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  • The average human lives for 3.000007 billion seconds.
    A mere moment for planet,
    Our species exists entirely on a pin head, mere micrometers away from total destruction
    To be brutally honest, you have just wasted 0.000000000000000000001% of your life reading this post
    What a pity
    So why waste anymore?

    Here at Giryo-Tech, we strive to give all beings the chance to live out their 3 Billions seconds in whichever Timezone they chose.
    Gone are the days in which any part your existence is dictated by where or when you were born!
    Raving about the Romans? Go back to 5bc!
    Smitten of Shakespeare? We have the perfect package for you!
    Have a desire to find a dinosaurs? Why not go back to the prehistoric eras and chase them your hearts content!
    Note- Giryo-Tech is not responsible to any injuries or deaths that may occur during your out of time experience​
    A game changing opportunity, they said. The chance for every man, woman and machine to fulfil his, her or its wildest dream....​

    If only they had known the consequences
    The timeline had been changed too greatly...
    So much was changing at once...
    Within months the Giryo-Tech servers of 2500ad were overran by paradoxes, leaking out into the world around it. It consumed the galaxy within days. It consumed the universe within weeks. Then, it began to search for other dimensions to consume.
    Everything fell to pieces.
    Then the pieces fell to dust
    Then the dust fell to atoms
    And the atoms fell to nothingness
    Before the world fell, however, the late Philip Giryo, founder of Giryo-Tech and inventor of time travel, developed a fail-safe; he sent 3 holograms of himself to different periods within his own ancestors' time lines so that he may, in the event of his own destruction, either ensure his own survival or undo his greatest mistake. He plans to find away to do both. Gathering some of the most valuable assets multiverse refugees (and some Rather confused French peasants), he plans to find enlightenment by any means possible...

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    The year? 1832. The place? Paris, France. The Era? June Rebellion. The target: Jacques Giryo, the several times great grandfather of the Inventor of TimeTravel. For some reason, Philip believes that this ancestors has some link to his discovery, and knows some way to stabilise the future. Either that, or he could be eliminated to prevent the discovery from coming to be. There is only one problem; he his the chief advisor Louis-Philippe, the corrupt King of the era, which makes him a rather difficult man to reach...not to mention the future technology, Warriors from alternate dimensions and paradoxes that shall get in the way!​

    Saving the future is as it always he's been; easier said than done.
    Time is Running Out all too literally

    Cannon/Timezone of Origin-
    Powers and Abilities-

  • 1) Normal Iwaku Rules Apply​
    2) No Godmodding​
    3) Any character from any franchise is allowed, and OCs as well​
    4) No Sex Scenes and The Likes (if you must just fade to black)
    5) Character Death shall be present

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Desmond Miles



~Canon/Time Zone~
Assassin's Creed ~ The Twenty First Century

~Powers and Abilities~
Desmond is a skilled acrobat and fighter, having the skills of multiple generations of Assassins before him. He has shown enough proficiency to storm an enemy stronghold highhandedly, something an entire team of his kin couldn't do armed much, much more heavily.

His parkour skills were to such a level that no traps ever fazed him. Getting to the top of a skyscraper being a veritable walk in the park, and easily escaping traps using tricks such as climbing out of elevator shafts.

He is armed with a single Hidden Blade strapped to his wrist, which he can use to deadly effect.

Desmond is a smart, intelligent Assassin that largely has grown out of his childishness. However, he is still largely a lighthearted soul that hasn't been hardened by the betrayal and death of Lucy Stillman yet. Quick to banter and ask questions, he also has a temper and will snap at someone if he feels defensive or attacked. He also hasn't completely outgrown his childishness, often resulting in hilarious exchanges.

Desmond: Hey wassa matta you Altair?
Rebecca: That's rascist.
Desmond: You're rascist.

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