LESSON C C Part 3: The Spark and The Domino Effect

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  1. Have you ever played with Domino's? Set them up, push them down, all fun and games right?


    Something known as 'The Domino Effect' is one of the greatest metaphor's to conflict out there. Let's look at our series so far.

    The setting up of the Domino's would be the areas we have covered so far.

    First you need Domino's and someone to set them up.

    That would be Natural Discrepancy's

    The actual act of building the Domino Line, as I like to call, is Tension and build up.

    The Spark? Well that would be the person or natural element that pushes the first domino down.

    Then The Domino Effect is the actual falling of the Pieces, whilst the aftermath is the mess and clean up of said mess afterwards.

    Let's look at the spark for now. The Spark to any conflict becomes more interesting the smaller and more insignificant it seems to be. There is however, a limit. The actual conflict becomes pretty silly if it was all started when a little bug went Achoo! and ended with world war three. So you have to create some limit to the size of your spark.

    When creating a spark, it is best to make it so those directly involved look at it as a small choice or insignificant event.

    Let's look at a scenario;

    Perhaps a medieval shipping yard is presented with a shipment of wine to head to the royal family of the nation for some sort of ball. This shipping yard often deals with wines is given explicit instructions to keep this particular load under high surveillance, but due to certain circumstances the company is not told why or where it is the wine is going.

    Due to this lack of a reason, the situation is taken a little less seriously than it would have been had the company been given all of the info. As a result this information is not transferred to the employees charged with handling the wine. These employees also happen to be known for getting a little drunk off of the wine they are handling whilst on the job 'perks, Am I right?'. So the Employees serve themselves some of the wine they were handling and by the end of the job they become rather sloshed.

    As a result they forget to lock down the wine at the end of the night, leaving to their homes unawares.

    It is then that a certain group decides to take the opportunity to poison this particular wine. It then heads to the Royal Castle as planned the next morning..

    Let's stop here for now.

    Our spark was a little harder to identify here so let me point it out. "Due to certain circumstances the company is not told why or where the wine is going"

    Nothing but a simple oversight by the Royal family themselves. When trying to figure out the spark think of it this way, which was the earliest action that, if done differently, could have prevented this whole ordeal?

    In this case it would be this action. Just a small oversight, that no one directly involved could have thought to be the cause of the major conflict at the time.

    Now, where were we.

    The wine get's shipped, arriving at the royal families manor by noon. During the cooking process, some of the cooks take a sample of the wine to judge its taste, they immediately fall over dead. Upon closer inspection it is discovered that the whole batch is poisoned and the castle goes into an uproar.

    The king, who just happens to be quick to anger and misjudgement, immediately blames the shipping yard and sets it to the pyre.

    However, this particular shipping yard also happens to be owned by a neighboring kingdom that already has strenuous relations with the nation that just burnt down the ship yard.

    After a few days of bad politics war breaks out and the land is set alight with the sound of battle.

    Now, everything that happens after the initial spark is the Domino Effect, and each time a new Domino falls the stakes get raised higher and higher, until a climax is reached. While my particular conflict is pretty bland, it is supposed to be. The conflict you develop is entirely your own deal and feel free to spice it as you like.

    Remember, in a conflict, one side does not necessarily have to win. IE: The cold war

    It is very possible to have an unresolved conflict that simply peeters off due to both sides admitting defeat, or situations changing that make the current conflict insignificant. This happens often in school related rp's and/or slice of life pieces. If your arch enemy moves to a new city, you haven't necessarily beaten them, they just aren't around anymore.

    So concludes C C Part 3,

    Have a good play,

    Sincerely, A.