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    She was woken by the sound of the alarm. The one that always rang at 7 o'clock to wake everyone up. She quickly jumped out of bed, ignoring the ringing in her ears. The sound of the alarm was something you could just never get used to even though you spent you entire life here. Number 2 stood there in her cell thinking why her life had to be this way. Wake up, eat, take the pills, missions, and back to sleep. I guess the missions didn't really bother her. Every mission was different and she loved using her powers. One things she cared less about was the killing, but then again she was killing murderers, which she was told was a good thing for human kind. Thats what they were supposed to do, get rid of all the war in the world by using any means necessary.

    She soon snapped out of her bubble of thoughts, then quickly put on her uniform because she knew that soon a guard would open up her door and escort her to the cafeteria for breakfast. About a minute later the door opened, guards were standing in the doorway, giving had gestures which was indicating for her to come out. She listened to them, like she did everyday of her life. She would never resist them. She knew the consequences if you did. Number 2 really didn't mind this life though, she wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't told to do something. Taking orders from the EOS kept her moving forward.

    Number 2 soon arrived at the cafeteria, everyone was lined up to get their food. She wasn't really hungry at the moment but knew she had to eat to get some energy and prepare her for her next mission which started at 9. After she got her tray, she sat at a table near people she talked to sometimes. Number 2 was pretty reserved when they were in the EOS facility but was talkative by always giving orders to Class B C.E during missions. She had to be a leader during missions because she was the second best in Class A. She thought that maybe she should start talking to others in the facility to maybe build bonds so that their teamwork would be better on missions, but today she thought wasn't any different, she didn't care about being alone. Isn't that they way it has to be at the EOS? And she liked working alone doing her own things and bossing around lower ranking C.E on missions. Besides it will be graduation soon and she might or might not see any C.E anymore depending if she was going to live on the Dyson. So she just sat there minding her own business and started to eat. ​
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  2. The 7 o'clock alarm also woke Number 72, who begrudgingly rose as she considered how she could stop the alarm if she still had her powers, if they didn't wear off every day, like the S class. But truthfully, Number 72 didn't want to join the S class. She had a terribly uncomfortable power, and to have that constantly for the rest of her life...well, it wasn't worth it.

    About ten minutes later, Number 72 collected her breakfast and scooted into the table diagonally across from Number 2. At first the A class had intimidated Number 72, but after a while she had felt herself above most of the B class and decided there was no reason the top ten of the B class shouldn't socialize with the A class.

    "Food," Number 72 commented, and held up a sausage before eating it, as if the gesture was a salute to sustenance.
  3. S rank 3rd seat number 109 heard the alarm and quickly got up from the mat where she had been meditating for the past hour. She had already been dressed and gotten ready for the day. She didn't really fancy the schedules of this facility but then again everyone has their own little problem with the place.
    109 quickly made her way to the cafeteria to get her breakfast before too many people showed up. Here it was either you're early and get your share or be late and get what's left. Good thing she was an early riser.

    After getting a tray and properly picking out the healthiest food she took a seat in the corner two tables from number 2 of A rank and 72 of B rank. She herself was in S rank and was rather proud of it, she also loved her power but like all others wasn't allowed to use it in the facility
  4. It was a day to day regular routine. Wake up at 7, eat, receive missions and go out to complete it. Standard protocol for C.E.s. Number 29 stood in line to receive his breakfast. At least today it was breakfast sausage. He picked up his tray, took his food and proceeded to the cafeteria to find a seat. He scanned the room, searching for an empty table. Of course, there wasn't any. He knew this would happen but his ever observant eyes still have that habit of searching.

    Finally he saw a table occupied by only two people. He walked over and sat down to eat. At his table was fellow B class Number 72 and A Class Number 2. A Class members were generally considered the best out of everyone, being of far more use to society than B Class. With this mindset, one would think A Class members would have a snobbish mentality, and it was true as far as the ones he had interacted with. He hadn't really interacted with Number 2 much before so hopefully she was different.

    Although there is the possibility she is not.

    Still, it would be rude to not at least say hi to his fellow C.E. class members.

    "Number 2, Number 72," he nodded, taking bites out of his breakfast.
  5. Number 106, or ten-six as she liked to call herself, had been up for approximately twenty-four minutes and thirty seconds prior to breakfast. She was not an early riser, but on this particular day she was for the sake of training and getting her mind ready for the mission sheet she would be handed. On a day-to-day basis this was Number 106's routine: wake whenever, train until whenever, and show up for food whenever. Except today, there would be sausage on the breakfast counter so the blonde was ready to get her first pick. Eventually she made her way to the cafeteria, grabbing a tray and loading it with the acceptable amount of food awarded for being in the C.E.

    "Yay," Number 106 mumbled sarcastically to herself, looking around the cafeteria block to see not an empty table in sight. She sighed heavily and decided to just surround herself with her normal comrades. "Número dos, setenta y dos, veintinueve," she nodded toward each person as she took a seat next to the B Class male, "How is everyone's morning?" Taking her fork, she use the side to cut into her sausage's and take careful bites before sipping her Apple Juice.
  6. "Number 29" She replied back as he took a seat near her. Number 2 had memorized all the soldiers rankings and the number they were called by. She was supposed to, and she had managed to do so before most C.E members when everyone was young. Of course everyone had to know who everyone else was. Number 2 always showed excellence in everything she did and you could say that she was the perfection type of person. Everything she did had to be perfect and done right. Because of this I guess people thought of her as a snobby person but in fact she didn't know what exactly she was or how she felt. She was always told what to do here in the facility, but I guess all of the other soldiers felt this way also.

    At the moment, it seemed like the people at the table seemed like they wanted to start a conversation. Number 2 wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody. She just wanted to get to her next mission. She stood up, still not done with her food and placed it back on the rack near the cooks, waiting for them so they could start to wash them. "I don't need too talk to anyone'" She thought. Distancing herself from others was something she did on a regular basis. Of course she didn't know at the time that she was doing this because she didn't want to get hurt. A lot of C.E soldiers die and have been replaced by new ones. She didn't want to become close to someone so that she could watch them die in front of her eyes.

    Number 2 left the cafeteria and went straight to the mission board to pick her Class A mission. All of them were the usual extermination missions. One that caught her eye was a mission for both Class B and Class A. The mission was called EX NO.176. As she read it, it seemed she couldn't do this alone. "I guess I have to find someone to help. I can't do this alone. It would be dangerous if I did" She sighed. She then wrote on the paper hanging on the mission board saying. 'Mission EX NO. 176 accepted by 'Number 2' (NEED ASSISTANCE. WILL NOT ACCEPT AFTER 9' O CLOCK. MEET ME OUTSIDE MY ROOM)' As soon as she finished, she made her way to the medical room to pick up her what she called power pills. The pills do not take affect till they leave the facility. Number 2 had no idea why this was. It was a mystery to all the C.E, it was a secret kept from all of us. After she took her pill, she waited outside her room to see who would join her on her mission.
  7. Number 72 finished her breakfast and casually stacked her dish with the others, then headed to the mission board to see what job she could get today. Number 2's 176 looked as good as any; with mission names like that, who was to tell which were better than others?

    Number 72 patted her pocket to be sure she had remembered to retrieve a pill this morning, then went to Number 2's room. Number 2 was standing near the door. Number 72 gave her a nod. "I'm here," she said, "Know where we're going?"
  8. As soon as Number 2 finished her meal and left, 29 rolled his eyes. He should have known better than to be too hopeful. What should he have expected from an A class?

    Number 72 followed soon after, leaving just him and Number 106.

    “I guess most of us are doing okay,” he replied to 106’s greeting. He finished the rest of his meal and discarded his tray then left the cafeteria, taking a leisurely walk to the mission board. He wasn’t in any real hurry. Protocol only requires that a C.E. picks up at least one mission per day before a specific time and he had plenty of that.

    Finally he reached the mission board and skimmed the list, looking for easy missions. It’s not like he didn’t want to take higher level missions. If he did, the success of those would greatly bump him up in the ranks, but he doubted with his ability the likelihood of success. He even figured he would die before he could get a chance to use it effectively. No, he was just selective, looking for ones that he knew for sure he could do.

    He noted the missions that looked simple enough, keeping them in mind as he went down the list. Then he noticed Ex. No 176. It was one of those rare missions that needed both A and B class which meant the target was a highly wanted criminal. The points earned weren’t too bad either. Success wouldn’t bring him to the Top Ten but it sure would be close. Later on he could even squeeze in a few easy missions and he could be there.

    He looked at it again before noticing who was leading it: A class Number 2. He stopped himself from writing his name. Looks like 72 was in on this too. While C.E. were trained to be emotionless, dedicated soldiers, Number 29 did have a sense of dignity; and he didn’t just forget things too, despite how trivial something as leaving the table in the middle of breakfast was. Would he really disregard everything for a few extra points?

    The clock was ticking. He only had a half hour before nine.

    With a sigh, he wrote his number. Take it, he told himself. Give yourself a challenge, some excitement before graduation. 2 and 72 will be there, so at least he knew he had someone to protect his back. ‘Sides, it’s not like you’ll work with either of them after this.

    Number 29 left the missions board and headed to the medical unit and picked up his pill. He swallowed it and proceeded to Number 2’s room. Number 72 was already there.

    “I’m here,” he said. “Let’s get started.”
  9. As soon as 72 approached her, she thought to herself 'Well at least one partner is better than none' Still not really sure if anyone else was coming with them on the mission. "I'm here. Know where we're going?" She heard 72 ask. "I'll tell you as soon as I find out how many people are coming on the mission.

    I don't want to have to repeat it twice" She replied.About ten minutes later 29 came up to them saying "I'm here. Let's get started"

    Number 2 felt as it he didn't want to be here. Was that the kind of attitude an underling should act towards their upperclassmen? She wasn't in the mood to give him a little lecture at the moment, considering she did ignore these people during breakfast. Plus she did tell herself she was going to try act a little lady because it was her last year. "Ok I don't know if anyone else is attending this mission but I'll tell you what the mission plan is now." She said then took a deep breath. "This is an Extermination Mission. The reports say that there is a small group thats making their way to the walls of Galea. It isn't specified what crimes they committed, but we have to do what we have to do"

    This seemed like a pretty normal mission but Number 2 didn't know how the EOS found out about this group and their plans. It gave her an odd feeling. 'Why do we have to exterminate this group? Is the EOS not telling us something?' She thought to herself as she gestured her team mates towards the garage. "Come on, lets get into the truck"
  10. Number 29 listened to Number 2's briefing. It seemed standard: Find and eliminate, at least for an Extermination mission. He was more used to observe, stalk, and capture missions. But he can work with an extermination. He may not be much help, but he'll do what he can.

    Oh, already?, he thought as Number 2 led them into the garage. Possibly they could wait a little more for others to join, but it seemed nobody else was coming along with. He strapped himself in the truck and felt the butterflies in his stomach churning intensely. Oh what did he get himself into? Number 29 looked at both of his teammates. He sighed; maybe it be best to discuss things with them first, possibly ask them to look out for him whenever possible on this mission. He will definitely try his best to protect them too, but he wanted to make sure he could rely on the others to not let him die out there.

    "Hey, um, when we get there, we got eachother's backs, right?" he began. "I'm not the strongest among us, I might even be the weakest, but I can trust you guys to watch out for me?"