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    1. While this is a Invite Only RP. If you can send me a charachter I think is fitting, and provide me a sample of your writing that I can judge, I might allow one or two exra players. This HAS to be done over PM as to not clutter the OC.
    2. I do not expect super big, super advanced posts. But I do expect a paragraph or more.
    3. I will have people post at least once every week if possible, once every two weeks at the least. You get one slip up per cycle. Slip up twice in a row without telling, and you are out
    4. Any questions, any questions at all, do let me know.

    The C-Listers:
    Genre: Superheroes, Humour, The Fantastic​

    Welcome to Mercury City, Home of the Gold Battalion and Captain Ultra. A place of marvel with flying men and women battling grotesque monsters and alien invaders. Mercury city lies of the Eastern Coast, one of the worlds biggest cities, and the US capital of Supers. MC has been the hot spot for magical attacks, alien landings and other crazy, none to pleasant events. The Cites police force have a special task force, The Super Suppression Unit or The SSU for short, tasked to deal with the smaller fry and to back up the big guns when it's needed. Speaking of the big guns, there are a number of American Superhero organizations. The most prominent one is the Gold Battalion. Led by the Super known as Captain Ultra, they are the most famous of all super heroes. The GB have affiliated subsections all across the globe, and its founding members are practically gods in the eyes of the people.

    Captain Ultra is the prototype of the All American Dream. A blonde, steely eyed superhuman who got his powers from a Alien experiment. He can fly, lift cars with one hand and is impervious to almost anything. The Rubric is the groups super genius, who has built and designed all the tech they use. The Walker is their Mystic, nobody knows what his deal is, he always shows up when magic is going awry. Last is Madame Shifter. A lady of class and sophistication she apparently comes from a alternate dimension and can teleport and read minds.

    And the City also Harbors villains. Great and small. The Greatest is Dr Morpheus, PHD in World Domination. The lone surviving human of a alternate timeline where Humanity was wiped out by a biological superweapon, Morpheus merged with the weapon and came to our timeline to end the world anew. He was of course stopped, and now he is reduced 'simply' being the worlds second smartest man and the crazies of mad geniuses.

    You'd think a society under the onslought of the wierd would collapse sooner or later. But no, the world has gotten used to it by now. Used to the large scale destruction, the personal vandettas, the mad scientist raising a army of mutant rats. For more then two centuries, some sort of vigilante have battled some sort of serial killing madman. And it's not like Mercury City is the only place with superheroes and villains either. Break Town has its mysterius magical avenger couple: Rowina Red and Bobby Blue. Plutopolis have Victor Wonderous, the genius inventor. Heroes and Villains are part of the world order in a world filled with supermen, psuedo-gods and secret agents. The Earth houses Inter Galactic superheroes, time travelling detectives, titanium alloyed cyborgs and Billionares. And of course, you have the timedisplaced crimelords, the dark magicians, the crazy half-gods and galactic overlords. Nemesises to the greatest names of the Supers. Fear inducing by the very mention of their names, despite always falling short of world.

    So. Where do you fit in? Well, This isn't about them. This isn't about Dr Morpheus or Captain Ultra. This is about you, the lowrung, low on the totem and up and starting C-List villain. You have done the oddjobs for B-list and A-list villains, taken the fall for their crazy plans. You have been a mook for far to long. Your last crime spree was stopped rather pathetically and now you need resources. That's why you find yourself in the company of fellow C-Listers. Fed up with the table scraps, you are now forming a team. Well. Forming a team, getting money, building a base, establishing a name. All of that good stuff bad guys should be doing!

    Life as a C-Lister

    Understanding the Mook:

    Let's face it. You aren't gonna take out Captain Ultra. You may be able to slog him once with a sucker punch, but him slogging you back is just gonna hurt that much more. You might be a mad genius, but you do not have the money, or the tech or the connections to build anything more then a sophisticated suit with blasters. At least so far.

    Escaping MOOKDOM: On the subject of power growth.

    A little known fact is that all Supers seem to grow stronger if they just keep from being pounded into the ground for more then two seconds. The geniuses are self explanatory. New breakthroughs give better tech. Other supers might find their talents grow better with understanding them. Enhanced people might find better formulas or a magician might just find a new artifact to tap into. What ever the case, your powers will grow as long as you don't die or get incarcerated.

    Making a character:

    There are two Specific things you need to keep in mind. One is the Archtype that defines you. This is the origin of your power. The other is your power set. YOur powers will grow, and you will be able to spend "points" to add to your rather lacking arsenal, be it a new power related to your Archtype or new equipment. To start with, you will have two different pieces of equipment/powers. You can either pick one of the generic examples or come up with something more personal.

    Also. You may have two active charachters. In fact, I encourage it!

    • The way to acquire powers are many, or perhaps you are powerless and instead utilize tech. What ever your talent, it is grounded in one of these archtypes. It is possible to pick up a second Archtype later on that isn't Genius, Gifted or Alien as those are inate.

      Magic: Trough artifact, supernatural heriatage or magical training, your powers are derived from magic. Magic has the unfortunate weakness of always coming with a catch. Some obvius weaknes found in a spell book somewhere. Or maybe you ar e just a spellslinger. A gunslinger is a big weakness in that case!

      Specialist: You have no real power. You have however, training beyond that of any normal person. You know martial arts, or you can hit a target square in the heart with a hips hot. Your weakness is obvious, you are human. You rely on tech. Remember to brag about how you have no powers!

      Genius: Your talents lies in gadgetry only you know how to properly operate. Suits, guns, jet planes, You name it. Obviously you share the same weakness as a specialist. Madness somewhat optional.

      Enhanced: Science! Perhaps your friend was a genius, or maybe you were. Experimenting our yourself is staple for supervillains. For whatever reason, you now have super powers. Your weakness tend to lie in whatever counter agent or special equipment the heroes can cook up.

      Alien: You are not from this world. You came here from a different timeline, a different dimension or a even a planet somwhere out there. For what ever reason you are now here, relegated to the minor leagues. Your weakness is generally something native to your home world that for some reason can be found in abundance on earth.

      Gifted: Your power is latent, stored in your genes. You are technically human, but nature saw it fit to give you a talent beyond the usual.

      Construct: Be it magical or scientific. You aren't human. You were made. A homonculi or a robot, A android or a living bio weapon. The weaknesses of Constructs vary due to their origins, but in general it relates to their nonhuman origin. Machines and Magic constructs alike need a power source.

    • Your Power or Equipment is your calling card. You may make or design a power set by picking generic powers or making a power/piece of equipment up yourself, as long as it's not to powerful for a starting talent. Do not make this to general. Have clearly defined and limited powers, equipment or abilities. Is it magic, make sure its not super versetile to the point it can be defined as 40 different variations of a power.

      Generic Starting Powers:

      Strength, you are capable of lifting a container above your head with some effort, your punches can send a grown man flying.

      Speed, you are not quite fast as a bullet, but you sure are a lot faster then the average man. Just not fast enough to outrun a bunch of guns.

      Resistance, You can take a beating, survive a lot more then the average man. You are ideal to slow down the heroes when the mastermind escape!

      Spell book: Your magic comes from spells, spells you've written down. You are still a one trick pony, your spells are awfully limited. But in time... Who knows?

      High Tech Weapon: [/B]You may posses a weapon of some sort that holds unconventional forms of firepower.

      Power Suit MK1:[/B]You aren't a billionaire. You built this thing out of scraps. Possibly in a cave.

      Robotic Frame MK1:[/B] The Robotic equivalent of the powersuit (Construct)

    Character Sheet:

    Please do not take any mainstream heroes or villains.
    Power set:
    Origin Story:
    Even the lesser of the super criminals have a origin somewhere. It might not be extravagant. Maybe you find a magic trinket. Maybe you were the cast off from some military experiment, the less then promising result of some governments black budget.

    Make it at least one paragraph. Backstory is more important in this RP then most others, becouse of the nature of supervillains and superheroes. That doesn't mean I need superdetailed stuff however, we'll let things develop as we go.

    Corperate Ninja - Specialist - Fox Blade - Hellis
    Magical Teenage Wrestler - Magic - Meteora - Hellis
    Irish Master of Pyrotechnics - Specialist - Mad Dog Mulligan - Darog
    Nervous and Desperate Tech guy - Genius - Salvage - Alphakoka
    Vengeful Genius with a Vandetta - Genius - Doctor Gauss - Drifter
    Fledgling Third Generation Sorceress - Magic - Sedna - Drifter
    Mascot and Familiar - Magic - Sealo Foreal - Pastorchoi
    Undead Aztecan Nightmare - Magic - The Count Xuicoatl - Darog
    Adorable Alien Dignitary - Alien - Vim and Vigor - Mglo
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    • Name: Sota Ito
      Persona: Fox Blade
      Clad in a dapper style of clothes at all time, wearing his cheap knockoff katana with him. Soto refueses to take of his mask, even mug photos of him not wearing it do exist and have been showed on live news broadcasts..
      Age: 29
      Archetype: Specialist
      Power set: Ninja: Soto was trained among the Tengu Clan to be a ninja.

      Tengu Style; Blade Adept (I)
      Calling him a Blademaster is a bit much. He is more of a blade adept. He wields his blade to some capacity, but his blade is a cheap unbalanced ebay knockoff. And his skills are rusty even for a rookie ninja.
      Tengu Style; Quick Stepping (I)
      The trademark ability of a Tengu Ninja is to move at sudden, incredible speed. With Sota, he is way to predictable and often appear on the same spot to the right of his targets, slight behind their shoulder
      Enhanced Speed (I)

      Origin Story: Born to a normal family, Sota Grew up with a fascination for ninjas. Such was his fascination that he ran away from home and made himself end up in the notorious "Crow Orphanage" where the Tengu Clan was prone to lift kids from to train. He ended up one of the "lucky few" He trained hard and long, spending years as a lowly jounin rank ninja. He watched his older peers go off on glorious adventures. In fact, the turn over and lack of returns would concern any sane employee. They sent ninjas out in bulk to fight heroes such as "Emerald Tiger" and "Crimson Katana" and nobody ever returned but the few "High Level Ninjas" who fought the heroes head on. And those often ended up taking their life out of shame. Or in some cases, turned into cyborgs to go have another, "Last Fight". This didn't concern Soto. He was paid and clothed, fed and given a bed. ANd he got to learn awesome things. He was a decidingly average ninja. His skill would never net him a higher rank.

      Then one day. The people hiring stopped hiring ninjas. And the man who financed the whole thing, became bankrupt. And like that, hundred of almost trained ninjas was let go. Luckily, mana like Sota, had been trained at everyday skills to help them infiltrate society. Sota became a accountant. He lived a boring 8 to 10 hours a day job, went out drinking with his corperate, former ninjas, now office worker friends. They all reminicened of the old days. One day, Sota decided he needed to travel. He went to the US, to Mercury City. The city that had cost the most ninjas lives. Here he found heroes and villains galore. And a urge rose within him. He bought a cheap fox mask and a terribly made katana of Ebay and tried to hold up a store. He failed, but actually hurt two officers in the process. So now he has been tapped by the Broker to help a bunch of failed bankrobbers do their next job. And possibly form a crew with them

    • Name: Lina Rodriquez
      Persona: Meteoress
      Wearing the Meteor Wrestling championship around her waist at all times, this somewhat scrawny girl carry herself as a scrapper and a fighter. Her eyes are always looking for more trouble.

      Age: 19
      Archetype: Magical
      Power set: Super Lucha; When wearing her stolen championship belt, Linda becomes empowered.
      Generic Strength (II).
      -She posses supernatural strenght, enough to easily pick up a human being and toss him.

      Generic Speed, One Point.
      -She is quite a bit faster then the average man, like a proffesional sprinter at the pique of his career

      Origin Story:
      Born and Raised to a family of legendary Rudos and Technichos (Luchadore terms for Bad and Good guys), Linda has lucha libre in her blood. She is the forth generation in a multi generational championship family. She was by all means meant for greatness. But Linda was a bad apple from the start, she took her place to seriously, she would skip practice and hurt others in the ring on purpose. She would bully others despite their seniority. She got so bad her own brothers and father forbid her to participate in any promotion.

      As misfortune would have it, Lina decided to steal the old championship belt the family kept since generations back. It was only meant for a purehearted champion to wear. She did not care, she put it on. She was endowed with peak strength and speed as it turned out to be made out of ancient and cursed Aztec Gold. With this power she took to the ring unannounced. There she pummeled one of her brothers before she was stopped by The Pistelero, a famous Mexican superhero. She fled the scene, jumped the border and ended up in mercury city. The Broker thought she'd be exellent choice for dumb muscle.
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  2. Name: Dillan Patrick "Paddy" Mulligan

    Persona: Mad Dog Mulligan

    "Bad Day" by AKIRAwrong

    He often wears a variety of combat body Armor suits detailed with a flame decal, to push even further that he likes to burn and set things on fire. He a stands at 6'2" tall, and weighs 215 lbs. He's a rather heavily built man, most of it being muscle, with broad shoulders. his upper body covered in various tattoos with a fire motif, his favourite being that of a Skeleton Biker with a fiery skull on his right arm. Stern face, short, dark red hair, with a 5'o clock shadow sporting a goatee on his chin.

    Age: 35

    Archetype: "Specialist"

    Power set:

    Thermite Shotgun named "Roisin" - Mulligan's pride and joy, his only one true babe. This "beautiful flaming monstrosity of two barrels" is his signature weapon. Don't let him blow all of his fiery load on you. It is a rather large, beaten up looking Shotgun, to which Mulligan carries across his back. He uses it when he feels really nasty and fun.

    Demolitions: "LIGHT THE FUSE!, BITCHES!" - Mulligan is a Demolitions Expert, back from his days in the military and then later as an IRA Terrorist. He loves to make things go "BOOM" and explode with such childish delight. He does specifically stock up on incendiary explosives, he's a pyromaniac, what did you expect?

    Dual Wrist mounted Flamers: "I do want to set the world on fire!" : Mad Dog's love of burning has been added to a new project of his of one day having a "FLAMETHROWER SUIT OF BURNING BRILLIANCE" as these makeshift wrist mounted Flamethrowers spray out a stream of red hot liquid thermite.
    Origin Story:

    Dillan Mulligan's story isn't complex or convoluted, He was just a city boy, born and raised in south Ireland, and his life went into a midnight train wreck of murder, theft and countless cases of arson and GBH. Dillan was not born as the "Mad Dog" as he is today, he was grown and created over years of delinquency and terrorism. At the beginning Dillan was the youngest of five siblings that lived in a small home in the town of Tralee. His mother mostly stayed at home, occasionally working a market stall for extra money, whilst his father, was a drunk, not quite the town drunk, but enough for him to lash out unprovoked and cause enough damage to really scare the kids. Dillan wasn't as afraid as he was he angry. oh boy was he angry, lashing out at others in school for little reason, he was the smallest, but by far he was the meanest kid, some say he even bit another kid's ear off just for laughing at him. His "delinquency" did not go unnoticed by his father, however, Dillan was often at the end of a "good belting."

    He soon felt increasingly angry, at his mother for not stepping in, at his siblings for not being there for him and mostly towards his father. This anger and resentment boiled over, to which one night whilst his family slept, he decided to light the fuse. It is still not quite certain how the whole house lit up in flames, but only Dillan knows, and that secret will die with him, keeping his past ever a secret to even his closest allies. His life after that was fairly typical for someone of that kind of character and personality; moving from foster home to foster home as he got into trouble with authority countless times. It wasn't until he reached the age of eighteen that he decided to make something of his life, to fight a cause bigger than himself, to fight for something more. He then enlisted with the army, a program to reform teen criminals and delinquents. He succeeded with infantry training and soon found himself going through the process of Demolitions Expertise. He knew his purpose was to blow things up or set things on fire. He was eventually dishonorably discharged, a drunken bar fight ended with Dillan clutching a broken bottle towards a Captain's neck. After a year he soon found himself a part of the IRA, as their leading demolitions guy.

    During his endeavors with the IRA, Dillan gained a reputation, as a crazed pyromaniac willing to either "Burn things" or "Burn things dead" whilst being their top demolitions expert. Twelves years in service, would come to an end as again, Dillan was kicked out for extreme behaviour and rather two extreme incidents in involving gouging a man's eyes out. The rest, as they say, is history and now "Mad Dog" Mulligan is what has become of this simple Irish lad, for better or for worse. Probably worse.

    Name: Yayauhqui

    Persona: "The Count Xuicoatl"
    Appearance: His true form Yayauhqui can also appear more human like, albeit heavily cloaked.
    Age: 567
    Archetype: Magic
    Power set:

    Vampiric Strength: Yayauhqui is a Dhampyr, being half vampire, he is much stronger than the average human, and his swipes can cause hefty damage.

    Vampiric Regen: He heals faster than the average human, and can speed up his healing by feeding on blood.

    Tezcatlipoca's Blessing: As a devout follower, and now, his champion, Yauhqui gains magical powers unlike his regular Vampiric brethren. Able to communicate with animals, his current stage power allows him to transform his state of being into that of a mist like form, making him harder to distinguish from his peers.

    Origin Story:

    Yayauhqui was born in an unassuming Aztecan Tribe, trained as a hunter and spent most of his free time worshiping the gods he'd often sacrifice his harvest to. Fate would not allow Yayau to die and be forgotten in the annals of history. He soon discovered an insatiable hunger for blood and flesh. At first he'd try and keep this hunger at bay, feasting on wild animals, but it soon became unsatisfying. He didn't want to endanger his family, and thus carried on with hiding his nature but it soon became his worst. In a blood filled frenzy, he tore apart his love and their infant child, feasting on blood and flesh alike like a deranged monster who couldn't control their urges.

    He left his Tribe in the comforting cold that was the darkness, hoping to seek forgiveness for his crimes, but what he found instead, made matters worse. He discovered he was part undead, something the gods absolutely hated. Finding answers, Yayauhqui was led to Tezcatlipoca, a god of darkness and treachery. He was given a choice; forever be a target for the God's punishment, or join Tezcatlipoca as a champion. He immediately accepted the god's offer, becoming his champion but he soon found out that the bones in his body were changing. They transformed, painfully so, into those of numerous animal bones, at first giving him a form of a demonic abomination. He left his homeland after this event, to seek answers about his Vampiric lineage. Over time he went by many names, even turning a "few" well known figures into powerful vampires themselves, such as Vlad The Impaler. His form was smoothed out, appearing more like a strange, squid beast than the many humped and disfigured monstrosity he was centuries ago. He hopes to actually come of the shadows after a century of slumbering, so that he can truly make the world embrace the darkness.
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  3. Name: Timothy 'Tim' Wilkes

    Persona: Salvage

    Appearance: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/211/a/e/blacksmith_workshop_fix_by_chekydotstudio-d4245ek.jpg

    Age: 33

    Archetype: Genius

    Power set:

    • One man's scrap is another's treasure: As with other Geniuses, Tim specialize in the making of objects that defies the rule of physics if only using materials from what one considers as scrap. Despite being made from scraps, the things he made is good enough to content with B-Listers, however those very items tend to suffer from various problems and malfunction.
    • Cheap Knockoff: By completely dismantling the work of another Genius and studying them, Tim could afterward make his own version of the object. Of course, by nature of not knowing the exact process and using inferior materials, the quality of what he makes suffer from degradation as well as his usual weakness.
    • Clamp: Tim's prototype armor for Heroic endeavor and heavy lifting. Although calling it armor is too generous as it is in its current state, it is closer to a pair of large clamps attached to a huge metal backpack connected to a manual controller, one in each hand for each clamp, with the actual 'armor' part being a plate of Tinker metal that Tim wore as a vest. The clamps are strong enough to lift a grown man and grip strong enough to bend metal. Problem with the current design is the buggy motion sensor that tend to make the clamp "twitch" and the exposed wiring and servos, making it easy for someone to cut an important wire or jam something to prevent movement.

    Origin Story:
    As far as a Genius went, Tim was a fairly low profile one, preferring to run his recycling business while using his talent primarily as a hobby. By the very nature of living in Mercury City, his business also includes the task of gathering and scrapping equipment and techs that were broken during a fight between Supers, what's left behind and forgotten by the SSU and the big guns at least. After a few (relatively) minor incidents involving self-destruct mechanism, Tim had taken it to himself to dismantle the broken techs and, to his surprise, found out that he could later recreate the tech on his own. Apprehensive on the reaction of related Supers, Tim decided against doing anything public, only using what he gained to make small upgrades that would aid him in his business.

    It all changed when a Hero by the name of Big Glory puzzled out his ability and came to him with the work of a long dead Genius. The Hero managed to convince Tim to work with him in dismantling the machine and then reverse engineer it. Believing that it would be used for good and that helping the Hero would give him enough credential and public support to be also be one, Tim agreed and they both started on what would be Tim's Magnum Opus. At least, that was the plan until a Professor Okawam came up in the news after filing in a patent of the exact same machine that they were working on. The news surprised Tim and it was accompanied by Cops and SSU bearing down on him with a warrant. Inevitably, they found various copies of other Geniuses work in his place, including the very latest machine he worked. He was almost immediately brought to the Court, with the Professor/Big Glory citing his notes to be stolen and denying to ever met Tim. Soon after, Tim started his stay in the Helena Ward.
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  4. Name: Stefana Queen

    Persona: Sedna

    Appearance: Short and pale with black hair and dark eyes, Stefana looks like she doesn't get out in the sun much. She is also fond of wearing furs and various pieces of heavy clothing usually associated with the Inuit tribe, which goes to confirm the earlier assumption.

    Age: 18

    Archetype: Magic

    Power set:

    • Spirit Call: Calling upon the power of her bloodline and tapping into a deep vein of spiritual energy, Stefana can utter the name of her familiar (her link to this force) and conjure a raw bolt of energy. With practice, many of her ancestors proved this bolt can take many forms, being shaped to accomplish different tasks. In Stefana's case, she hasn't gotten there yet, and it currently takes the shape of a wide and hard to control wave.
    • Spell-Slinger's Gamble: The Queen family keeps its own set of spells through the generations, and each new witch learns them. Many of them are, well, interesting, but most do not seem to have much use in battle. Stefana can call upon one of these spells that are second nature to her at random, and since this trick doesn't require too much energy, she enjoys using it, even though the odds of getting a truly game-changing bit of magic are slim.

    Origin Story: Ever since the Queen family made their home on the northern coast of Maine 350 years ago, rumors had circulated about the women in the family. Queen women were all said to be witches, and for as far back as any of them can remember, that was more or less true. In rare cases, the trait seemed to skip a few generations and it became much less common when dealing with close branches of the family tree. However, when the young Stefana was born, it was clear that she had the gift of magic. She was given the ceremonial Queen surname at birth and taught all of the odd tricks that her mother, aunt, and grandmother could remember.

    Like every Queen witch before her, Stefana had an imaginary friend who never seemed to go away. According to legend, these childhood companions were born just like any other child's, but as the witch who dreamed them up grew in power, so did they, and they became known as "tulpas". The unconscious magic that they possessed as children caused the figment of their imagination to become real and, in fact, the tulpa now formed a bridge between the witch and the source of her powers.

    Stefana continued to study magic alongside her tulpa, Sealo Foreal, and as she worked through the difficult ages of adolescence, she realized she wanted to learn how to use her powers in a more practical setting. Specifically, she wanted to rob banks, get rich, assassinate politicians who were making the country frustratingly bipartisan, get some press coverage, the usual. She wasn't really sure where to start, but she figured that robbery was as good a place as any to start. If it succeeded, she'd get some money and experience. If she failed, well, her notoriety would begin.

    Abraham Gonzalez

    Persona: Doctor Gauss

    Appearance: Standing at 5'11" with tan skin and short, neatly kempt black hair, he strikes a generally unimpressive figure. His mother was a Jewish Eastern European and his father was a third generation Costa Rican, leading to an interesting mix in terms of facial features and skin tone. He is usually found in loose, maneuverable clothing that won't interfere with lab work, seeing as he often runs back and forth from his bed to his laboratory equipment.

    Age: 34

    Archetype: Genius

    Power set:
    • Gauss Gun: A gun that employs an electromagnetic coil that supercharges a projectile, allowing a small caliber ferromagnetic bullet to reach tremendous speeds. It's a formidable weapon, and its projectiles often cause some minor splash damage thanks to explosions on impact.
    • Magnetic-Grav Boots: A device of his own design, these boots use opposing strong magnetic fields to propel the user, allowing for levitation, hovering, and some limited flying. The boots aren't designed for long distances, and they provide better thrust when metal is present.
    • EM Gauntlets: All the fun of magnekinesis without the genetic mutations or painful lab accidents. The gloves he designed allow him to produce EM fields, which can be used to move metal or interfere with devices.
    Origin Story: Abraham recently received his PhD after taking some time off to bask in his masters degree in physics, and decided to put his dissertation to good use. After coming up with a theory about magnetism and teleportation, he began crafting a machine with a lab filled with similarly minded scientists, hoping to prove that a strong enough EM coil could be the key to accelerating particles enough for instantaneous travel.

    He was about to unveil his creation when Bouncing Betty had to charge through on her never-ending quest for justice. She caught her criminal, but destroyed Abraham's lab in the process. With his machine in pieces and his dreams no better off, Dr. Gonzalez turned his mind towards revenge. He would ruin Bouncing Betty, and he wouldn't stop there. Any super that got in his way would pay. Hell, maybe he'd prove some other theses true by brutally murdering all of the idiot do-gooders with his magnetic death traps.
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  5. Exellent :D

  6. Name:
    Stess Jurich
    Persona: Sealo Foreal
    Age: 18
    Archetype: Magic
    Power set:
    • Seal of the Confessional (I) - Sealo is the messianic figurehead of a small fringe cult called Flipflaps for Jon Hamm (FFFJH). Cultists of FFFJH come from all walks of life, but the bulk of the membership consists of liberal college students, supervisory management, fellow villain mooks, and even the occasional disgruntled hero. Barring a volcano or the depths of outer space, Sealo ALWAYS has an inside man to aid him in his objective.
    • Seal of Solomon (I) - Sealo's tummy is a portal that leads to a hellish ocean dimension called Seaworld. While he is yet able to summon the demons from this horrible place, the access to the portal grants him 2 boons: 1) Anything he eats, small or absurdly large, is transferred through the portal 2) He can channel the unholy water through the portal and upwards through his mouth like a evil hydro pump, punching through feeble human bodies, unbaptizing babies, and giving wet T-shirt contests the extra edge in sin.
    • Crabeater (I) - Sealo possesses super strength, albeit focused entirely in his neck, head, mouth and teeth. It literally gives him a killer headbutt and lets him balance a small human on the tip of his nose with little difficulty. Less importantly, it grants him a biteforce that puts a mecha hyena's to shame, allowing him to rend steel and cut to the bones of even low-level brickwall superpowered. Sealo can unhinge his mouth to swallow a full-grown man, and extend his jaws forward to quickly snap into stuff.
    Origin Story: Stefana and Stess were the only survivors of the Hushed Knoll disaster that struck West Virginia, turning the whole state into America's own supernatural Chernobyl. While Stefana is seemingly in active denial over what happened to her and the Queen family during the disaster, Stess has strove to recreate Hush Knoll in whatever small ways he can muster. He's started a cult, attempted numerous times to breed an anti-christ by mating coyotes and people, used a gullible Master Homoculus to turn his stomach into a gateway to an infinite water dimension, and generally just hangs around teenagers using Ouija boards.

    Whatever happened at Hushed Knoll, he is very, very eager to see it happen again.
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  7. Power pool extended from 2 points to 3. That means you can either upgrade a power or add another ability to your set.
  8. Am considering making a new character, but currently asking myself if I really want to toss Sylar...

    Name: Vim & VigorPersona: n/a
    Age: 7
    Archetype: Alien
    Power set:

    - Diplomatic Impunity (I): When Vim removes an article of clothing or puts one on she is no longer recognizable as a culprit.

    - Vigor the Alpaca (I): Fire-breathing clumsy baby alpaca.

    - Slag Gun (I): A dark golden, obvious piece of luxury, gun. It's a child soldier edition, first generation, a collector's item, so not that great of a militaristic asset. Its bullets are produced by Vim's appointed companion. Baby alpaca will pop 'em out with every bowl movement, their potency entirely dependent on his diet and level of stress.

    Origin Story:
    She was chosen as a last minute, sort of afterthought, kind of oh-we-forgot-this’ll-do-for-the-likes-of-them kind of thing. Sent as a diplomat meant to mock, Vim took on the role as a serious attempt at furthering her career. However, her definition of diplomacy was somewhat skewered by the fact that she grew up as a child soldier who lived in luxury all her long 7 years of life. Convinced that she’s “seen some shit,” she’ll allude to her backstory with a simple “War is hell” every half hour or so.
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  9. You are allowed two characters Mglo
  10. Finally got some wireless all up in this place, so expect an image for Dr. Gauss and a real change in Sedna's powers.
  11. IC is in the works.
  12. IC ETA is Tuesday Sep 15.

    Post Cycle will be two weeks.

    Get hyped.
  13. I really need you guys to make your secondary characters (those that wish to have a secondary). The IC is coming up today. After that I am giving you a week to make your Secondary/Finish your main ones. Two weeks post cycle for the IC post.

    The Two Missions mentioned in the OOC:

    • Upstart Mafia Boss Carmella DeCross need muscle to take out a well guarded gambling joint. Since everyone, even street level heroes, are going to be busy containing Blast Zone, you won't have to deal with anything but goons with guns most likely. Most likely best fitted for the groups bruisers and collateral damage types. DeCross is sending a message.

      Danger level; Low
      Reward: Reputation, DeCross contact, 20 Grand.
      Possible Blowback: Making Alberto Amino your enemy (Second biggest Mob Boss in the city)

      Characters on this mission:
      Meteora - Hellis
      Sedna - Foxxie
      Sealo Foreal - Choi
      The Count -Dargo
      Vim and Vigor - Mglo

    • The Warehouse is very temporary. You need a place more secluded and proper villain like. Luckily for you, Dr Johannes Swan has the perfect lair for you to dwell in. The good doctor himself is dead since 5 years back, and Broker has been keeping his lairs location secret until now. The downside is that said lair is not only a complete wreck but that it has some remaining Swanbots hanging about It is in need of clearing out. The Doctor was exellent at making absurd machinery and his lair is massive. The first Mission will just be to clear out the main command center and lobby alone. Excavating the base entirely is gonna have to wait.

      Danger level; Medium
      Reward: Additional Hideout. Possible tech to scavange
      Possible Blowback: None

      Characters on this mission:
      Fox Blade - Hellis
      Dr Gauss - Drifter

      Salvage - Alphakoka
      Mad Dog Mulligan - Dargo
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  14. Doctor Gauss is going to be very interested in that tech, for sure... meaning that Sedna's gonna go gamblin'.
  15. Been working on a character D: I should be good to go this weekend. Job's kicking my but atm, but dammit I need RP in my life D:

    I'll edit character in my first post and let you know when it's up.
  16. Glad to hear it :D
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