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  1. C O F F E E

    How do you like your coffee? Do you like it with steamed milk? Sugar cubes? Half and half? Specialty flavored creamer? Powdered creamer? Fancy coffee house coffee blends?

    I'm curious.

    I like mine black, no cream or sugar, cause I'm a beast like that.

    How about you?

  2. Yes.

    I was a barista, back in the day, for a bakery/shoppe in Cali, so I picked up my one true addiction, besides shoplifting.

    I'm a coffee junkie. I like espresso shots, lattes, macchiatos, breve, con panna, cappuccino, french pressed, drip, London Fog, CBC . . . On and on and on. *is kind of twitchy because she hasn't had her fix, yet.*

    Though half n half and those frap thingies at Starfuck's are disgusting. :P
  3. Blair

    "Yes. A more charming and less creepy Dracula." She chuckled as she turned to him "Im almost considering calling out sick," she shook her head "But that wouldn't be quite right."


    She turned towards him "Are you worried they are going to cause more trouble here?" She asked "I mean find you."
  4. That's not coffee.

    Oh wait you can't get real colombian coffee lolz nvrmind.
  5. Well, mostly because it's really expensive to live in Cali and people are assholes and don't tip their baristas. D:< I just thought of coming home with a bag full of coffee and brioche was just a new, radical waste management technique.

    Darky, if you could smuggle me some, I would take back all of those horrible things I said about you. :D

    BTW: go to Hawaii, drink the local coffee-ANY blend will do. It is like having a piece of God in your mouth. o_o
  6. I don't like coffee, at all. Then again I heard that it's like beer, an acquired taste. I just think it's too bitter overall, unless I add so much milk and sugar it barely qualifies as coffee...

    I use sugared goods to stay awake at night....that and chocolatemilk...
  7. I LOVE COFFEE! So good. I'll drink it any way that it comes.
  8. I used to be a barista, too.

    Funny enough, I never liked coffee. I don't have an ADDICTION to it like most people have, but I can appreciate a good cup of jo! As for just a simple cup of coffee, I add a few tablespoons of sugar. That's it. No cream; I just like to sweeten it up a little.

    However, I do love me some good, well-built coffee dranks. I used to always make myself an iced soy hazelnut latte. It is DELICIOUS. I can also dig a shot of espresso, with some of that sugar in the raw added to it. A.. Cuban shot, I think it's called.
  9. Blair

    She smiled "Thank you again. And tell Dylan I send him my regards." She nodded and grabbed his hand gently before kissing his cheek. "Alright, lets get this over with!" She pumped her hands in the air and then quickly rushed out the front door.


    She bit her lip "I am sure because they know he is dead now...or at least missing, more will be coming."
  10. I'm not a big fan of coffee ( I prefer chocolate and tea!) but I do like flavored coffee drinks! :D And it has to have lots of sugar and cream.

    Coffee for some reason gives me the same effect as a bit of alcohol. c__c It's not the caffeine in it, nor the sugar. Something about the actual coffee. If I drink more than one cup I get really really sleepy and kinda drunk, like within 15 minutes or so after drinking it. x____X I might have an allergy or somethin'!
  11. And here I thought we were gonna discuss our favorite hidden mod...

    I don't drink coffee, so yeah.
  12. Who?

    Okay so if it's a warm beverage I tend to drink it, tea, coffee, hot toddy, hot chocolate... I don't think I have a favorite way of dealing with coffee because there is so many things one can do with it. One way I do like drinking it is with molasses (or brown sugar) and milk however.
  13. I've tried coffee with honey before.

    It was nice.
  14. I haven't gotten to know Coffee that well yet!! sorry! *innocent smile*

    oh...you mean the other coffee...

    well I cut back a bit but I've drank it black or with cream/sugar just depends on my mood, but it makes me sick and headachy now if i drink it too much so i avoid it when i can :(
  15. Toasted Marshmallow latte.


    or dark roast w/ LIGHT French Vanilla
  16. Toasted marshmallow latte>?

    Where can I get one of these>?
  17. I like it with 2 creams. no Sugar.

    Unless it's a latte. Then I like a non-fat, sugar-free Vanilla one with an extra shot of espresso. *twitches*
  18. Don't drink it.


    I can function & drive a car safely within 5 minutes of waking up any day of the week.


    (2 fake sugars + 2 cream)

    I don't require it to give myself any kind of DRIVE, but I am a fan of warm drinks. I also drink a cup of it with a dessert because I do not like sweet things. Caffiene doesn't really have an effect on me...

  20. No, like this!


    Mochas were actually, hands down, the most popular drink I ever made (aside from the simple latte). A lot of people really just want something warm and caffeinated. It's only those bitchy soccer moms that get uppity over their "tall non-fat soy half-caf sugar-free vanilla latte with an extra shot."