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  1. (If you wish to have a rp like this and are reading please pm me but this is between me and @DemonOfTheDamned. )

    The King of Scotland had a big problem. Actually he had two problems. The first was England. The English King had decided that Scotland needed to be invaded, conqured and made a part of England. Now this did not agree with the King of Scotland. But his army was not sufficient enough to repel any army that England was to send against Scotland. His Kingdom was divided. He had the clans of the Lowlands and those of the Highlands. The nobles and clans of the lowlands were mostly farmers and such but got along pretty well with each other. But the Highland Clans were a different story. There were constant clan wars and a general mistrust among the clans. They were fierce fighters and with the constant little wars, were well trained in the art of war. They seldom came when called and then only a couple of the clans perhaps. But they were apart of Scotland and obeyed the laws of Scotland and the King for the most part.

    That was his problems and he could only think of one way that might unite the Highlanders and Lowlanders. He decreed that the Lairds, or the sons of the lairds of the Highlands would take a lowlander bride. He hoped that by doing this that the highlanders would wish to defend the clans of their brides and therefore join him when it came time for war. This made much grumbling among the lowlanders who thought the Highlanders were nothing more than savages, barbarians and unsuited to marry their daughters. But the King had made a royal decree and they were obliged to obey.

    Now it didn't really set well with the clans of the Highlanders either, but they to obeyed the Kings Decree. So it was with that The Son who is also to be a Laird of Clan McCloud set forth with four of his clan to go fetch is bride to be. The Lard was not really happy about the matter. His parents had married because they had fallen in love with each other and not because of some arrangement which was quite common. His father had died a couple years earlier from health reasons and left him to be the Laird of the Clan. He didn't want no empty headed, whining and scared of her own shadowed, weakling woman for a wife. The Highlander women were tough, high sprited. Oh there were those that thought noting of themselves of course and were probably empty headed. But he thought he had a better chance of finding one that was to his liking in the Highlander Clans. The Laird was a hansome, tall and strong man. His long light brown hair held the redish tint of his mother's hair. He was clean shaven and stood tall in the saddle. His cousin Angus rode beside him. He was a large man with a mass of red hair and beard. He was not a bad looking man but one could hardly tell with the beard.

    So it came to pass that he came down from the Highlands with four of his clan to meet with the father of his bride to be. For the King had chosen families of various clans to be the ones to give up their daughters for the good of Scotland. The King had selected the families that would give up the brides. The soon approached the farmstead of one of the McNally Clan's families, the lowland clan that he was to take a bride from. As they approached the Laird saw the Head of the Family, one Cirus McNally standing before their humble home with his wife and two daughters. He was not looking forward to this. He could picture their return trip. She would be whining and complaining the whole trip. Probably crying and making his life miserable. He wanted someone that would be able to hold her own, not afraid to speak her mind, and if it came to it fight at his side. But the lowlander women didn't seem to have that type temperment.


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  2. Alexandria woke to the morning light. She went to bathe to her fathers request that she looks nice for the Laird coming down to see them. She washed out her long black Raven hair that was normally a mess and had hey in it. She didn't mind being messy. Her mother and sister helped her get into a black dress that fit her and the corset lifted her chest so basically her chest was almost popping out of her dress. She had sharp blue eyes and her skin was as pale as the moon.Alexandria stood at her fathers side. She was very will full and hot headed. She was not like other low landers and hated being looked down upon as such. Her family had bowed to them while she stayed standing straight. Her father looked over at her."You will bow to our highlander breathern you will show respect."He told her.

    Alexandria looked at him with sharp eye's. "I will not, they can get off there horse's and show us the same respect that they expect from us other wise. I see no breathen, Just men pretending to be kings or gods. And I bow to no man who does not deserve it or who does not earn it."She said. She bowed mockingly to her father and turned to walk away with a fiery glare at the highlanders."Alexandria , you get back here. You are not dismissed."her father yelled.

    She turned with a glare."I am sorry Father was I not clear or did my mocking bow not clear it up for you. Get me for supper or don't. I do not wish to share a meal with dogs. If I did I would sit with the grey hounds."She said. Alexandria walked away. She went to feed the horse's. Her black raven hair waved gently in the wind as she walked. Her dress moved with her walk and her fiery attitude. She was petite, but was strong she took care of the farm when her father was not able to. She was fixing her hirse with hey and water. She was lifting a heavy bucket of water and went to put the horses into the craol as she fed them. Her horse came up to her.She pet him and smiled."Wish I was you at times." She said

    Her mother looked after her daughter. "I am so sorry about her she has a mind of her own and a mouth. She should really stop running her mouth. Please come in you can take your horse to the stables."Her mother says humbly. She ushered the men to come in and told her younger daughter to go get the table set Then get Alexandria before her father went off again.
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