By the Flame

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    • Not long ago was it now, when people started losing themselves. Happened far off, first, in the land of Arsa, and then north, to the people of the Dominion of Sarn. When the Father of the Abbey fell ill... the Temple of Fire was forced to take notice.

      The Temple and their Knights bowed to the flame that created man, and the flame was diminishing.

      The first city to fall was Yslt, capitol of Kal Caroch. Men and women began to attack their husbands and wives, sons and daughters, friends, and loved ones. Upon arriving, the Knights of the Temple found the city in chaos. They burned it to the ground in cleansing flame.

      One of the Knights reported a man with eyes of pure black charging him, acting no less like the rabid dogs of the fields.

      This was the disease, the damnation.

      Yan Caroch was dubbed the new capitol. Any found to exhibit signs of this Damnation, such as darkening eyes, or quickly paling skin, or violent behavior... were exiled, to the Isle of Lost Souls, once the Isle of Hal Caroch. Those with shreds of sanity founded the city of New Yslt upon the island, and fought those without it into the ruins of Old Haven.

      Most of Kar Caroch's elite retreat to the city of Haven, hidden in mountains, to protect themselves. The people are left alone, with only the comforting Flame to guide them.

      But one would be wise to not embrace a flame, lest it burn them.

      Before embarking, the Temple says, remember the oath.

      "Blessed is the temple, which guards us close.

      Blessed are the knights, who protect our homes.

      Curse the damned, curse the sick,

      Light another candle wick."

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  1. The night's chill whipped at the three Temple Knights. The street they walked was long, winding, and coated in blood. Few lanterns that still bore flame hung from windows and doorways.
    Alexander, the eldest of the knights, observed as a lantern's flame flickered and flitted, and died. He removed his helm, and took a deep breath, inhaling the chilled air.
    "It tastes of death. Unholy, this place."
    Hansel, the youngest of the knights, knocked at a door which had hung a lantern. It opened slightly, and a small woman peered out, a cooking blade brandished in her hand. In the back of the house, a young woman prayed, and as the door opened, her prayers echoed throughout the long street.

    "Blessed is the temple, which guards us close.
    Blessed are the knights, who protect our homes.
    Curse the damned, curse the sick,
    Light another candle wick."

    Hansel nodded at the old woman, and watched as she slowly shut the door.
    A man crawled towards the trio, who, upon hearing him, instantly turned to face him. His legs had been torn off.
    Alexander inhaled again, and raised his blade.
    "In the name of Fire, mercy be."
    It was quick, and the injured man hardly screamed.
    The three continued, hunting their mark as wolves after deer. As they neared its location, the lanterns became fewer, and further between. Those still lit were dying.
    Upon reaching the end of the street, the three came upon a small alley.
    "By Flame," muttered Elsbeth, the third knight.
    At the end of the alley was a woman, crouched over a corpse, eating heartily.
    Alexander approached.
    "In the name of Fire... mercy-"
    The woman turned around, and her eyes locked with Alexander's. They were black, and had been so since she was taken.
    "It isn't fair," she said, and visibly trembled.
    Alexander took a knee.
    "It isn't fair," she said, shaking more wildly now, tears forming in once human eyes.
    "It isn't fair!" she screamed, and held on to Alexander, wrapping her arms almost tenderly around him.
    He embraced her, and ran his blade through her chest. She howled, and recoiled, stumbling over the corpse she had been devouring. Orion approached from behind, holding a magnificently illuminated torch.
    Alexander stood.
    "In the name of Fire, mercy be," he said, and splashed the wounded woman, and her prey, with holy water.
    Hansel threw the torch, and she, and the corpse, went up in flames. Her howls finally died, and the crackles of the embers echoed faintly, until the fire settled, leaving only the three knights, alone, in the cold night streets of Alysia.
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