Cabellus, a Pony RP forum (tis a long post now D:)

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  1. The world of Cabellus is still young, and we have not had many recent arrivals. Immigration is key for any growing country, especially in this day and age. We want you to come and join the herd. The only things we can promise is that you can be yourself. The Pony you always wanted to be. There are some rules that we have to keep it peaceful for all, so I would greatly appreaciate it (as will the Admins) if you followed them with full understanding.

    Here are our simple yet effective rules.
    1. Proper grammar and spelling is a must. All posts
    that are not well-written will be deleted.

    2. Posts must have something to do with the actual Roleplay,
    the only exceptions are in the OoC threads.

    3. Do not directly CONTROL another user's pony without their

    4. No
    profanity. We're all ponies here and there is no need for it. But if you must,
    feel free to use some creative pseudonyms, such as "What the hay?"

    5. Read all of
    the announcements when they come. They tend to be important.

    6. All roleplaying must be done in the threads they are
    pertaining to. This means that you shouldn't roleplay anywhere else, because
    it's meant to be kept here.

    7. No explicit
    violence. We are ponies. This means I don't want anything similar to what was
    portrayed by the Cupcakes fan-fic. If it couldn't be aired on The Hub, don't
    post it.

    8. Rule 34
    does NOT exist here. Any kind of that content will get you banned not only by
    admins, but freeforums entirely.

    9. Be respectful.

    10. Above all, enjoy yourself. That's the sole reason this
    exists, is for you to have fun.

    Our home lies and if you have any questions, please ask them in our guest area or if you want to jump right in, take some time to look at our requirements below.

    Name! Everypony needs a name.
    Cutie mark, you need to be unique :D
    Background, know where you come from.
    And most importantly, your pony itself. Most of us that are already in the forum have used this as our creator so you prolly will want to too unless you make them yourself :3
  2. Does this plan on being updated to a full blown site one day? Seeing cabellus.freeforums is kind of offputting to one like myself.
  3. Yea we have people working on writing the HTML of the site and we will buy a domain shortly after. Then we will be moving the stuff over and dealing with it all. And considering things are still young with it and all the potential it has, a sufficient playerbase will be needed for anything to progress to the point of paying for a domain.