[Bxpolarizinq's Official Partner Request]

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HEELLO there my lovely llamas and otters c:
Oorp you can call me mika, and I am here for a partner.

I have several things to say before I get to the plots so read dem carefully.

I'm a very busy girl and I can't get to roleplaying everyday. So please bear with me. Especially the fact that schools coming up.

Ok, my grammar isn't perfect. I make typos, I make mistakes, and English isn't my first language. But please make it understandable or w/e.

Okay I think this is pretty obvious. But OK, you can text talk if you're talking to me out of rp.
Y0u c4n t4lk t0 m3 l1k3 th15 f0r 4ll 1 c4r3. Just not in the rp.

If you're gonna be offline for a while, tell me please.
Or if it like unpredictable, tELL ME!! so I won't have my hopes up on when you're gonna reply.

Okay finally the end of the rules n shit.

Pink = Preffered
Underlined = played part (not choice)
Scientist x Lab Partner
Succubus x human
Demon x human
Student council president
x Jock
Cheerleader x Jock
Teacher x student (classic he he)
Police x criminal
Brother x sister's best friend
Step father x Daughter
Therapist x patient

Fandom Pairings
I only play cannon characters, but feel free to make your OCs

Homestuck ( I ship almost all the ships, yes I do. But I can only do mxf unfortunately :[ )

Nepeta x Karkat
Eridan x Feferi
Dave x Jade
Dave X Rose
Rose x John
Jade x John
Dirk x Roxy
Karkat x Terezi

Adventure Time (yes I'm childish now shush)

Fionna X Marshall Lee
Fionna X gumball
Finn x Marceline

Plots (still a work in progress)
((and i will warn you, almost all my plots are about dominance/submission_:

[1] (stolen from a friend)

muse a and muse b are couples and one night they went to a bar to have some fun. while inside the bar, muse a stood up to order a drink for both of them but when muse a came back, muse b was talking to some random person. muse a grows jealous immediately but muse a tried to keep a nice face on. when muse a sat down, muse b (either intentional/to make fun of muse a or just because he’s friendly) still continued speaking to the person who has joined their table. as a sign of his jealousy, muse a sneaks his hand under the table and began unzipping muse b’s pants. muse b gave her a look but muse a still continued on and then muse a began masturbating muse b under the table but muse b still tried to keep a straight face, even though the obvious look of pleasure mixed with seriousness on his face and his moans started slipping out. then muse b orgasms and muse a felt like he succeeded. muse a then tells the people in their table that he has to go to the men’s room so he could wash his cum covered hand but once inside, he didn’t know he was followed by muse b, still horny and ready to punish her with no care if they’re in a public restroom.


muse a and muse b have been married for almost 3 years. The married couple decided not to have kids until muse b finds a stable and decent job. Muse A on the other hand has been getting bored of being a house wife, but most of all she's bored of their sex life. One day, muse A decides to join a hookup site, looking for men who are interested in things that are new to her "Control", "Dominance", "humiliation", etc. No later does muse b find out about her secret life, and decides to give her what she wants.

(im so sorry for the poor effort in this one)

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there was a spectacular wedding that brought peace to the once war torn land, everyone was celebrating and happy… Except the Bride and Groom. Muse A never imagined an arranged marriage as her future romance, but as dedicated Princess to a kingdom on the brink of war she was willing to do anything to save her people, but when her future prince charming (muse B) comes to help plan for the extravagant celebration there are instant sparks.
Both Prince and princess hate each other’s guts! They can’t be alone for two minutes without getting into a fight and constantly argue over everything. In muse A's Point of view, Muse B was a stuck up prince. Not only that, but he is very strict. "dont do this, its childish" , "Dont do that its stupid" , "Dont do that its lazy". In Muse B's Point of view, This so called princess was a complete Brat. She literally couldnt dress herself without help, and she whines about literally everything. But muse B wasnt having a disobedient, bratty kid as his bride.
On their "Honeymoon" Muse B had something else planned in order for this princess to be purring at his feet, no questions asked.

(this is basically a more modern day kingdom btw. I dont really enjoy medieval roleplays)

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