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  1. C a r d ' s C o l o r s a n d O w n e r s


    Red @Kross " Xander "
    Blue @kikinki " Marie "








    Black @Rayne Paige " Rayne "

    C l a s s S c h e d u l e s o f G r a d e


    Class Schedules for Freshmen
    Period 1 - PE
    Period 2 - Homeroom
    Period 3 - History
    Period 4 - English
    Period 5 - Music/Art
    Period 6 - Math
    Period 7 - Free time
    Class Schedules for Sophomores
    Period 1 - History
    Period 2 - PE
    Period 3 - English
    Period 4 - Music/Art
    Period 5 - Math
    Period 6 - Homeroom
    Period 7 - Free time
    Class Schedules for Juniors
    Period 1 - English
    Period 2 - Math
    Period 3 - PE
    Period 4 - History
    Period 5 - Homeroom
    Period 6 - Music/Art
    Period 7 - Free time
    Class Schedules for Seniors
    Period 1 - Math
    Period 2 - Homeroom
    Period 3 - Music/Art
    Period 4 - PE
    Period 5 - History
    Period 6 - English
    Period 7 - Free time

    T e a c h e r s


    Homeroom - Mr. Tekuro ; 24 years old = fun, outgoing and free spirited
    Music/Art - Ms. Pamerlia ; 42 years old = strict, obedient to the rules
    - girls - Ms. Ferens ; 28 years old = caring, lets everyone have their opinion
    - boys - Mr. Kakeru ; 33 years old = loud, wants everyone to exercise
    History - Mr. Namuro ; 47 years old = looks younger, wants everyone to pay attention
    English - Ms. Rascos ; 38 years old = gives everyone chances, wears different outfit everyday
    Math - Mr Tekuro ; 24 years old = fun, outgoing and free spirited

    Everything was the same, school, work, buildings, restaurants, cinemas, malls, cards. Just another ordinary day, that's what everyone would think. You wouldn't even know that someone's watching you, or maybe following you from behind waiting to attack. Lot's of cases had happen of murder, rape and suicide. It was normal for everyone of course since this had always happened. But they never expected that a simple paper of a card could change your life.

    Every card had a meaning, it had different colors and design. Some card like this was rare, it was only told in legends that once a person finds this card they would have eternal protection or destruction. A plain card with a design of a rose with thorns around, these cards were scattered across the world. Red. Blue. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Purple. White. Green. Brown. Gray. Black. Each had different meaning and history, these cards had brought tragedy to the last holders before you, will you handle protecting this card from being stolen?

    In your school Crossover Academy there has been students chosen to be the guardians of this cards, you could either work alone or find those other guardians, it's your choice. Crossover Academy has been an indoor high school where dorms are provided by each grade, don't push your luck the male and female students will also be separated in this matter. You have your own room without any dorm mate, peaceful right? Although there will be high securities at night in case you try to escape, can you handle this without anyone knowing you had a special card. I hope you will.

    Like i said, each of this cards had a deep power inside and you have to find out how to work this power, or maybe handle it. There are some other people like you guarding this kind of card, you might not know it but they might be really close. Maybe you could work together with this people, make sure you aren't alone, make sure you won't tell anyone about this, make sure you don't lose this, make sure you survive. This was a test of the cards.


    Rayne was in her dorm room fixing herself for school, she tied her whitish pink hair in both side leaving some bangs on her face, she was wearing the school uniform very neatly and organize. Now she was ready, looking back on her mirror table the card from yesterday was still there laying down. Last night when she came back from the long semestral break she found a card laying down her bed when she her dorm. It was just a plain ordinary black card with gold lining picturing a rose, she held it for a little while and felt kind of strange. Now it's morning it was still there.

    "Guess i have to bring it then..." her voice was soft and gentle, she held onto the card then placed it on her right bag pocket and walked out of the dorm. Like everyday she will go up in the rooftop and watch the sun come up, that was one of her secret place. The view kept her calm and gives a happy feeling, it made her forget what had happen from her early childhood. The day that she rarely remembers, she shuddered from the thought.
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  2. Marie was slowly brushing her hair, still half asleep. She yawned and put the brush back on her table. She still had some time left, She was alredy dressed up in the school uniform, and she had packed her bag. Only thing still missing from the bag was the card. Marie picked it up from the desk and sighed. "I wish you were here, Sophie..." she whispered to herself. She felt the tears coming already, but she swallowed them down. ´No need to cry this early in the morning.´ She stared at the card until she felt it was okay to move. The card was beautiful, it was blue with a gold lining of a rose. "Wonder where Sophie found this. No, don't think of Sophie." She looked in the mirror to see if her eyes were turning red and saw the clock reflecting from it. ´Oh no, how long was I staring at this card` she freaked. `I'd better hurry.` She quikly put the card into the bag and ran to the hallway. Mr. Namuro would be mad if she was late for the first class.
  3. A card. A flat, stiff--dimensional small piece of cloth, plastic or cardboard. It appeared to be he latter. Yet unlike the usual playing card this one had no numbers nor the familiar symbolism of a playing card or a trading card. Unlike cards with fantastic beasts or ones that had hearts or spades; lay a single rose as red as blood with a gilded lining. It was enough to be entrancing; intrinsic to his very nature it seemed to embody many of the things that he was--who he was.

    He wasn't sure how he had come to this conclusion. Was he insane to think so? Were there others like him? Did they stare--stare at it as much as he had, or did? Xander's eyes stared forwards, transfixed at the card beneath him. Sweat was inching its way down his angular face. He definitely looked the part of a blue blooded rich kid. Except, he was nothing of the sort. High risen cheek bones, almond sage green colored obs which stared out at the world around him, before him. He was definitely one of more fit males at this school. Arms corded with lean arms, not bulky just fit.

    He continued to stare at the card between his arms and below him. A brilliant red, red rose. A lustrous gold trim. A tangle of thorny bramble vines. He had kept the five inch distance in a push-up for more than thirty minutes now. His arms were so sore, the burning had even left leaving him with a sort of numbing sensation.

    What time was it anyways? 4? 5 o'clock? Was it later than that? The sweat from his rigor had accumulated in a small puddle near the card, but he had ensured that it never touched the saltine tears. He couldn't explain his...odd behavior towards the card. It was almost like...poor impulse control on his part. He had to keep it just the way it was. That said, he also never seemed t o go with out it.

    Infatuated...by a card? Great Xander, you're going crazy. Good job.
  4. 'What is it about this card... it feels like it's something important.. that cant be right? It might just be another playing card' Rayne thought, while walking outside heading to the school building she saw some students and waved back, "Rayne! Hey.. what's that?" one of the students ask pointing at the card, immediately she hid it and smiled, "It's nothing, just an ordinary card." For some reasons it felt like she had to hide it.

    Rayne wasn't just any ordinary student, she had high grades in both academics and sports activities, but she never showed sucess in showing how she deeply feels. Her class admires her cause she never says no for an answer, she always helped everyone in need even though she would sometimes be busy. "Rayne, will you carry this to the class room upstairs?" a teacher had said, upstairs? He meant the seniors class right? "Okay, i'll be right on it." she got the folder with important files then walked to the school building.

    "Don't you pity her? She always works hard everyday," a student had whisper, yes she heard it. She always had, while walking towards the seniors class she saw a bunch of guys playing by the staircase, "Hey watch out!" a voice from above said, a guy came stumbling down the stairs as she got surprise and fell. "Dude you just injured a girl!" someone yelled, the files were scattered around the floor. It's been like this everyday, no one even bothered to help her.
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  5. Marie walked to the school building greeting all of the people she knew, which basically meant all of them, except most of the seniors. She met some of friends near the school building. "Whew, it's a really pretty day, isn't it Marie?" "Yep, defianatly! Isn't that girl in our class?" she saw a pink haired girl pass by lookind at something. "Yes, but I can't remember her name...." "It's Rayne, right? Rayne! Hey.. what's that?" "It's nothing, just an ordinary card." she answered and walked by. Marie could have sworn she saw a comletely black card. `What kind of an ordinary card is pitch black?` Marie couldn't really just go and bother her about it. She was in completely different class from Rayne, she wasn't so good at sports, and only a bit above average in academics. She hadn't really seen anyone talking to her, if you don't count requests of some sort. At class she was asked by the teacher to do something again. "Don't you pity her? She always works hard everyday," Mares friend next to her whispered. "I guess I do a little bit" She whispered back. `I have to her from that card, the only one colored ad I've seen is that card Sophie found`
  6. The guy apologized then ran away, Rayne stood up and felt an uneasy pain on her right leg, 'My.... leg... it wont move...' she thought to herself. Somehow she felt panic, she needed to give this files to Mr. Tekuro, a math teacher who is currently teaching the Seniors Class, she can't back out now. Her leg was swelling a bit from the fall, 'I'm near anyway, i'll be okay' she stood up and picked up all the files from the ground, while she was walking her right leg was shaking a bit, it was quite obvious it was injured.

    She knocked at the door and entered the room, the room was quite noisy and energetic, looks like the teacher wasn't here yet. Walking to the table she placed the folders there on top then stared at the whole class, she knew no one here, why wasn't it a surprise. She was about to leave the table though the pain took in place, she fell down on her knees while her leg was already swelling up.
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  7. The teacher kept constantly glancing at the clock. Rayne was taking her time taking those papers. Maybe the teacher just thought he'd give her some time to come back before asking someone go get her. Because of the constant time watching he kept losing the idea of his sentences and the lecture was getting more and more jumpy. The class already started to gossip that she had a secret boyfriend waiting for her or that she was actually a rich heir that got kidnapped. Marie rolled her eyes. "She hasn't been gone for that long you know"She whispered back to her friend that kept whispeing about the theory of her being a lover of one of the teachers. "Seriously how did you even come up with all of those stories?" Teacher finally gave up. "Somebody go see what taking her so long. Marie, you can go. This is going to affect her grade" the last sentence was said only halfly aloud, but everyone still heard it. Marie couldn't believe her ears `Wait.. what?! He seriously asked me to go?` "Sure, I'm already going" `Yes, a perfect opportunity to ask her about that card I saw at the morning.` SS
  8. Xander was on his way to the first class of the morning, many of the students were already buzzing about him. Their voices, hushed and quieted. All whispers and rumors. What's more, he had a unlit cigarette perched between his lips. Was he trying to get caught? Like he'd care. Was he an ego maniac think the rules didn't apply to him? No, nothing like that. He just didn't care. This was well known by many of the students.

    At six foot, four inches, he was intimidating man. His shoulders were broad, and the foot ball coach liked that so he was elected to be the premiere offensive linemen of the schools foot ball team. Despite his unorganized appearance, he was actually quite neat. Whoever heard of a organised bad boy? Nevertheless,organised he was. His notes were categorically labeled, each tucked inside a filing folder. He had several of them, all for his classes.

    He stepped rather leisurely; unhurried unafraid. He was bold, brazen. While some scoffed and scorned his behavior there were others that quietly held their infatuations inside; girls and their girlish crushes and hes fellow males some were envious. He was smart, good looking and strong. Overall well balanced. When he reached the door to his math class, he removed the cigarette from his lips and stuffed it in one of the pockets of his shirt. It was a simple button up, unbuttoned with a form fitting undershirt on under it.

    He found his seat in the back, and in settling in he drew out a sketch pad.
    Xander became engrossed with something new already however. He had retrieved a sketch pad, and as he tilted his chair, leaning back he began to draw. What it was, he didn't quite know yet. Perhaps it would be a composition of his class or something. It was a remarkable piece.. A beautifully drawn angelic woman complete with feathery wings. She was in a tube top and a skirt and brandishing two handguns.

    He hadn't oticed the quiet girl who had entered. However, that was to change when a clatter came and broke his focus as well as the tip of his pencil. Shifting in his seat, he stood up. He was taller than most anyone else. He then stepped towards Rayne and crouched slowly down by her side with his hands dangling between his knees.

    Your leg doesn't look so good. I'm gonna carry you to the nurses office. " He told her then looking at her. " No yelling rape if when I touch you, okay?" He cocked a sarcastic grin.
  9. Rayne blinked repeatedly staring at you, "No yelling rape if when i touch you, okay?" she heard him say having a sarcastic grin, it annoyed her. She never expected the whole class would look, actually none of them looked familiar, "Uhm no thanks i'm go--" she was about to reject his offer until one of the seniors yelled "Hey look at that!" "Is that a card?" "It looks so... different?" She looked over her pockets and saw the card fallen off, she immediately grabbed the black card from the ground and this time placed it in her bag at the very bottom. "Its just an ordinary card" she said with a plain voice.

    She wanted to stand up badly but she couldn't, no she doesn't need help, well maybe she does but she won't admit it.
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  10. "Looks like you're going no where missy." Xander responded. He left out anything about a card, as if he could actually neglect to hear them shouting. His arms scooped her up with ease; one under her legs, one slid along her back. In standing he left the shouting group. Their inquisitiveness rather irritating to him. As a card holder, he knew the stigma that it often brought. Strangers sought to harm you, some would even try to be your friend to deceive you. But he knew, he knew that it was no ordinary card. He stole a glimpse of the card as it had fallen. A black rose, just as his was red. What did hers mean, did she know?

    "You outta keep that a bit more hidden. People get crazy for things they don't understand." He commented carrying Rayne down the hall. Should he tell her he had one too? Should show her? Two heads were better than one, yet, he had to be careful. He knew that she had to be too. He carried her down the flights of steps all the while trying to come up with an excuse,an excuse to ask her about her card.

    He carried er through the office, and back into the nurses station setting her down carefully before he backed away.

    "What do I ow the honor?" The nurse asked as she stepped in.

    "Oh, uh, I was walking and knocked her over on accident. My bad."
  11. Maries visit to the upperman's class was short. She returned to the class with a notice: Rayne had sprained her ankle and was currently at the nurses office. `So long, my opportunity.`Well, it was most likely a normal card like Rayne had said, but still. Marie just couldn't get it out of her mind. It looked too much like her own card, but in black instead of blue. `Maybe she is the person who dropped it on the street where Sophie found it? But even if thats the case, I still have to talk to her about it. If it was her, hope she doesn't want it back`Marie thought nervously. That card reminded her of of Sophie, the golden hearted golden retiever, her only childhood friend. She couldn't pay attention to the lesson anymore, the only thing on her mind was Sophie. The sunny days they used to play outside together, her warm back to lean on on rainy days.. She felt the tears coming again. `No, not again. Focus on the lesson.` Twice a day already. Marie sighed. Maybe she return the card, if only thinking about it made her so sad.
  12. Before you picked her up she got confused on what you said, she never understood what you meant until now, "W-wait--" once they left she saw the other seniors murmuring about something, 'My reputation will be ruin.. because a guy wouldn't follow me?! Does he even know who i am!' she thought annoyed to herself. Never in her life did someone disobey her, even though she was hurt she never accepts a request ever since she was a young girl, she was strong enough to handle her own. Though there were some accidents that she couldn't do, but who cares she was raised this way. Now staring at what had happen she was annoyed, maybe he doesn't care about who she is? 'Heh, that's impossible' she thought.

    "You outta keep that a bit more hidden. People get crazy for things they don't understand." she heard him say, "What do you mean by that-- bad-ump, her heartbeat paused for a second, he knew about the card. No thats impossible, she never told anyone about it. Even though they saw the features of the card its impossible for him to know that we had to hide it. Maybe it was just a cuinsidence yeah a cuincidence. Once she realize they were going down the stairs she closed her eyes tight, she wondered why did he want to help her, wait a minute that's it! He wanted to get rid of her--

    "Oh, uh, I was walking and knocked her over on accident. My bad." 'Pfft, what a liar! I could send you to court,' she thought, but then she needed to know how he knew about the cards, does he have one? That's impossible, no one can have another card like this... right?

    The nurse was about to treat the wound on her knee and foot until she waved her right hand giving her a warm calm smile, "I don't need that, although thank you very much ms. riraty" she remembered her name since that was the easiest one to memorize, "Im not that fragile you know, i could take this see" she stood up and walked around, although it hurt really bad she put on a confident face, this was who she is. Her grandmother had taught her to be confident, trustworthy, passionate, helpful and brave, yet had a gentle and fragile side that she was suppose to show in a gamble with another. This was the side she hated the most.

    While went walking around she looked down at her bag, if she doesn't go to class now the teacher will get mad at her, "So if you do excuse me Ms." politely she bowed down to the nurse and grabbed her bag already walking heading to the door, her foot still might hurts but class was much more important to her than what happens to herself.

    ( R e - e d i t e d )
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  13. "I don't need that, although thank you very much Ms.Riraty"Man this girl was prideful. It was beginning to make Xander's head hurt. It made him scratch his head momentarily as he watched the nurse look at him. "I'm not that fragile you know, I could take this see." If there was one thing Xander hated, it was a faker. It irritated him.It did so to no end. He was a person that that always tried to stay true to himself. If he was scared, he was scared. If he was angry--he was angry. He wouldn't have tried to shove it and pretend it wasn't there. Although, he did understand it. He wasn't always this cynical man everyone thought they knew.

    "So if you do excuse me Ms." ​He watched her bow, still trying to pas off as capable. But he could see the swelling, the slight relenting of of weight as though she were vaguely favoring the leg--sparing it the full weight and instead trying to put more weight on her other leg. It might have fooled the nurse but he had been injured enough times to know better--plus he had watched her collapse in a classroom. His conscious would be detrimental if helmet her walk out injured the way she was.

    He stepped in the door way, his build enough to block it, especially when he folded his arms. "Get on the bench. I'm not letting you limp out of here like that. It'll mess with my karma. You might be able to fool everyone else with your silly pride, but you're not gonna weasel your way out this time--not until you get hat leg checked."

    Why was he doing this? Was it because she had a card? Was it be cause..sh was a girl? He hadn't deterimined the cause just yet. All his mind kept saying to him was "Just cause."

    "Why am I doing this/ Why should I care?" He'd ask himself.

    "Just cause." Was his heart's response.

    (OOC: I sincerely apologize for holding this up. x.x I've been really sick and its cause of a pre-existing condition I've been trying to catch up to everyone. I am fully caught up and I will be able to post regularly from here on. Gomen nasai! >.<)
  14. "Get on the bench. I'm not letting you limp out of here like that. It'll mess with my karma. You might be able to fool everyone else with your silly pride, but you're not gonna weasel yourself out this time--not until you get hat leg checked." she heard the guy while standing in front of her blocking her way, why would he care anyway? it was clear he was a bit annoyed of her. Rayne gave him a 'i'm gonna kill you soon' glare and smiled yet again, "You don't need to worry about me and all," she said in a teasing voice, "I'm really okay--" before she finishes her sentence the nurse quickly grabbed her arm and threw her over the bench, how was that possible?!

    The nurse's right eye sparkled, "This time... i'm treating Rayne Mirichiyo~!" she said in a happy tone, it was the first time for Rayne to be injured so basically she was glad that happened, and kind of disappointed for her. Immediately the nurse had removed her shoe and looked at the wound she had a surprised look and stared at Rayne, "That's a terrible one, you have to go and check up with a doctor Mirichiyo, i'll call your parents immediately--" "NO!" the nurse heard her yell.

    "I'm really alright, don't need to call them." she grabbed her shoe from the nurse leaving her with a cold shoulder, if it was about her parents she'd do anything to leave them behind. Afterwards she stood in front of the guy and said in a demanding voice, "Move. Now."
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  15. "You don't need to worry about me and all," She told him coyly, trying to pull Xander into her act. Xander wasn't biting, "I'm really okay-" Xander leaned down, he was about to to say something himself when the nurse yanked the girl away. It surprised the hell out of Xander who himself hand to blink before he stood back upright as the nurse quickly drew the girl to the bench.

    ...Not to self...never make the nurse angry...He thought as he perked a brow in questioning.

    "This time... I'm treating Rayne Mirichiyo~!"The nurse then told her--even more frightening perhaps, she was smiling! This...unnerved Xander.Maybe this wasn't a good idea..?

    He then peered over the nurses shoulder in curiosity as she removed the girl's shoe. He wanted to see what was the cause of her falling over.
    "That's a terrible one, you have to go and check up with a doctor Mirichiyo, I'll call your parents immediately--" Was it really that bad?

    "NO!" The girl blurted out. Inside he sighed. This was starting to be a real pain...He could feel that vein throb.

    "I'm really alright, don't need to call them." The hell was up with this girl? Was she afraid of something, or someone?

    What is she hiding...? He pondered, keeping an eye on her. He watched as she snatched away her shoe and then limped towards him. She was no longer hiding the fact she couldn't stand it.

    "Move. Now."She demanded."Or...what? You gonna kick me with your bum leg? I don't really see you kicking me with your good one, you'll just fall over again." He almost was mocking her if it wasn't for the truth in his words.

    Xander opened his arms with a sigh. " Come on, I'll take you to the hospital, since you obviously don't want your parents finding out."
  16. Rayne clenched her fist already peeved at his doings, "Fine then, don't move." she was looking down the ground while her expression darken she had a smirked then whispered "You're gonna get it...", suddenly she had a bright deceiving smile on her face, "You're really worried about me are you~ Aww, your so sweet. I don't even know your name. Perhaps maybe your a stalker~" she said in a high pitch voice, she had done this before so she didn't even hesitate, if he wouldn't let her out the easy way then the hard way it shall be.

    She surprisingly hugged him since he had his arms opened and said,
    "You even want to touch me huh? You're really like me don't you?" her voice was sweet, but not sweet enough she thought.

    'Move already you jerk' she thought, acting was the only thing she was greatly good at instead of academics, and this time it was really useful.

    'That's a terrible one, you have to go and check up with a doctor Mirichiyo, I'll call your parents immediately.' it annoyed her remembering what she had said, how could she get quickly hurt by falling down the stairs, no she already knew the answer, she is weak.

    "Alright~ I'll go to the doctor with you~" her voice was now uneven, so was her acting. Weak? No she was stronger than anyone here....right?
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  17. "Fine then, don't move."The girl huffed, seeming somewhat irritated by his disposition to help her. He stared down at her with a frown at her refusal to be treated. He knew she was in pain, there was no sense in this. What could she have been thinking? He noticed her sunny demeanor had changed. "You're gonna get it..." He cocked a brow in suspicion. Get what? Was she going to attack him? Xander mentally prepared himself every way-- but one. "You're really worried about me are you~ Aww, your so sweet. I don't even know your name. Perhaps maybe your a stalker~"His eyes moved from her, to the nurse and returned t o the mysterious girl.

    "Doubful. I don't have time to be a stalker..."He muttered, turning slightly red from the accusation. Not from gult, but from the idea of him following a girl round like that. It was absurd!

    "You even want to touch me huh? You're really like me don't you?" This made him turn even more red. He was still stuck on the idea of following her around.

    "Touch you?!" He exclaimed taken back by the proposition. "No, I wouldn't touch you like that!" He shoved his face to the side hiding his deepening blush. What the hell was she thinking?! Was this some ploy?! It had to be!

    "Alright~ I'll go to the doctor with you~" She committed herself to the acceptance. His refusal to move--even when he might have been implicated as a rapist or something.

    "Hmph." He scoffed. He was now bright red. What's worse, he leaned down and picked her back up bridal style. "I'm carrying you to my car. No ands, ifs or buts." He told her, not yet able to look her in the eye again--at least, not right now. He began by carrying her out of the nurse's room, and back through the main office.
  18. "Got...you...." her expression darken once she noticed you have left the nurse's room, before you even get to the main office Rayne whispered something on his ear, "Drop me down now.. otherwise i'm gonna scream..." she said as a threat.

    "Look at how your carrying me... isn't it a bit suspicious? I could act my talk, do you even think they have the chance to refuse someone like me?" she said smirking already, this was the other side of her, the side that rarely even comes. "I'm late in class... which has never happened before. Obviously they'd ask someone to look for me... once they see me in this position they could accuse you of kidnapping..." she said, although was quite unsure if they did send someone to get her. "Besides... even if you did tell them your taking me to the hospital they won't allow you... they won't allow a low life like you to bring me there." that was the final result. Never once in her life did she threaten someone since she was younger, well there was once in kindergarten but never happened again in a few years.

    Rayne clapped her hands together then had a sweet smile, "Finally, i can get out of here." she said then waited for your answer. "Put me down... Xan-der-kun~" the card inside her bag was already glowing a dark aurora, what was the meaning of this?
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  19. "Got...you...."His eye brow arched again, what was up now? "Drop me down now.. otherwise i'm gonna scream..." So that was her endgame? Screaming?

    "Go ahead, by all means--scream till you're blue in the face. Maybe they'll check your head at the hospital too." He sarcastically mouthed. He was never one to play games much. Not these ones anyway.

    "Look at how your carrying me... isn't it a bit suspicious? I could act my talk, do you even think they have the chance to refuse someone like me?This made him blink. The sheer absurdity this girl had. She definitely had the audacity thing down.

    Xander suddenly stopped. " You know, you're right." He told her. "This isn't the way to carry you." He suddenly hanged his hold on her. Soon, she found her self slumped over one of his broad muscled shoulders just as he hit the door ad stepped outside towards the parking lot.

    "I'm late in class... which has never happened before. Obviously they'd ask someone to look for me... once they see me in this position they could accuse you of kidnapping..."

    "That all? They might get me for speeding too you know." He teased her still walking towards his car. People were staring, but he paid them no mind.

    "Besides... even if you did tell them your taking me to the hospital they won't allow you... they won't allow a low life like you to bring me there."

    "Put me down... Xan-der-kun~"

    He stopped there, leaning slightly forwards. H
    e slowly sat her down. The moment would have incredible tension coming from him. Almost to the point she could sense he was going to blow. What she wouldn't realize, was they were by his car.

    "I know, gaijin right? That's the term to be used here?" He asked before he leaned down to eye level. "I wanna see anyone of those boys try and stop me." He said without blinking. He then popped the door to his car open for her.

    It was unlike any car she had perhaps ever seen. A 1969 Dodge Charger. Red with black trim. Ironically.

    "Ladies first."

  20. Rayne blinked as she saw the car, he must be joking right? She shook her head while crossing her arms, "No way am i riding that, nope not even a slight chance!" she said while staying put on where she was standing, many were already looking and whispering, this had annoyed her. This was impossible, her reputation will be ruined soon enough once they spread that rumor around.

    She looked down thinking for a while then obediently went inside and sat down,
    "Just hurry up before i'll regret this." she had said really annoyed, it was surprising to the others since she had actually agreed to follow him. It shocked her a bit too but decided the faster it is, the faster this will end, and she'd avoid the schools nasty but creative rumor.
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