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  1. By the Shore

    Loch Morar was quiet, as usual. It had been quiet for years. Well, on this end of the area. Sorcha wasn't quite sure about the other end of the lake. She would travel, but she was absolutely starving; she didn't want to take the long voyage for nothing. But, since there was no one around, she was resorting to eating rabbits.

    Rabbits! Like a feral animal! She was much more civilized than this. She was a trickster, not a chaser. She had no other choice, though. And it wasn't as if it didn't work. She did have a dead rabbit in her hands, bleeding out as she took a large bite of it. Furry. Too much so to her tastes. She made a face down at it, but continued. Honest to god, she would do anything for a proper meal at the moment.

    One she finished, she tossed the bones back in the water, and brushed back her black hair. She had always preferred being in human form; she could use her hands for things. Hooves were just so useless, really. She didn't know why anyone would like that over thumbs. Speaking of which, she made sure to lick any excess off of them, to ensure she got every last bit possible.

    She wondered when more boats would come. Humans usually came every few months. Or, they used to. Now? Now, there was no one. She didn't know why they stopped. It wasn't as if she ate everyone that came down this way. Only the rude ones! If anything, she was doing them all a favor, really.

    She sighed, laying back on her rock and shutting her eyes. Hopefully something bigger than a rabbit would come along soon. Something slow, too-she wasn't keen on chasing something fast, and the rabbit from before was enough fast for a lifetime. More than that, she wished for some company. Talking to the reflection in the water was not exactly.....satisfying for her.
  2. Sapphire
    The feeling of Sapphire's heart pounding in her chest wasn't as satisfying as she had wished for. Running away from home was supposed to be freeing her, not making her feel trapped and as though she couldn't breathe.

    The tree bark was rough against her hand, and her bare feet ached. Five more seconds, then you run again. She straightened her bent back, and listened for any sound of footsteps. Her father probably had not noticed her absence yet, but she couldn't be careful enough.
    One more second; you just need to make it a little farther. A deep breath in, and she was off.

    Sapphire had never liked running; the air in her face was sure to give her a cold one of these days. Besides her father, being sick was the thing she hated the most. And yes, she considers her father a "thing". No true person would abuse their own daughter, let alone enjoy doing so.

    Sapphire closed her burning eyes, and kept running blindly. She didn't know where she was going, so why did she need to see? Bumping into a tree may benefit her, who knows.

    She knew she was going to have to stop again soon. She was getting clumsy; her long skirt constantly getting in her way. And of course, right as she thought it, she tripped.

    The feeling of grass against her skin wasn't pleasant, and neither was rolling down this hill. It wasn't steep, but she was tumbling fast. Her light weight probably added to the momentum.

    Water. She had rolled into a lake. It cooled her off, and for this she was grateful. She had never learned how to swim though. She briefly opened her eyes, and bit her lip as the water stung them. As she looked up towards the ground, she saw a figure. Not a human, but what she didn't know.

    She tried to push herself through the water, her interest piqued. She just barely made out what seemed to be a horse, before going under again. Drowning couldn't be the worst death though, could it?

  3. Sorcha
    There was someone nearby. Not something. Someone. Someone was in her lake. Sorcha's eyes snapped open, and she sat up, eyes narrowing a bit as she scanned the water. Then, she saw it. A human girl. Her lips curled into a smile. The poor thing. Drowning? Now, Sorcha wasn't hungry any longer, but she wasn't about to get a possible meal killed right in front of her. She wanted to keep this one alive. Alive, of course, until needed.

    The girl- creature, really -dipped into the water, feeling herself slip into a more comfortable form. In the water, that is. Out of water, human was the way to go. In water.....well, being a sea horse wasn't so bad in water.

    It was this way that she dragged the mortal ashore. The poor, poor thing. She almost felt pity for it. She shifted once more, loving the feeling of having arms once more, but also loving the feeling of the water soaking her hair and her green dress. It was a good feeling, a feeling of home, but also of adventure, reminding her of when she was younger. A time long past, but still, a time that had happened. It was a feeling of rebellion, but not too far off from safety.

    She didn't bask in it long. Rather, she knelt down beside the girl, studying her with a small frown. She was alone, it would seem, and that was quite odd. Humans seemed to tend to stick together, to her knowledge, especially the young ones. So what was this one doing so far off? She wasn't sure, but she was curious. She moved back to give the girl room to breath, granted that the water didn't fill her lungs right off the bat. Sorcha figured that if the girl died, it wouldn't be her fault. She had, technically, done all she could. The meal lost would be....not satisfactory, to say the least, though.
  4. Sapphire
    She was being carried. Out of the water, to freedom. She'd be able to breathe again, hopefully. Someone, something, was saving her. She wished to open her eyes and see what, but she felt so weak.

    Air. They were out of the lake. Sapphire gasped, struggling for air. She coughed, the movement hurting her chest. She was in pain, but if she could handle her father she could handle this.

    Finally the coughing stopped, but not after she had rid herself of the water she had swallowed. She slowly opened her eyes, and slowly took in the female before her. Her dress was much nicer than any Sapphire had ever worn, and overall the person seemed okay.

    But Sapphire was never one of trust. Trying to not look nervous, she looked around her. She knew she couldn't run away, and if this woman desired she could easily follow her. I don't like this.

    She was tempted to sit there, pretend to be mute. But surely that wouldn't work, would it? The person would catch on. They had that look upon them; clearly they aren't stupid. So with a small huff of dissatisfaction, Sapphire mumbled a "thank you for saving me."

    It's not what she wanted to say, but she needed to try and be nice. This woman could drag her back to her father, after all. And that was not an option.

  5. Sorcha
    Sorcha cocked her head to the side a little, before smiling. The little human seemed a bit cautious. Rightly so, too. She wasn't quite sure whether she could tell what Sorcha was- the seaweed usually gave it away, to be quite honest -but she seemed smart. Well, smart enough. Smart enough to be polite, but not to be downright trusting. Good girl.

    Oh, and a thank you? That was absolutely darling. Well, if the girl would talk, she would also. There wasn't a point not to. Besides, it could be good fun. She was sure her future meal could keep up a good chat.

    She took a seat on a rock once more, combing one hand through her wet hair as she spoke "Tha thu di-beathte gu math, ghrĂ dhach." She replied smoothly, before realizing the language barrier might be a problem, and correcting herself "I mean, it's no problem, dear. Now, what are you doing out in the woods, hm? There's many unpleasant things out here, you know. Haven't your parent's ever told you about the monsters in the woods?" She flashed a toothy grin, though all her teeth were human- she wasn't going to let up the con quite yet.
  6. Sapphire
    Sapphire raised an eyebrow, curious as to what the language the woman had originally spoke was. She probably should have known, yet she didn't.

    She blinked, clearing her vision of the drops of water that still remained. After, she turned her attention to the woman once again, and watched as the woman combed through her hair. At first she hadn't noticed it, but now Sapphire saw seaweed among the locks of hair. She knew she had heard something of people with seaweed in their hair, yet at the moment her memory was failing her. All she could remember was one word, beware.

    Well, surely she already wasn't fully trusting this person, and now she had another reason to not be fond of her. And of course she had asked the one question Sapphire didn't want to answer.

    "My father is the only monster I fear. If I can bear him, surely I can bear other things." She replied, careful to keep her voice steady. While straightening her shirt, Sapphire thought of the stories she heard when she was younger. But they were just stories, right?

  7. Sorcha
    "Now, I wouldn't say that. Your father didn't kill you where you stood, or you wouldn't be here." Sorcha replied, studying the girl more carefully "I don't think you could bear something ripping your throat out with it's teeth. Or, perhaps, even eating you alive." she paused, before letting out a huff of amusement "You almost couldn't bear the water, my dear. Water isn't even a creature, and yet you almost succumbed to it."

    She smiled kindly at the girl, deciding to add "Now, what's your name?" for good measure. After all, she was here to play nice and hear a story. That all started with the name. It was good to start with the less important things, then move on to the more important ones. To work your way up the scale, slowly. Trust was fundamental, and asking for her life's tale right away was suspicious. The girl was already such, so Sorcha would humor her for a bit.

    Her father used to help her with this sort of thing. Always teaching her lessons. Telling her that people were food, not friends, not even pets. She didn't quite understand at first, but then, she did. After all, it was just the food chain. She was at the top of it. Humans were under her. She ate them, like they ate countless other creatures. There was no difference, so she certainly didn't feel any remorse. The only difference is that she liked to play with her food before eating it.
  8. Show Spoiler
    Well that was harsh. Sapphire was stunned, and slightly aggravated. Yes, she couldn't swim. Sure, she wasn't exactly fit. But she was mentally strong, and that's what mattered to her.

    "I-" Sapphire stopped, trying to gather her words in a manner where they wouldn't be rude. "Water is nothing but a liquid. A sponge could easily overcome the water. I would like to think I am stronger than a sponge." Okay, that made no sense. You're embarrassing yourself.

    "What I mean is strength is not all about being fit. Strength is in the mind. And I'd like to think I'm pretty strong in the head." You're making it worse. Just, stay quiet now.

    But of course, the other had asked her name after all. It'd be rude not to answer. "Sapphire. Yours?"

    Okay, now she could remain silent. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and again tried to remember more about the people with seaweed in their hair. Personally, Sapphire didn't like this person much. But it hurt her to say so, considering she had saved her life. Yet she made her nervous, and had her rambling on about sponges of all things.

    Most importantly, she made her feel weak. Weakness was a feeling Sapphire was used too, and she despised it. She longed to be better than who she was. She had told a lie to this woman and herself. She is not head smart, and not strong in any way, shape, or form. She was weak.

  9. Sorcha
    "Sponges soak up the water, dear, and I think you were doing a damn fine job of that also." she said in reply to the first statement, finding the whole thing to be amusing "I didn't think anyone could hold that much water in their lungs. Obviously, I was proven quite wrong."

    She yawned a bit, before deciding to answer the question, and give a bit more information about herself. Nothing too private, of course. Just a bit to get the girl more comfortable. "My name is Sorcha. I live around this area. Though, that doesn't mean many do, and I have to say, I have not seen you around. The only town I've heard of is near the other side of the loch, or across the forest. No where nearby." She raised an eyebrow "So, I'll guess you ran. And then entered the water, rather stupidly if I do say. It didn't appear that you knew how to stay afloat."

    And wasn't that just the funniest thing? A girl runs into the water, without knowing how to swim! It was certainly something. This girl was already doing a fine job of entertainment, and that made Sorcha fairly pleased. She had been dreading disappointment, since this was her first social interaction in ages, but this girl, Sapphire, seemed to deliver just fine.
  10. Show Spoiler

    Sapphire wished she was better as comebacks. This woman, who she now knew was named Sorcha, had practically made her all nerves. She was slowly becoming a blabbermouth as she searched for something to say.

    "I didn't run into the water, I rolled into it. This skirt is too long, and was in my way. I've never been a nimble person."

    Sapphire was tempted to lie about how she had ended up here, and where she was from. But Sorcha already knew the two nearby towns, so there wasn't much she could do. "The forest, I came from across the forest. I guess you could say I ran, though I see it as more of a series of tripping."

    She lives here. Sapphire thought, having now got the replies out of the way. She wasn't sure where she could live, since there wasn't much around. Who would want to live right by a lake?

    This woman just seemed to become more and more odd as the time passed. Sapphire wanted to be able to make a snide remark, to drag Sorcha down to the same level as her.

    If only she hadn't always let her father do all the talking, or if she had paid more attention. Maybe if she played her cards properly, she could find a way to put them on equal playing fields.

    Sapphire was beginning to wonder why saw this as a battle, or why she felt so bent. She had never had gut instincts, but now she felt the need to develop some. Something was fishy, and it wasn't just the lake.

  11. Sorcha
    "Into the forest?" Sorcha raised an eyebrow at that "The other direction would have been much smarter. Though, I do suppose the trees provide cover, there are much more places to hide." she paused, before shrugging a little "Then again, there are also more places to hide a body." She flashed a grin at Sapphire "Not that I would know, hm?"

    Boyd would love this girl half to death, she sworn. Not that the girl was charming or anything, she just seemed to have gears whirling in her head. Not fast enough, obviously, to notice the issues with this situation, but enough to provide a amusing conversation. The dunnie, when she had known him, liked messing with people, and liked them to notice.

    She missed him.

    Maybe, though, she'd keep the girl alive. Just a bit longer than expected, of course. Company was hard to get out here, and food was abundant, so she could survive with this. She also knew there was a old cottage nearby, abandoned. Yes, broken down, but there's nothing a little fixing up couldn't do. She would manage it, if she felt so inclined to do so.
  12. Show Spoiler


    "I chose the forest because I wanted to experience nature for once. Eighteen years of staying in a house I dealt with. I wished to feel the grass beneath my feet and the bark against my hand. That is all." Sapphire crossed her arms, which was uncommon for her. While she had chosen the forest to use for hiding, all she had said was true. She would lie, but not about this.

    Now what had Sorcha meant about hiding bodies, and why had she smiled after saying so, Sapphire didn't know. Was she simply joking, or perhaps a creep? Sapphire couldn't be sure yet, but she intended to find out later on.

    "I'm not sure I understand why you seem to find me incapable of surviving the forest. I may be weak, but I'm not a dip!" Sapphire usually wouldn't defend herself, but at the time she felt the need.

    Flustered, Sapphire swept her damp hair to one side, and picked at a loose string on her blouse. She knew she wasn't hiding her feelings well, but at the moment she didn't care.

    What she did care about was if she was being followed. Perhaps her weakness would help her. If Sorcha didn't think she could brave the forest, neither would her father. It'd be the last place he'd look. With a slight smile, Sapphire realized she just might get away with this.

  13. Sorcha
    Sorcha laughed a bit "Dear, it isn't just you. I find anyone and everyone incapable of surviving the forest. It's just a thing." she replied, waving a hand dismissively "Do you just think there's bark and grass out here? I've seen wildcats and badgers. Very feisty, able to take off a few fingers at the least. Now, those are lesser dangers, of course."

    She stood up "Also, what about food? Can you hunt? Do you have a place to sleep? More clothing to wear? What will you do when the weather gets colder?" she continued "Did you plan this out at all? I doubt it, completely. And, more to my point, you would have drowned if it weren't for my presence at this lake."

    This girl clearly had no sense of self preservation. It was a bit annoying, hearing her talk as if the forest was a nice, friendly place, and that stepping in fairy circles would just bring along a good, fun time, instead of horrible thing, or acting as if such things didn't even exist. She was right here. Not that the girl knew it, though.
  14. Show Spoiler

    "Well what was I supposed to do? I had just as much of a chance of being killed at home as I did in that forest. I'm not worried about my fingers, I'm worried about father! His constant rage was getting worse-" Sapphire stopped, wiping angrily at the tears beginning to fall down her face.

    "I had no choice." She whispered, more so trying to reassure herself than Sorcha. "I had no bag to pack, no time to plan. Everything in the house belonged to father. If I would have took anything along with me, I would've been in worse trouble than I already was. Every minute I was expected to serve him."

    Sapphire wasn't sure why she had just said all this. She had told herself she wouldn't get emotional, and now here she sat, crying. No matter what she did, it seemed she could only make herself seem more pathetic. She was pitiful, and she was beginning to realize it too.

  15. Sorcha
    Sorcha paused a moment, eyes scanning the girl a moment, before sighing and rubbing the side of her head "Well, there is a cottage in the forest you can use, to stay it. It has a boat, if I remember correctly, and I'm SURE you can find a way to fish. But, forewarning, I do live near said cottage. If you are going to stay there, you're going to have to follow a few simple rules for your safety. Understood?" She said, eyeing the girl sternly.

    She didn't exactly know why she fell for the whole sob story. She would blame it on the lack of social interaction, she figured. But, now she was in to help this girl, if even for the short amount of the time before she or some other creature ate her. And that would more likely than not happen. But, that didn't remedy that she would have to do things now, for a meal.

    Her father would be ashamed. Her mother, too. Boyd, even, though he didn't exactly eat people. That she knew of, anyway. The point was that she already regretted this.
  16. Show Spoiler

    "What are these rules, ma'am?" Sapphire asked, sarcasm laced through her words. While she should be grateful for a place to stay, instead she was leery of Sorcha's true intentions.

    She wondered if they were truly for her safety, or rather Sorcha's benefit. Either way, it seemed slightly bananas for a stranger to offer her shelter. Well, not a stranger, but still someone she didn't know well.

    Fishing did sound fun though. Sapphire figured it couldn't be that hard. She'd just have to make a net or something, and find some bait. It should be a piece of cake. If these rules were fair enough, life wouldn't be too bad for the next few days.

  17. Sorcha
    "First of all, no wandering at night. Actually, no wandering in general outside of the area you know, but stay indoors at night." Sorcha began with, as she would rather the girl stay in one piece "Two, do not follow me around if you see me. First of all, it's a bit certifiable if you do. I don't know anyone that would, but I think it's good to mention. Third, if you see anything unusual, you tell me the first chance you get. Fourth, don't piss off any more wild life than necessary." She was sure that was everything "Alright? Please do tell me all of that made sense to you, I made it fairly simple."

    Very simple, more like. If the girl couldn't get this, Sorcha was better off just eating her now. She would just get herself eaten, anyway, so it wasn't exactly a loss. She was sure the fairies would carry her off. Maybe THEY would eat her, and that would be a bit funny. Fairies, eating someone? A bit far-fetched.
  18. Show Spoiler

    "Okay, no wandering, stay inside, and don't agitate the animals. Sounds simple enough. As for following you, I wouldn't even think of doing so. I'd be afraid to see where you live. The decor may be nice, but honestly I can see a few skeletons being hidden in your closet."

    Sapphire was relieved the rules were fair, and almost felt guilty for what she had said. Almost, being the key word. She meant what she said, and that's what matters. Manors were something Sapphire wasn't to keen on, and she wasn't planning on changing that.

    Sorcha did seen like she may have a few secrets, and she was clearly not afraid to hold back either. Sapphire didn't trust her, but she'd stay quiet. For now, at least.

  19. Sorcha
    "Who knows, dear? Maybe they're in yours. I forget where I place my murder victims, really. Slips my mind." Sorcha responded dryly. She obviously knew were all the bodies- or cleaned bones -of her victims went, and that was directly to the bottom of the deep lake. Well, that was a lie. She had left the rabbit carcass somewhere, as the girl showing up suddenly distracted her.

    "It's a rather good thing I'm not keen on you seeing where I live, either. The fact I'm helping you in the first place should make you a bit grateful. Honestly, maybe I should just take my offer back, it isn't as if I have anything to gain from it." She added a bit haughtily, pride stung. This girl should be honored to be offered her help, after all. Yes, her home might be a cave, but here she was, a powerful shapeshifter, giving a lowly mortal a place to stay. That was something, wasn't it?
  20. Show Spoiler

    "Murder victims? You're joking, right?" The words slipped out of Sapphire's mouth before she had time to truly think them over. Now she'd dug a grave, and it seemed she may have to lay in it.

    "I am grateful, please don't get me wrong. I just have some concerns is all. You barely know me, and you're offering me a place to stay. I can't help but be suspicious. Especially now that you're talking murder. Not to add you have seaweed in your hair, which I now to be a dangerous thing. I just can't remember why."

    Sapphire tried to put on a slight act; make herself seem sweet and innocent. Surely she could sweet talk her way to Sorcha's good side. At least, she hoped so.
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