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  1. Talk about the roleplay and what not.
  2. *wave* yo :) I promise Rowan will be happier than Theodosia and less......uppity? XD

    You can decide whether Rowan is his boyfriend or just a roommate :)
  3. Ahhh.

    Sorry I haven't posted on this RP lately. I just don't really have inspiration. I have no idea what to post.
  4. Lol it's ok. Do you want Rowan to be his boyfriend or what? I think it would actually be pretty interesting if this goes more the roommate route. 'cause I can always throw in another character. Maybe Striker and Gummi had to move out or...aren't with their parents for some particular reason and Rowan and...I can make his sister *nod* took them in?
  5. (We all got our issues, yeah harhar no worries)