I didn't really think about that."

    Sandra smirked as she tossed her friend a pair of clean jeans, "That's because you've been drunk all day."
  9. He nodded at what greg said. He agreed. But he believed that she shouldn't beat herself up over the inevitable. He looked down at greg. "So, how long you think it will be before the take me to the 'personal testing' again?" In the facilities they scientists would take one project and run tests that they needed to pass. The tests would get harder as they kept passing. If you failed the test. You would be as they call it 'shut down' The problem was they kept focusing on one project until they break and fail the test. They had chosen Arksas a few months ago. at first he was just going through the motions. But now there were few people left. He was determined to keep passing the tests so none of the others would have to deal with it. After his test was done. They would focus on the big experiment again. He couldn't bare losing anymore people. Though he refused to show it. He wanted to stay strong for everyone else.
  10. Greg shrugged, "Beats me, but if things keep going the way they have been," he looked around, seeing Lacy sleeping on her bed; listening to the mumbles of the two in the other room. "It'll probably be sooner than you think."

    Eventually Gia and Sandra returned. Gia felt better after Sandra's sisterly care, and looked better in the hand-me-down ripped jeans and her dark blue sweater. She was still a bit wobbly, but Sandra forced a few glasses of water down her and made her eat some bread which was all they had left in their rations until the men upstairs decided to let them come out to eat.

    She sat down on the edge of her bed again with a sigh, "I'm sorry everyone...for putting you through that. I - I'm not thinking things through..."

    Sandra moved between her and Greg with a thought on her mind. "I'd mentioned to Gia about the idea of searching for something else besides vodka the next time we're sent for eval. Perhaps, we can find a clue that can help us. But, mulling like we are's not getting us anywhere."

    Suddenly, the door opened up and four men in riot gear stepped inside with long-handled tazers. "No sudden moves," one of them spoke, but with the gas masks covering their heartless faces, no one could tell who spoke. "We're taking two - Arksas and Lacy. Come quietly and all will be fine."

    Gia stood up, but Sandra stepped before her to avoid showing the state she was still in. With her cyber eye, Gia quickly tried to read the security code in the walls, now broken due to the door being open. Several places she notice were misleading, not sure if it was due to the door being open, or a triggered illusion in the thread, but it was something she could snag. Being that her skills were not chemically based, she was able to use her abilities in the room - just not as defined as she would like because of the security. She knew she was taking a big risk, but pain was stating to become her these days.

    Snagging one of the odd strands of code she saw, she began to break it down, tearing it apart very intricately, until she was able to sever a small amount of code. Then, to be on the safe side, she connected to two of the tazers and broke the electric transmitters down before going further. Tugging on Sandra's shirt from behind, she gave her a devious smirk - indicating what she was attempting to do. Sandra shook her head, but Gia was too stubborn to stop. She didn't want Arksas and Lacy to leave... She wanted all of them to!

    Gia began to snag another thread of code while the four guards waited for Lacy and Arksas to step forward. Lacy was being her typical rebellious self. "To hell I'm going with you guys again!" she barked. "You all don't know how to give a gal a good time." Two guards moved to drag her out of bed.

    Gia broke another strand and excitedly began to tear into more of them all at once. Suddenly, Gia began to scream, grabbing her head and falling to her knees...

    "Ha, you've tried it again, didn't you?" A third guard said. "Strike three, you're out!"

    The security system registered her attempts and sent an electrical charge surging through her mind, punishing her for her actions - again. Gia was on all fours, her head throbbing after that attack making it feel heavy on her shoulders. Sandra knelt down to hold her steady as she tried to sit up.

    "That...was nothing," she panted, her eyes rolling as they readjusted. "You'll have to start doing better than that. It was like getting hit by a knat." Even though she was attacked for her actions, Gia could see her success - the hold in the code was still there. A smile crossed her lips.
  11. He stood in front of the guards. He was sure about this. The scientists, rarely, when other people were taking tests they allowed others to take their place. "Wait. What if I took her test in her place? I am sure about this so don't ask." He looked at the guards they looked at each other and laughed. They took him and left lacy. Arksas looked behind him at everyone. He nodded a farewell. Hoping to insure them that he would be back. They guided him around. Eventually they led him into a big white dome room. "Okay let's get this over with."

    For hours there were explosions and gun shots. How long were they going to keep him in. Eventually everything went eerily silent. The doors busted open and Arksas was tossed in. Full of bruises and cuts and the occasional bullet hole. He staggered up and looked at everyone. He stood up straight and dusted himself off. He nodded at everyone else. "I'm ok...." he stretched himself a little bit. He acted like he was fine. But in reality he was in horrible pain. He walked over to gia and looked at her. "Are you ok?" He said. He had been waiting to ask that this entire time. After he saw her get shocked.
  12. Gia had watched Arksas leave, clearing Lacy from going. As Greg and Sandra helped her to her bunk, Lacy twirled around with a giggle, "And they say chivalry is dead. Ha, probably sooner than they think..."

    "Shut your frakin' trap, Lacy!" Gia barked, which only made the Lacy more irritating.

    "Really, you know he'll return. He always does, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

    "Wow, and to think - he was only trying to save your life." Sandra responded. "Psh! We would have been better off if he did the latter."

    Lacy jumped off her bunk, "What? You think I can't handle myself out there? How do you think I've kept alive all this time, huh?"

    "Fraternizing with the guards...," Greg threw, and Lacy snapped her trap shut. It wasn't a secret. Even Gia knew what the girl was doing, since she's able to read the company emails every time she went for her medical checkups. No one in this place was shy about what they did there. Lacy practically sold herself to stay alive...

    Gia didn't realize it before, but Lacy's campaigning did clear her out of several testings...and placed others in her place.

    Sandra said it before she did, "You've betrayed us for so long; and yet, Arksas still considers your life valuable. You need to go face the mirror, sista, rather than sticking your foot in your mouth any deeper.

    Lacy left the room.


    After a few hours of silence, the door opened again. Gia jumped up from her nap to watch Arksas being thrown in and the door closing tight. She scanned the broken code at the edge of the door frame, still seeing her handiwork present. Good. She stood up with everyone else, surrounding their figurehead. He was in terrible shape, it upset her dearly, but Gia didn't break. He was still alive...

    When he asked if she was okay, she nodded, then shook her head, "I'm fine... but, don't worry about me. Are you okay?" She moved him to the chair near the round table and nodded towards Sandra, who rushed to get the first aid kit.

    "Damnit, no-holds bar, this time." Greg commented, seeing easily the severity of the attacks his friend sustained. "They're not joking anymore..."

    Lacy backed away, wrapping her arms around her, finally feeling the sickening touch of the fate she just brushed off as nothing an hour ago.
  13. He looked around. "So everyone is still here. Good." He looked around. He saw lacy in the corner, and sandra going fetch the first aid. He looked up at greg. "Damnit, no-holds bar, this time, They're not joking anymore..." Arksas nodded. "I knew this would happen. I'm just glad everyone is ok now. But we better get well rested. They wi be going through with the same thing we did last time. I need everyone strong, and awake." When sandra came back he didn't argue. He leaned back. His shirt was a tattered mess. ripped at spots it was like it was shredded.

    He wanted to wash up. But he waited. He was going to let sandra treat his wounds. He looked around, He hoped that he could save everyone. Or at least. He could try. He was so tired. Stress and urgency had worn him down. for now he sat and stayed quiet. The only thing he thought was.... God, if you are there. Please, Give me strength.
  14. Gia helped Sandra tend to Arksas, while Greg and Lacy took care of their daily chores before the nights over. She was still off balance and her head pounded after that jolt, so she just played the gofer as Sandra dug out bullets and sutured up holes.

    "You think they're going to completely eliminate us, or are we it? Are we the ones they're going to use for...whatever the hell they're planning for us?" It just didn't make since to her for them to spend all the money they were just to kill them off.
  15. He paused. he winced when they pulled the bullets out. "I am guessing After a while if the rest of us are still alive they will go to the next step. That. I have no idea what that is though." He got very serious. "Everyone. I promise, I will do everything in my power to make sure none of you die. I will make sure that we all get out of there in one piece. Everyone. Just stay together. We can do this. We made it out last time they did, this we can do it again. I have faith. In all of you." He looked directly at Gia. The message was clear, and simple. Don't die. "Now if you have stopped freaking out because you dodged a bullet Lacy, Will you somehow stay calm through out the entire thing or will you freak out." He looked at her. No matter how long she has been here she has seemed to freak out when they dragged her to the tests. He needed her to be calm, and focus. Because if not. His promise will have been for nothing.
  16. "Everyone, just stay together. We can do this. We made it out last time they did this; we can do it again. I have faith. In all of you."

    If Arksas was able to use his skill, Gia knew she would have been caught in his gaze tenfold. But, knowing he was blocked like everyone else in the room, she was still transfixed in his eyes - for even a second. She blinked and looked away as Arksas put Lacy in her place.

    "You're talking about me freaking out? What about Gia's constant downers, huh? You going to get on her about all that whining and shit? Hell, I've got my back. You guys worry about your own."

    Gia knew she wasn't a big help in the moral department, but really... She picked up the tray with all the bloody suture tools when Sandra was done and stepped to the back room to wash and sterilize them with alcohol.

    "There, all done." Sandra stood up, pulling the gloves off. "Next time, dodge the bullets." She smiled as she left. Greg gave her a rub on the shoulders for her hard work before she passed to the back to wash up.

    After a moment, Gia just stood in front of the mirror lost; the water still running and Arksas's blood swirl down the drain. Sandra entered, washed her hands at the second sink, and left. Gia didn't even notice. It was strange, but she could...hear something coming from...somewhere...
  17. He glared at lacy as she spoke "You're talking about me freaking out? What about Gia's constant downers, huh? You going to get on her about all that whining and shit? Hell, I've got my back. You guys worry about your own."

    He looked at her threateningly. "I will address Gia as well. You on the other hand, haven't answered my question and have not even admitted that you have a problem. I can only suggest to you that you stick with us. You might look brave but we all know you're scared at heart." He was fed up with lacy acting all strong. He thought she would have realized it by now. But apparently not. He sighed. Guess she had to learn it the hard way.

    He nodded a thanks to sandra. "Next time, dodge the bullets." Is what she said. He smirked a little. He flexed and stretched his arms seeing if they were sore. They were well. Enough. He saw Gia go into the back room, after a while he followed. He saw her, she seemed a bit disconnected. He tapped her on her shoulder. "Um Gia?"
  18. When Arksas tapped her on the shoulder, Gia blinked and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the unknown distraction. "Oh, sorry... did you say something?" She turned off the water and grabbed a towel to begin drying the tools. She could still hear the sound, especially now since the water was turned off.
  19. He looked at her concerned. "Are you going to be alright for the upcoming event? I need to know if you will be ok as well." He was serious. What was on her mind? He turned her around completely. "We can't afford to lose another person. And I don't want to see you get hurt. Understand? Everyone here is nervous I know that. But I want everyone prepared. Ok? " He looked at her directly in the eyes.
  20. "I'm - fine..."

    Gia continued to work as Arksas spoke, but soon he just turned her around to face him directly.

    "Yes...I'll be ready, promise." she stopped again, turning her head slightly as if she was listening to something else besides Arksas. "Wait, do you here that?"

    She already knew the answer to that question. She was the only person in the room with advanced hearing... But, this was the first time she's been able to hear anything passed the concrete walls. Then, it suddenly occurred to her why.

    "Arksas, I'd broken through the code... It's a small hole, but...but I think I've broken through the security around the room, and now I'm picking up something. I think I'm picking up...a video conference of some sort..."