By popular request: Donation bar!


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I've had a few members say "Hey Diana, one of those donation bars that show progress would be all shiny and maybe people would donate more!" I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it IS shiny. XD I found one that's automatic and we're going to give it a whirl. Right now it's in an annoying place under the navbar, but luckily you can HIDE it by clicking the little

It costs 50$ a month to pay Iwaku's private server bill and it's due on the 12th of each month!

If you use the link in the navbar or in the Donation Bar, it -should- auto-add your donation to the bar once it's clear.

And if it doesn't work at all OR if you want to add an "anonymous" donation, you can use the DONUT button in the forum sidebar. (Click
if you have the sidebar hidden.)

Have to test the darn thing out somehow. D:

Remember, you dun need to donate monies to help Iwaku! Just be an AWESOME member!
You can help Iwaku everyday by posting on the forums and roleplaying. :D Never stop playing!

Neko Archy

It looks like you need some way for the bar to track percentages larger than 100. Maybe it should change colors once it gets past the goal?

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So yeah....Wesa on a private server now cuz Proboards sucks. If you want to help with the upkeep then give Diana your hard earned monies. ;)