By Moonlight - original vampires/werewolves

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Jocelyn Stonegate

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By Moonlight
This is the period known as The Dark Ages, more precisely the year 1400. Fifty years ago the creatures of the night rebelled against the life they had been living for hundreds of years and decided to step out of the shadows, out of hiding, making their existence known and feared throughout the world. The vampires started killing humans right and left, until they were no more a threat to their existence, no more an obstacle in their plans.

The few ancient vampires that tried to stop them were outnumbered and killed and so a new world was born, a world of darkness and fear for the humans, yet a paradise for the creatures of the night. Some humans managed to escape into the forests and mountains, seeking refuge there, but most of them were found and killed without hesitation or transformed into slaves to the vampires or to the nobles. The few that escaped formed a group known simply as the Rebellion, led by five of the most powerful fighters among them. The rebels are trained from a very young age to fight with any kind of weapon possible. The nobles are humans that allied themselves with the vampires and so managed to somewhat preserve their freedom and their lives. All the new vampires that were 'born' into the darkness were selected from among the nobles.

The kingdoms that once existed are now under the rule of the undead, but there is one Kingdom that overshadows the rest, ruled by the oldest existing vampire; the same one which led the others in the war against humans. He was named King of all living and undead creatures. The capital of this kingdom and also of the new world was suggestively named Utopia. But he is not alone now, even as the Rebel party grows stronger. Weres have brought their presence forward in support of the vampires' rule. The Nobles are using werewolf protection during daylight hours, though the species still do not always get along so well. And as with all conflict, the weres have had to deal with a few strays that have disappeared in support of the Rebel cause.

Whether you want to be a human, werewolf or a vampire; a rebel or a noble, join us in this strange world and unravel the possibilities. They are as boundless as your imagination! Welcome to what is now heaven on Earth for the vampires and their were brethren, and a living hell for the humans. Come, join the darkness.