C.C Noir

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  1. On what seemed like years on a stinky, rusted steam ship, you arrive to it, the beautiful, lustrous, amazing...
    Some heart jump for joy at the sight of it, for others, complete dread, and then there are those who don't give a crap!
    But alas, the boat stops, and a loudspeaker turns on to make an announcement.
    "attention de-I mean C.C Noir agents, you have arrived at the destination, just outside, to your left, is the C.C Noir headquarters, where your operations will commence, You will also have access to this port. Be quick and be alert, for you will need it in this town, now please get out, as I have other things to attend too.
    and just like that, you are alone, in a big city, trying to find a way to just settle down.
    with THIS as your crappy HQ:
    (it is literally a motel that got converted and barricaded, yay!))
    But just as soon as you have set foot upon the city's grounds, the Crimminal Leaders are already plotting your downfall...
    ~Undisclosed location~
    "Well, look what we have here, another group of misfits waiting to get slaughtered."
    "Oh well. it's not like the US has another batch of them anyways. It seems so endless..."
    "I know really? It seems like the stupidest thing ever!"
    "Well why don't we just let them live, see the sights, just for a bit if you know what I mean?"
    "Uhh, Jarvis? That sounds stupid."
    "I don't know, maybe you'll like it, it seems good to me!"
    "OH COME OONN CATHY!!! Everything that comes out of that damn guy's mouth sounds good to you.
    "That's not true."
    "Really Jarvis? We ALL know you are quite the ladies' man."
    "Oh my god, you guy are just agreeing with each other I can clearly see it."
    "SHUT UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!!"
    "Aurthur, stop being such a tough guy! We all know your a softy!"
    "BANG!BANG!" two gunshots were heard, and then another man walks into the room.
    "It seems we have a problem with our leadership here in Crystal City, Now do I have to change that, perhaps...shorten the number of leaders? Or can we all get along and know our place?"
    they all shouted simultaneously, "YES SIR!"
    "Good, now here's the plan, we are going to let them live for three days, let them see the sights and all, then they are free game, for any of you, I wish that they are also dispatched of swiftly after those three days though, show no mercy, Is that understood?"
    "YES SIR!"
    "Then I see no more reasoning of this meeting, You are all dismissed. Go on your merry ways...
    And PLEASE, do kill them. I don't want Crystal city to look weak in front of the world now..."

    And now, you come in, you are all currently on the dock, next to the CCNHQ, the CC treasury is currently $2,063, and a few pistols, batons, bats, and cigarettes are located in an armory downstairs in the CCNHQ basement. the top floor is all beds and chests for personal items.
    Happy hunting!
  2. Once the speaker was done Stevie got out of the boat. Once she was out she looked at the headquarters where she would be staying with the other Agents. 'Wow... That's better than where I lived before which was an apartment with my mom before she... You know I promised myself I wouldn't think about that. I hope I can settle down eventually. And of course see the sites... That is if I live that long.' She began to head towards the headquarters. Slowly and then stopped and pulled out her flask. Which she had in her pocket. 'Man ever since I started to think of home I can't get my mom out of my head. I can't let the other see me down ever or a least not till we get to know each other.' And with that she took a sip of the bottle witch she had filled with vodka before she left everything behind except for the few things she was aloud to bring with her. She closed her eyes and let the tingle burning sensation take place within her throat. 'Ahh... That will help.' She opened her eyes, and put the lid back on the flask, and put it once more within her pocket. 'I just have to make sure not to drink if we get attacked or when were planing or any bad unplanned bad occasions, and like before bed no alcohol. But I'm glad Dave cared enough to make me promise I'd be careful with the alcohol. It was nice to know someone cared. Man what a drag though. But he's right I need to be careful.' Still standing a ways from the dock she looked up to the sky. 'I wonder how this will go. Ever since that day of the accident I haven't been to kin on meeting knew people. Let alone making eminent friends.'*sigh* 'I wonder who all the others are I didn't really talk to any of them. Are they even getting off the boat. Whatever? At least there a nice view of the water.' She turned her head to look at the dock once more and again to the sky lost again in thought.
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  3. Gerony stepped out and almost lost it. What a fabulous sight! He had worked as a village policeman for almost twenty years, so being commissioned here was thrilling. All those... buildings! And the people who live there! They must be so exciting and different than those in Maple Hill! Although, now that he looked a bit closer, it started to look a bit weird.
    He went down the steps and walked for a moment, when he met Stevie.
    "Ah, hey, um, I'm Gerony Hurdel and I'll be working in the Crystal City for now. I was just commissioned here after... my previous job ended. Do you know why the city looks so grim?"
  4. "Hi. I'm Stevie and I will also be working with the Crystal City I hope for a good while. And I'm not sure why the city looks this way, but my guess would be the criminals that live here have something to do with it." Stevie turned to see Gerony.
  5. "Ah, right, that is quite possible. So, I think I'll go straight in the city! I don't even have any luggage to take to my bunk. Do we have bunks in the HQ? It looks luxurious, who knows, we might have seperate rooms. But I'll spare the surprise for later."
    Gerony pulls out his VP70 and heads out towards the nearby dark alleys.
  6. "I don't know but I'm going to go on to HQ because I did have some luggage. I'll check out town latter." Stevie walked to HQ and went inside. She noticed that so far it was what she expected for the first room looked like a living room or meeting room she wasn't sure which but figured both. She went down a hall and found a bed room on the right she went in and noticed it looked plain so she decided it must not be anyone specific room. She went over to the drogues with her luggage and began to un-pack her clothes that she brought and that was mostly it except what she was keeping on her.