Butterfly Academy

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  1. "Welcome to Butterfly Academy! Where each and every creature has a chance to learn the true ways of magical spells!"
    Every new student stopped talking among each other and looked up to a female lizard creature that had short blonde hair and a cheerleading outfit which was a long red and blue striped dress with many frills under.
    Snake creatures were uncommon but when they were at the school they made most of the other creatures shiver out of fear.
    "My name is Arcie and I will be your tour guide, if you have any questions please ask away!"
    As the creature started walking the new students followed, including a gorgeous young witch named Stella who looked around, occasionally flipping her long, golden hair behind her as she kept going.
    She was wearing a white corset top with a long sleeved jacket over it, buttoned up...the fashion for the rich type, which were not the only kind to be here, in fact the only way this school were to accept you was if you had real talent no matter your class.
  2. Following along the line of new students was a girl named Annali, an elf with dark skin and light blonde hair that was cut just above her shoulders, wearing a white cloak over a blue tunic and black leggings. She'd come to the Butterfly Academy mostly to learn about healing magic, but she'd at least try learn other things, too. Whatever she found she was good at, she'd practice, but healing was her talent, what she knew she was good at.

    She glanced over her shoulder occasionally, making sure she wasn't walking too slow and holding up the student behind her. In front of her was a golden-haired girl dressed in the fashion of most wealthier folk, although Annali was not usually one to judge what a persons life might be like based on looks or clothing. Annali would have to make friends at some point in this place, perhaps she should start with the girl in front of her?
  3. Evangeline followed the group with her four white wings folded neatly against her back. Her off the shoulder lavender dress split into petal that ended at her knees. Blue lace was layered to fill out the petals. Two bangles encircled her right wrist, and two more were on her left ankle. Gently she tucked a stray strand of hair, which matched color of her dress, back behind her ear. She looked eagerly at the buildings they were passing of the school she would learn to control the power of seraphim that she had inherited. Unlike some of the other students that she could tell were nervous about the snake for she could sense no evil intent in her.

    Eva heard student whisper to another, “I wonder why this seraph is here. Don’t their families keep themselves in their own kingdom to hide from the rest of the world’s problems claiming that we have bought them on ourselves?” Eva acted like she didn’t hear. It wasn’t their busy her decision to go against her parents’ wishes and come to the Butterfly Academy. Their imagination could probably come up with some amusing scenarios that were completely untrue. She glanced around at the other students trying to determine their heritage and potential powers. The witch and elf could provide interesting partners to practice with. She noted a few others as well.
  4. Alvar stood in the middle of the group, but everyone kept their distance from him. He wore a dark mask that only covered the upper half of his face, and his blue eyes pierced through the mask. His hair was a dark brown, and was long enough to cover his pointed ears. He kept a neutral look on the part of his face that could be seen, but the air around him was dark and heavy. He wore a dark, billowing cape, which trailed behind him. To be somewhat more human, and to be funny, he wore black jeans, combat boots, and a tight t-shirt, which showed his muscles. His strides were long and proud. He was a Svartálfr, a Norse "black elf", but his skin was more a fair-tan.
    He looked at his soon-to-be classmates, smiling somewhat. He had been running from his home for almost a year, and had finally found a place. His magic was so-so, and couldn't really do much. He looked to learn everything, but he wanted to excel in the darker magic. He continued walking through the halls, following every one else.
  5. And trailing behind everyone, encased in his floating bubble, was Oryn. He twirled inside the bubble, trying his best to splash his orca tail in quick motions to catch up the crowd down the hall. A panic look spread across his face as he quickly was becoming flustered. Life as a merfolk was always hard, but being an orcan had an extra challenge to it. While he could transform into his two-legged form, it was awfully painful, it made him sick, and when he was in the form he would dry out fast and whiter away like a real beached orca. Mermaids and mermen had it slightly easier.

    Oryn, the extremely paled body, pure black haired boy, was dressed in assorted necklaces that fell from around around his neck and passed his navel. Some were made with beautifully colored shells while others were made with different types of pearls and shiny rocks. Wrapped around his waist to cover up his lower regions, was a belt weaved with seaweed and a cloth made of the same material.

    Why was Oryn here? He told his pod that he wanted to learn a magic to make their two-legged transformation much less painfully to endure and last longer than three days. But, that was only a half truth. Oryn was considering being human.

    "Slow down!" Oryn called out to the students in front of him, but all they could here were various clicks and wails that killer whales make when communicating.
  6. Trailing Behind them still Was a Artic Fox who wanted to improve her powers, Anastasia. She shakily looked at the students in frount and behind her, being a bit iffy about all of this. She tended to Cower a lot, being the youngest of the family she was born into.The Young fox suddenly nearly fell into the student in frount of her. She was always clumsy after all.

    "Oh I'm so sorry.." She said to the student she had Knocked Over, A Unicorn Named Nadia. Nadia simply nodded, walking alongside Anastasia. It seemed the two had found a friend in eachother. The two Girls saw the academy, and Anastasia hid behind Nadia, her shyness kicking in.
  7. Markus was late. He was late for everything. "God darn it, not again!" The kitsune mumbled to himself, running up through the halls. He could see the group not far ahead of him. By the time he reached the back of the group he was panting somewhat. He leant against a wall to catch his breath, eyes scanning over his fellow classmates. There was quite a collection, as far as he could tell. Something inside told him this was going to be quite different from all the other magic schools he'd been too, which only accepted students of the same sort of species. The main reason he was here now, is because he wanted to improve on his fire magic. He was getting pretty good, but none of the other schools would teach him further and help him improve.

    Once his breathing was under control he walked forwards again. His coffee brown eyes focused on the orcan just in front of him, he seemed to be lagging behind quite a bit, but that was okay, because Mark was too. He slipped his mixed brown tail slowly up his shirt, to curl around his waist out of site, his slightly darker coloured ears pinning against his head to achieve the same affect. "Hi." He said, as he caught up with the boy in the bubble, looking sideways towards him, offering up a friendly smile.
  8. Oryn stopped moving briefly to take a small break. The worst part about being in a bubble was how slow it was. It bounced off every type of obstacles, walls, furniture, plants, people, anything. It also tended to pop unexpectedly. If that were to happen, Oryn would be forced to transform and then find the nearest supply of saltwater.

    As he was taking a break from catching up with the group, he heard the mumbled voice of someone just behind. With an excited look, Oryn twirled around inside his bubble to see another boy. A large smile spread across Oryn's face, showing his sharp teeth.

    He offered his hellos, but was unaware if the boy could understand orcan language. Oryn wasn't able to speak common in his bubble. No one was able to speak underwater. But, hopefully from Oryn's tail waves and constant flips, the boy would know Oryn was acknowledging his presence and wishing to be friendly.
  9. He smiled, chuckling quietly. "I've never met an Orcan before... My name's Markus. But you can call me Mark, if you like." The Kitsune frowned a little, nose wrinkling as he thought. He'd had to study Orcans once, and he'd learnt some of there language. He didn't know much, and half of it he'd forgotten, because t was so long agai. His ears perked up on his head as he did a sudden jump, finally finding what he was searching for. He clicked his tongue a few times, letting out a small, high pitched whistle, so as to say; "Hey, how are you?" To show that he could, in face, communicate using his language. To some extent, anyway.

    His ears flattened once again against his head, to be hidden my his messy black hair, once he'd realised they were showing. It was more of a habit, then anything, him hiding his ears and tail. He'd attended a lot of 'normal' schools, filled with plain human children. And because, of course, he was different, he'd been picked on, tail and ears criticised. So he hid them. That was also one of the reasons he was so eager to make friends in this place, he'd never really had any before, and he was looking foreward to it.
  10. Alvar started lagging behind, but not as bad as some of the other students. He was taking in his surroundings, adoring every crack in the wall. He saw a kitsune, which he had never seen before other than in human books. He also noticed the struggling orcan who the kitsune was talking to. He couldn't understand a single word, but seeing that made him laugh to himself again. He brushed up against a unicorn at one point accidentally, who was walking in sync with an artic fox
    "Pardon me." He said, bowing his head apologetically and continuing down the hall.
  11. Anastasia blinked, "Oh your [pardoned.. this i smy friend Nadia, and I',m Anastasia. the Artic fox Said. "i came to learn to control ,my ice powers.. i'm not sure however why Nadia is here. maybe she just got sick of being criticized in human schools."
  12. Advar slowed down to their pace.
    "Ah, understandable. Some humans aren't really nice. Most humans didn't really want to have interactions with me. Apparently I'm intimidating to them." He threw his head back in laughter. "I am here to work with dark magic. I would have learned from my own kind, but they are extremely irritating and rude. They practice their magic in the most violent ways. We have a bad reputation." He said.
  13. "Well.. want to hang out with us at Lunch? We don't mind..." Anastasia said. She likedthis kid, maybe even on a small scale had a crush on him. "And i don't find your kind evil- i find your kind interesting."
  14. Oryn clapped his hands together excitedly and nodded. Finally! Someone who could understand him in his original form!

    "I'm just wonderful friend! Thank you for asking! I'm Oryn," he replied in his native language to Mark. "How are you?"

    Oryn swam his bubbly closer to Mark, but still remained a safe distance. A gentle smile appeared on Oryn's face as he floated inside the bubble, looking over Mark. He caught a glimpse of Mark's ears and couldn't help but feel very curious. It's been a long while since Oryn has seen landwalkers. His pod rarely encountered them. But! Oryn was a friendly young man and was always up for making new friends.

    "Why do you hide your ears, friend?" Mark asked with various clicks and whistles. "You don't like those ears?"
  15. "Alright, that sounds great." He said smiling. "And... I guess we are interesting. But we like to pick on humans. They are entertaining though."
  16. He chuckled quietly at the males reaction, nodding his head as he listened to the multitude of sounds coming from the other, his brain working hard and fast to decipher them. "I'm alright, tired, didn't sleep well." He replied. His answers were a little patchy, as his Orcan wasn't exactly perfect quite yet.

    His smile faded somewhat, so he quickly forced it back, letting off a nonchalant shrug, tail curling tigger around his waist. "No. They fine." Too tight. He let out a small squeak as the tail wrapped around his stomach now, pushing the air out of his lungs. He quickly loosened it, coughing a few times before continuing his answer. "I just.. Used to hiding them." He let off another shrug, as he finished off his sentence with a quiet clicking sound in the back of his throat.

    He didn't think he wanted to discuss the years of abuse and trouble the ears and tail had caused, not to mention from his parents. For now he chose to keep it to himself, leaving the answer as it was and lowering his head towards the floor, turning silent as he walked.
  17. Anastasia and NAdia walked beside the new kid they had met, very confused on the huge school and where to go. "So where do we go from here?" nadia asked, empathetically
  18. "I think we are going to our morning classes. They probably will drop a few of us off at certain classes and introduce us to the others. To get used to it." He said. He wasn't too sure though.
  19. The twirling of his body slowed as he felt Mark's mood change. The once happy orcan now floated boringly in his bubble, looking over Mark to try and figure out what happened. He heard the small squeak that Mark released and the quick breath that followed after. Oryn came to a conclusion that Mark must be in some sort of pain.

    As Mark began to walk, Oryn followed beside him, being sure to not let his bubble bump against anything. Until there was a reason for them to separate, Oryn most likely will stay beside Mark. Though an orcan, Oryn was very dog-like. Maybe the dog of the sea? Orcas acted a bit like dogs, staying with their families, helping one another, being very social and outgoing. Mark also know some of his orcan language. As of now, Oryn will stick by him.

    With his sensitive ears, Oryn heard a couple talking about what to do next.

    "That is a good question..." Oryn said to himself.

    Was it time for morning class? Or maybe an orientation? Actually, where are the teachers and staff?
  20. The kitsune raised his head a little, ears twisting round in the direction of the voices, listening. "Huh... No idea.." He murmured, chewing on his bottom lip. He glanced at Oryn from the corner of his eye, humming quietly under his breath.

    The walk down the corridoor continued calmly, until he tripped over something that was sticking out from the floor, sending him falling forewards with a loud yelp. His tail flicked out from under his shirt, the fur bristling as he narrowly avoided colliding with the orcans bubble, hitting the floor just in front of him. He rolled over onto his back, looking up at the ceiling with a low groan. "Oww.." He muttered, sitting up. He looked to the Orcan, rubbing at the back of his head. "Sorry." He offered up a small smile, accompanied by a half-hearted chuckle.