By the Mist

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  1. By the fog, my dreams are unknown but known, a secret to myself, I have kept it all alone. I wanna find home with the clouds all beside me, if you have seen the bad side of me, Han Lin, it is one year, I am longing.
    It is a journey to a world unknown, and I wanted to find you, before I knew you.
    Caught up and twisted, the mist that surrounds us, this beginning is quite mysterious.
  2. I wonder, tell me, Demnise...Why me of all people? There are plenty of fish in the sea. I'm don't feel like I am suited for you. But there is something about you that makes me curious.
    Show me how you drive, it'll show who you are.
  3. I'm a wreckless driver, I'll smash my desires into a crash of traffic loads, waiting forever, a demising lover. I want you because you're you. I haven't seen your face for the longest time and my destination hasn't officially arrived.
  4. You don't have to be. Stay with me, Demnise, we can be together...forever.
  5. Growing younger everyday? You take a smile upon my face. Han Lin, I know you're handsome.
  6. And I know you're beautiful. Don't go just yet...
  7. I'm rather lonesome... The mist has been so unclear, and by the way, they're keeping secrets from me.
  8. A love can be released, finished not then, but waiting of in eaten ash, the crime forced on the draft, the nightmares of our past, a smoke that lays the vapors of purity.