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    [Werewolf] had once been part of a large pack of his kind. He loved his pack like family, and as an orphan, he grew thankful for the Alpha's guidance and the Beta's nurturing nature. But a year ago, it was all torn away from him by another pack. A pack that has been rumored to have been killing humans and werewolves alike.

    In his year on the run, [Werewolf] devises a plan to defeat the rogue pack. But the thing is, he'll need a pack of his own. A pack with werewolves that listen to him. A pack where he is the Alpha. All he needs is a mate, a Beta, before he begins recruiting pack members. And he has a certain someone in mind...

    [Captive] is a normal teenage girl. A human girl. A human girl who just so happens to have caught the eye of [Werewolf]. He wants her for the Beta of his new pack. He wants her to love him. He wants her to let him Change her. One day, he captures her and places her in a secluded cabin where he hopes to make her love him. He is her only interaction, the one who brings her food and watches over her at night. He hopes that in time she will grow to love him for this, even though he had taken her away from a life she loved.

    Character Sheet
    Name: (full)
    Age: (18-23)
    Appearance: (real pic, anime pic, or description)
    Traits: (five personality traits)
    Other: (optional)

    Astoria Andromeda Martin
    Eighteen || Female || Human Girl
    Independent || Lonely || Intelligent || Reserved || Bookish

  2. Gabrail Vaughan Carver
    Twenty || Male || Young Werewolf
    Lonely || Vengeful || Unafraid || Affectionate || Loyal
  3. ((I think it would best if you start just when he's making ready to make his move... I'll find a place to place in Astoria from there. cx ))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.