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    Welcome to Mercury City, Home of the Gold Battalion and Captain Ultra. A place of marve with flying men and women battling grotesque monsters and alien invaders. The world has gotten used to it by now. Used to the large scale destruction, the personal vandettas, the mad scientist raising a army of mutant rats. For more then two centuries, some sort of vigilante have battled some sort of serial killing madman.

    Break Town has its mysterius magical avenger couple; Rowina Red and Bobby Blue. Plutopolis have Victor Wonderous, the genius inventor. Heroes and Villains are part of the world order in a world filled with supermen, psuedo-gods and secret agents. It houses Inter Galactic superheroes, time travelling detectives, titanium alloyed cyborgs and Billionares. And of course, you have the time displaced crimelords, the dark magicians, the crazy half-gods and galactic overlords. Nemesises to the greatest names of the Supers. Fear inducing by the very mention of their names, despite always falling short of world.

    Well, This isn't about them. This isn't about Dr Morpheus or Captain Ultra. This is about you, the lowrung, low on the totem and up and starting C-List villain. This rp will be about a bunch of low tier criminals, who after a prison breakout escape together and in their ambition decide to gang up to form a "Super crew". It will follow their ups and downs as they strive to become the ultimate, most dreaded names in all of Super Villainy.

    The Game will start you out as someone so low on the rankings only the most basic of vigilantes would even look your way. You are more worried about the police bringing in Swat then having a caped crusader crashing your party. the RP will also have some management features. As you as a team need to have evil lair. The different missions will allow you to acquire material and money for better gear, improving the lair and building your rep. All to help you towards your goal of becoming the Rulers of the world.

    You will get to choose your origin, be in Magical, Extraterrestial, Genius and tech or natural talents. Your charachters will grow, learn new tricks, aquire better gear. Even aquire personal Nemesises.

    The tone for this will be noticably lighter then most my games.
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  2. I'm very interested in this.
  3. You got me interested, bby.

    Mad Dog Mulligan is ready to bark and bite his way up :D.
  4. Hmm, I guess I'm interested...
  5. interested
  6. Interested, but busy. I'll take a look at the OOC tomorrow.
  7. JOIN THE C-LISTERS TODAY: CONTROL THE WORLD... well someday... hopefully?
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