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  1. Once again, I'm looking for a role playing partner. I'm open to pretty much anything, very welcoming of all ideas, even the smallest of ones. However, I do have a few requirements for a partner, it's not much but they're very important to me.


    - Decent Grammar
    - Decent Spelling
    - Creativity
    -RPing in PMS only
    -And lastly, I expect fairly long posts. If you think you cant't write long posts, then you have to try. You never have to match my length exactly, but attempts are welcome. Essentially I'm looking for intermediate and up!

    Pairing ideas

    > Werewolf / human
    > Demon / human
    > Demon / Angel

    > Merman / Human
    > Merman/ Fisherman
    > Assassin / Target

    wendigo/other supernatural creature

    >Psychopathic Husband / Normal Husband
    >Criminal / Police officer
    >Undercover FBI agent / Mafia boss

    >Vampire / Human
    >Vampire / Werewolf


    That's all I can think of right now, The parings sound cliche but I make a habit out of coming up with original plots. However be warned, all of my plots tend to be VERY dark, they usual contain violence, angst, character death, Mpreg and lots of other dark themes. Yes, I RP fluff, but in addition to all of the other themes.

    more plot than smut

    Versatile characters. If you can only play uke, then please don't msg me.

    Comment questions below

  2. Hiya!

    I just so happen to be craving some dark, gritty, delicious boy on boy action! ;D Any combination of vampire/werewolf/human pairings have also been a craving of mine (no matter how cliche XD). Let me know which you're craving more and what sort of plot (if any) you have in mind! <3
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  3. Hmm, maybe a werewolf x human?

    I have absolutely no plot in mind but I'm sure we can come up with something. Maybe the human could be a werewolf hunter?

    Or Vampire x Werewolf

    Forbidden romance? xD
  4. Totally down for either! ;D What's your preference?

    Also OMG didn't you have Kusi in the group RP Reborn?
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  5. Yuppers I definitely did.~~

    Uhh, Werewolf x Vampire. :P Haven't done that yet. Send me a PM? ;o
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