Cabin In The Woods (Horror/Survival RP)

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  1. This would be a horror-themed RP based around the concept introduced in the film Cabin in the Woods. You do NOT need to have seen the movie in order to participate in this RP. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out and see the wiki for more details.

    The idea behind the RP is that a group of five people will be spending the weekend on a sort of mini-vacation. In a cabin. That's in the woods.

    Said group of people would consist of famed horror movie archetypes: a whore, a jock, a scholar, a fool, and a virgin. After arriving in the cabin, certain events would unfold, leading the characters to (unknowingly) choose what will, inevitably, kill them. It is important to note that these characters are, ultimately, going to die. It's quite probable that their deaths will be gruesome. Maybe even comical, if you're into darker humor.

    There will be no invasion of the control room or anything like that-- sorry, folks. You're up a creek. c:

    Players would be controlling the five people in the cabin while the GMs (myself and @Petticoatlane) will be controlling the monsters, the environment and any NPCs. Once a player's character dies, they may be granted limited control of monsters (since some of these roles will be rather short) but it would need to be discussed with us beforehand.

    The RP is intended to be fairly brief and, if all goes well, there may be multiple runs of it with different players and monsters. Right now we are just trying to gauge whether or not we'd have enough people interested in getting everything set up to start this off.

    If you have any questions or comments, put them below and we'll do our best to answer! Please don't call dibs on a character until there is an OOC.
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  2. I'm really interested in the idea and would love to see it come to life. Question though. Would it have to follow the EXACT rules of the movie? The ones that come to mind are the specific order in which the deaths have to take place, and the rule that the whore must show "a bit more skin" before she dies xD
  3. Yes and no. I'd like to keep the order for the whore and the virgin but the other deaths don't need to have a specific order. As for showing skin, that's up to the player and what they're comfortable with.
  4. Lovely. I'm in
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  5. Interesting... I may try to join.
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  6. Awesome! :3
  7. I would be interested.
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  8. Sorry for the double post. Internet is being a pain so I shall put this. I am not much of a horror movie watcher (Mr. King is an exception) but I may have actually seen this movie and am now tempted to go watch it to find out. If it is on a screen though I tend to be a for writing the creepier the better.
  9. Well, I linked a stream of the movie in the original post if you feel like refreshing yourself! I'm just happy to see some interest in this.
  10. Please don't post links to movie-streaming sites like that: it can get the site in trouble with the authoritahs, and all that.
  11. Oh. I'm sorry! I had no idea and it won't happen again.
  12. Quite awright.
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  13. Still looking for a bit more interest, then we can get things off the ground~.
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  14. I'm interested.
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  15. Awesome! I think we're in need of one more person before we can get started on the OOC.
  16. Dibs on the Fool.
  17. Happy to see interest-- but we can't promise anyone roles until we get the OOC up and character submissions are approved. c:
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  18. Of course. But I have a great character in mind, and I'd hate for someone else to get the slot just because they called it.
  19. That's why we're not letting people "call" spots. It's all good and well, but we want to see that they're going to create a character that works well within the RP.

    Sounds like you've got one, though. c:
  20. And that's a good thing. I look forward to this RP.
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