By Virtue of Unity: Convection

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    ([ Subject ])

    In homage to both the science fiction and slice-of-life drama genres, the story is intended revolve around a group of once-upon-a-time friends. Their sudden insertion into a far future Earth is a shock which leaves them painfully isolated from their familiar world of iPhones and Priuses.

    Though meant to include many elements of technological complexity, this is merely a backdrop to the more emphasized value of the relationships between the various characters — each of them bound by their respective virtues and inhibitions; their vices and their prejudices.

    The implications of their presence in this new world are likely to be an influence on their broken mutuality, though whether it will be an instigator or a motivator has yet to be seen. Dependent on their reactions to various complications, they may either come together in the face of adversity or lose each other in the rush and excitement of this novel society.

    Synopsis ])

    Originally long-time close friends, the characters had drifted apart as a result of their various conflicting ideologies. Whether these issues rose out of the very bonds which once held them together or if they were the result of situational disagreements is truly up to the players' interpretations of each other's character.

    But before the last moment — that herald of their mutuality's demise — could arrive, the peers themselves met their end in some hazy memory whose nature has yet to be understood. Perhaps it was a simple accident; perhaps it was something malicious. Whatever the case, their state of death was not to last.

    The fact that they find themselves in the midst of what looks to be a sunny clearing among some woodland trees is one which may leave them completely stupefied; how — why — they have been brought here is a very good question.

    It is to be revealed to them that they have been saved by the ingenuity of humankind's nearly unstoppable march toward technological utopia. Whatever reason they, of all people, are the only such throwbacks in this world is the very reason why their revival is to be one of the most critical points in a history which these peers have not been a part of for centuries.

    ([ Clarifications ])
    "It seems inevitable that the 'friends' split apart. Can this be countered?"

    The idea was that the roleplay takes place after said animosity has already been realized, though it's not necessary that every individual be a loner among the circle.

    It is more the intention that there will be a number of disagreements and frustrations to work over to start with, and that without such recovery, the peers will find themselves very much alone in the new world.

    Certain individuals may remain amicable toward each other, and as the roleplay progresses, I expect that the starting conflicts will be resolved (or perhaps replaced).

    "Will we be playing realistic or anime characters?"

    I'm not actually sure. I suppose that'll depend on the preferences of the other players. I typically write text-based descriptions, though I did have a face picked out in the event people favored anime images.

    "What sort of group size would make sense?"

    Because I imagine this to be a long-term circle of friends, it seems appropriate that there be a number of them to realize the variety of the personalities one would expect to meet in such a group. Roughly five to seven characters is a good estimate, though players may or may not write for multiple characters.

    So, what's your take on all this? Is this something you'd be interested in roleplaying — with certain changes, perhaps? Any suggestions regardless of your intentions? I'm receptive to pointers both here and in PM, and if you have any questions or other comments, I'd be glad to hear those, too! :3
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  2. I wanna sign up. I'm soooo counted in
  3. Glad to hear it, Glory. :3
  4. I wanna play :D
  5. Super! I'll make sure to notify you when I put up the plotting thread. :3
  6. ([ UPDATE ])
    We are still alive and kicking, in hopes more players want to get on board!

    I currently have an ad sitting in the moderation pool since Saturday, though it appears there's been some sort of delay keeping it from going through in a timely fashion. In the meantime, I've opened up a PM group with the eager players so we have contact with each other whilst we wait for others to voice their interest.

    Upon reaching a good handful, I'll open up a plotting thread and we can get to work discussing the preferences governing the roleplay and the pre-existing relationships between the several characters.

    Currently, we have two active players and one unconfirmed interested individual; the imagined party size is roughly five to seven, though if players are willing to write for multiple characters, this may not necessarily be the size of the roleplaying group itself.

    Happy Thursday! ♥
  7. I am quite interested in this. Do you have the roles you want filled sorted out? Could you include me in the pm group for discussion?
  8. Wonderful! I'll get you added in momentarily.

    The roles among the group are as of yet undefined. We'll likely get into that upon getting the player base saturated, and when we have a plotting thread up and running. The particular roles aren't important so much as having a variety of characters to work with, I feel. Ultimately, it'll be up to the party as a whole what sort of characteristics we feel are necessary.
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