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  1. "I got a C plus on my english essay!" Striker shouted proudly, walking through the front door of where he was currently living.

    Striker had bad dyslexia and writing essays had never been easy for him. First, he had to painstakingly read the book that the essay was about, then he had to write a paper on it. He hated words. He hated the way the english language spelled things. He hated how his mind mixed up the letters.

    He had always struggled in school and so getting a C plus was a big deal for him. He was proud and excited. A C was a passing grade. It was average. The plus made it a bit above average. He was a bit above average, now.

    [So either a family or a roommate RP.

    If it's roommates, ages are 18+
    Family is 15+

    Cursing is fine.
    Romance is fine but fade to black for explicit.

    And like almost all my other characters, Striker is gay so feel free to play his boyfriend.

    Check out the OOC thread so we can talk about stuff.

    That's all, for now.]
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  2. "AHH!" Rowan jumped out of his seat at the kitchen table so fast his chair clattered to the ground. The shirtless 21 year old ran over and picked up Striker in the biggest hug he could possibly imagine. "OHMYGODI'MSOPROUDOFYOU!" He swung Striker around and put him down, grinning. "I'm going to make you the biggest cake ever!"

    Almost cackling with excitement, he ran off into the kitchen and started pulling down bowls and bags of flower and sugar and whatnot. "A c+ is awesome! What book was it on again?" He asked happily, pushing his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes. When some got caught on his eyebrow piercing he frowned and paused in his excited gathering of ingredients to untangle the new piercing.

    Aside from that one, he also had two piercings on his bottom lip, two in his left ear, and...well...some below the belt that he didn't show off as often as most people would expect him to. He was also in the process of covering himself with tattoos. His left arm was covered in a rather extensive Star Wars sleeve while he seemed to be going a Celtic route on his right arm. Colorful knot-work covered up names better than anything else he could think to put on his body. Aisde from the rough and tumble look he had about him (adding on his somewhat shaggy goatee and the fact that before he let it grow out his hair was dyed different colors almost constantly, then he shaved it off and was in the process of growing it back out. Didn't know how far he was going with that but he was toying with the idea of dreadlocks...) he was little more than a teddy bear. A teddy bear with nice, defined muscles and strong arms....
  3. Sixteen year old Striker giggled at Rowan's reaction, it had been a lot like how he had reacted when he got his paper back aside for the hugging himself and baking himself a cake.
    "Thanks--and it was about Hamlet."

    That had not been a fun thing for Striker to read. There were many times where he had gotten frustrated and fed up with the language used. The book had ended up on the ground across the room and Striker had ended up crying into his pillow. He wasn't sure if Rowan had ever heard him but it had been happening a lot the week before when he was trying to find quotes and interpret them.
  4. He had totally heard, but he also didn't want the kid embarrassed so he hadn't ever asked about it. "Hamlet? Shit...That's a hard read." He said, grinning and going back to making the cake. He was going to culinary school but definitely enjoyed learning about desserts more than normal food. From the look of the ingredients on the counter (and the kitchen was always very, very well stocked), it looked like Striker was in for one hell of a cake.

    "I remember having to do Romeo and Juliet in high school. I hate Shakespeare." He shook his head, then tried to flick his head to get his hair back out of his eyes. He groaned a little and brushed his hands off on his pants. He grabbed a hot pink bandana from his back pocket and tied it around his head to keep his hair from his face. "You know what book I liked though? Catcher in the Rye. I don't even know why I liked it. The kid in the book was a whiny little shit, but I liked the book...."
  5. "Oh. . . " Striker blinked, sitting in a chair and watching Rowan, "That's cool. . ."

    He probably was never going to read it. He only read things when he was forced to. He absolutely hated dyslexia. He hated the way it made words look for him. It made him hate school because of all of the reading he had to do. When he was younger, a teacher or someone would take him out of the room during tests and read the questions to him so that he would be able to actually pass. Now, he got a bit of a time extension so that he could have extra time for reading the questions.
  6. "Not really. Why do you think I'm going to culinary school?" He laughed. "There's a LOT less reading! A surprising amount of math, though...But no books. Cook books, I guess..."

    He looked over and grinned. "Your other classes going well?"
  7. "Kind of," Striker shrugged, "I'm not completely failing any of them right now so that's good. How is culinary school going?"
  8. "Well, I'm not completely failing it, so that's good, right?" He glanced over, grinning. He was lightly teasing, but he was also telling the truth. "I'm on fire in pastry class, though!" He said, starting to bounce a bit to music that seemed to only be in his head. "Teacher said I'm top of my class there, which makes everything even out, I guess. I'unno. I don't think my food is that inedible...is it?" he looked over.
  9. Child Gumi.png

    A young woman walked through the front door, closing it behind her and pulling off her shoes, not a sound coming from her besides her footsteps. She was Striker's fifteen year old sister, Diamo, and she was far from normal. For some reason that was unknown to her family, she had a split personality. One moment she would be the smart and happy girl that most people knew, but the next she could be the quiet and almost depressed girl who would lash out.

    Gumi dropped her bag by the door, waving to the two males before going up to her room in complete silence, not so much as a 'Hello' uttered from her lips. It was obvious she was in her darker state of mind at the moment. As far as anyone knew, the only cure to pull her from this depressed state was if a cat were put in her presence, and she would almost automatically pull out of this dark personality if it was a mere kitten.
  10. Rowan frowned and watched as Diamo walked through the door and past them. He sighed and decided to decorate the cake to look like a cat. Who knew, maybe a cat-shaped cake would help...He slid two cake pans into the oven and started boiling some sugar and such in a pot on the stove.
  11. After a few minutes, Diamo walked out of her room and into the dining room. She sat down at one of the chairs, laying her head on the table and speaking quietly. "Congrats on your c+, brother..." Striker would understand that the small congratulations was the best she could get out at the moment. Her eyes wandered to Rowan then. "Hey... what's for dinner tonight?"
  12. Rowan looked over and smiled. "Well, I'm making a cake right now." He said, keeping an eye on the sugar as it boiled. He grabbed out a silicone mat and laid it out to be ready for the sugar. "What do you two want to eat?"
  13. Raphael burst through the door. "Striker!" He started, panting. "Heard you got a c+, congrats little man," he smiled and ruffled Striker's hair.

    Raphael was a tall slim 17 year old with ebony black hair and aqua coloured eyes. He is taking a course in psychology and seeing that most of his relatives have some kind of problem, he understood them more easily than the rest of the family.
  14. "Thanks," Striker giggled, fixing his hair and looking over at Rowan, "I don't really care. . . whatever is easiest to make.
    Striker usually wasn't all that picky when it came to food, but he loved sugar. Sugar was, above all else, his favorite thing in the world.
  15. Diamo shrugged slightly, sitting up and leaning back in her chair. "Anything edible is fine with me..." She closed her eyes. "I just need to get some sleep after today..."
  16. "Well, according to one of my professors, my food isn't edible." He smirked and shook his head, starting to shape the sugar into...well, something. "I can make everyone a salad then we can pig out on sugar and cake." He laughed and grinned, then looked over. "Hey, Raph! You run all the way here or something?" He grinned and looked back at what he was doing. His pastry work was to die for and he was passing all of his other classes, but he was definitely going to have to shift his studies and was planning to next semester. He could survive being a pastry chef...

    "You wanna talk about it, Gumball?" He asked, glancing over at Diamo and using the little pet name he had for her.
  17. Jacob came through the door, hearing the loud shouts he smiled as he entered the door wearing his Air force uniform. Jacob was 25 his 5'10 body entering the room his long hair gone which was not dropped down to a short hair pilot, He had come back to visit the house a smile on his face. " Hey there children " He says his Green eyes scanning everyone. His full beard reduced to nothing but stubble, He tries to remember the house as it was when he was younger. He left the house when he was 19 and hasn't been back recently but he was there for some holidays. He rubs his hands together hoping to get a warm embrasive hug from someone.
  18. "Jacob!" Striker jumped up out of his seat, running and tackling Jacob into a hug. Well--kind of. . . Striker was much smaller than Jacob so his weight wasn't really going to affect Jacob all that much. Plus, Striker didn't understand how to tackle people. So basically he was just tightly clinging to Jacob in a hug.
  19. Jacob hugged onto Striker smiling and held on tight, he then lifted him up off the ground laughing, he said " So why is everyone screaming in here? " looking at everyone in the room and smiling at them " Hey guys "
  20. "Well I'm excited because I got a C plus on my english essay and I'm passing the class," Striker answered with a grin. He was excited about it, still.